Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Post for Easygardener and Other Snow Deprived ?

First I have to explain that I am shooting these pictures from inside the house, so there may be wacky reflections for added enjoyment ?
Easygardener spurred this post on because she said she was snow deprived .. now mind you we don't have a lot right now, but I thought it might provide some distraction to those that have to go without the white stuff .. I even caught the snow plough circling our cul du sac .. we have two in our neighborhood and sadly enough it has provided entertainment to 'rednecks" with Skidoos .. but I think the By-Law officer finally caught up with those, shall I say idiots, before I choose juicier nicknames ?

Could these possibly be BUDS on my Maple tree ? .. click on the picture to enlarge and tell me what you think ??
This messy tangle of vines is actually my Dutchman's Pipe .. and it is a beauty when it leafs out. I'm glad I was patient with it because it is a definite vertical plus in the garden !
This is poor Pinky Winky .. can you believe how gorgeous this hydrangea looks when in it's prime .. as a opposed to this picture ? ..
Just in case anyone was wondering about the Benchwarmers .. here they are .. huddled together .. complaining in turns but sticking it out like true Canucks : )

Lastly you might be able to recognize Dave .. stoically with pipe in hand .. muttering under his breath when ever I stick my head out doors to check on him .. poor love ! ^..^


VP said...

Tee hee Joy! We've had more snow here than we've had in years, but you Canadians will always have us beat on that score ;)

easygardener said...

Oh thank you Joy - I feel quite satisfied now. It's like I've got my own virtual winter wonderland without any of the downsides.
Unlike poor Dave and friends!
You are a star :-)

Anonymous said...

what a delightful post!

Yes, those are buds. Trees always develop their buds in the fall before winter falls upon us. Then in spring they begin to swell. I love that word, swell.

Your bench and benchwarmers are a treat for the eyes.

tina said...

Yup, that's enough snow for me!

Patsi said...

Down here in the summer we get rednecks with dunebuggies and "shoebee" tourist.
Tourist are ok but these noisy locals with dunebuggies...well,you know what I like to do with them.
I miss snow also. Will be going north in a few days so we'll be seeing the white stuff. :)

Victoria said...

Thanks for putting on such a good 'snow'! After weeks of freezing temperatures, we now have fog here in London. Our office is right on the Thames and when I looked out of the window this afternoon, it was as if we'd set sail. I think I preferred the cold.

Anonymous said...

I have no snow right now Joy, but I can tell you I don't feel deprived. lol Those benchwarmers are hardy souls. ;) Oh, they do look like buds to me on that maple.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I'm snow deprived. But, it looks TOO cold for me!


Gail said...


Well Dave wants more snow! He needs that warm blanket to keep warm;) Btw, I think that looks like a lot of snow! It's all about perspective, don't you think?
Thanks for the photos...It turns out I don't miss snow at all;-) I would make a bad Canuck! gail

Helen @ Gardening With Confidence said...

Baby it's cold outside. Yet, I wish for a long weekend, I had 6 inches.

Cinj said...

How kind of you Joy! We've got plenty of snow here too. I think I'll showcase my snow in my bloom day post since I have an abundance of snow, NOT blooms this month. Were supposed to get yet more snow before then too, so it should work out well.

Jean said...

Thanks for the snow pictures but I think I'm grateful not to have to deal with it. Seeing it through someone else's window is nice though. :) I don't know about those maple tree buds. Could be just a teaser??

Dave said...

Poor Dave. It looks pretty cold. The snow is beautiful! I'd love to see a little down here. "Little" being the operative word!

Anonymous said...

Looks about the same here, Joy. :) Only with a bit of ice under it all. Love the photo of the bench.

Chandramouli S said...

That was a mirthful post, Joy. Great pictures, great post, great words! How better a blog can be?

GardenJoy4Me said...

VP .. I heard that you guys are having a "bit" of snow ! LOL .. This really isn't much by our standards .. so more is on the way in a couple of days .. we always plan errand day around the snow and clear days : )

easygardener .. You are welcome girl .. isn't that the best way to have something like this .. all up and no downsides .. but if you happen to feel the urge to shovel .. come on over girl !! LOL

Hello Diane ! .. it is amazing how those buds stand out more now than earlier .. keeps me clinging to hope of Spring ? LOL
The Benchwarmers keep things running smoothly .. haha

Hey Tina .. come on .. just a little bit more ? ; ) LOL

Patsi .. why is it no matter where you settle there are 'rednecks" coming out of the woodwork ? You and I should have badges and six shooters ? and take care of business ?? LOL Enjoy the snow when you see it girl !!

Hello Victoria .. fog ! .. now that is a spooky setting for a movie .. do you hear footsteps as you walk from work ? .. this is getting me in a Halloween mood ! stop that girl !! LOL

PG ... you mean you don't want to share some snow with me ?? even the Benchwarmers are willing to share .. LOL
YES .. those buds are my hope flag for Spring : )

Cameron ... everyone needs a little snow in their lives girl .. just a bit ? : )

Gail .. we can always give you a trial period of Canuckdom .. I can arrange it for Autumn .. then you might just get away with it !
I remind hubby when he is using the snow blower .. to add extra snow on my plants to keep them warm too ! Dave and the BW are on their own with that one ! LOL

Helen .. that is a good snow fall level .. and a long weekend .. isn't that due some time soon ??

Hi Cinj .. I was sure you had bunches of snow too .. and like you we are getting more .. I just keep thinking that it is great for the ground water levels and garden .. but I'm still lusting after Spring : )

Jean .. Happy to oblige you girl ! .. come now .. don't take my buds away from me .. stand away from the BUDS girl !! hahaha

Dave ! Real person in time DAVE ! hello there : ) .. my Dave is only too happy to have a real Dave visit ( he would have baked a cake !) .. little is an unknown value here when it comes to snow .. so I think you would be out of luck ; )

Hi Nancy .. we also have ice underneath .. had that freezing rain thing happen before the snow fall .. so rather dangerous .. lots of accidents on the 401 . The BW and Dave say "Hi !!"

Hello again Chandramouli !
My goodness ! thank you : ) .. but we bloggers always strive to be better and better .. I have lots of room to 'grow" yet ! LOL

Giddy said...

Oh, great! Just what I need - pictures of cold and snow while I sit here freezing my tushie off. I can't even get the cats to sit on my lap for warmth and comfort!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. avert your eyes girl !!! Go make a nice hot cup of coffee or tea or even coco : ) .. sprinkle some catnip on your lap and I'm sure that the boys will oblige while you sip on that hot beverage (don't burn your lips though .. I did that yesterday : (
I'll warn you next post I do like this ! LOL

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Fun, Fun! I love the snow and what we received just before Christmas didn't last long enough for me! It's nice you're posting so we can all see. Thanks, Joy :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Tessa .. we have more now, and believe me .. you would get fed up with it after months of that and cold and I mean COLD ! temps .. Glad to be inside in pajamas !! : )