Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Some Sky with your Moon ?

This is the alternative to looking up instead of down ? .. now truly ... which direction would you rather look ?

Some soft clouds and pale skies as the light begins to dim .. I'm still in awe of the moon from this afternoon .. it was amazing : )


garden girl said...

Beautiful skies Joy! This winter I've really come to appreciate the beauty of winter skies rather than thinking of them as dreary.

We had clear skies last night and the moon looked awesome. There was a point when the sky was just a gorgeous shade of midnight blue, wish I'd gone for the camera!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Yes, this time of year, the sky is more uplifting! :-)


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Linda !
Yes .. I think we tend to just want winter over with so we don't really pay attention to the sky .. but there are some stunning ones .. so I try to 'watch". Your night sounds like it was beautiful !

Cameron .. it is something I look for and many times it gives back wonderfully !

Frances said...

Hi Joy, keep looking up, what a sight. Your auto adjust moon shot was fabulous! Our skies have been dark and cloudy with flooding rains for days on end. The sight of that clear gorgeous blue is so refreshing, thanks!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Frances .. Ah Ha ! so I have been too nice to my Azalea ; )
I will be meaner and leaner to it now and hope that it will bloom to spite me ? LOL
Yes .. the skies have been swinging back and forth from pretty to terrible .. today is pretty terrible with snow and freezing rain .. yuck ! So many more weeks of crappy weather ahead yet ... zzzzz ! haha

easygardener said...

Ah Joy - unlike you I am snow deprived and it is still a great novelty - so I would have looked down first before I admired the sky. Sad but true!

Gail said...


I loved looking up...we have had rain so I am tired of the gray! It has peaked out this afternoon and I am feeling my spirits life. One things for sure...I now know that as much as I love the idea of moving to the NW...I couldn't! gail

lisa said...

Gorgeous sky pictures! (Although I enjoy the snow, too :)

Anonymous said...

You are a moon watcher, and I'm a sunset watcher. Why are your houseplants looking sad? Are they droopy for lack of light and sunshine? Mine still look pretty good, but they are going to take over if I don't stop buying them! I've been substituting them for outdoor plants, and it's getting out of hand!

GardenJoy4Me said...

easygardener .. we had fresh snowfall last night .. so I think I might just treat you to some snow pictures girl ! LOL

Gail .. the sky and weather make such an impact how we feel emotionally and physically .. I need specific doses of each .. I wonder if I could put in a request sheet to the ultimate weatherman ?? LOL

Lisa .. are you another snow person ? .. I have to dole out some doses of snow then !

Robin .. I would love to get sunset pictures but it doesn't set in the right area for me .. so dawn and moon pictures are my job ? LOL
My houseplants .. they are alive but not happy I think .. because I keep looking outside and sighing a lot ?? LOL
I did the exact same thing last year that you are doing .. substitution .. not a good thing !! : ) .. I killed 2 orchids (that is embarrassing but we'll keep it to ourselves ok ?? )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful skies this winter Joy. I've enjoyed the sun coming out after two days of rain.

Garden Girl said...

Talking about beautiful photos. Wow!! I need to start looking up a lttle more instead of down at my plants all the time. BTW thx for visiting my blog!! Come back again soon.

Chandramouli S said...

That's heavenly, Joy. Especially the photos of moon in your previous post! I envy your camera.

Chandramouli S said...

I meant I envy you for your camera. :P

GardenJoy4Me said...

PG .. I know about the rain becoming rather depressing .. Holland had winters like that .. no wonder the Dutch travel so much. This sky was such a light blue .. pastel softness almost. Just pretty in a delicate way I guess ?

Lona .. My goodness that was some picture ! Such a fantastic backdrop for the cactus, it was great ! Do look up .. you will be surprised at what you see sometimes : )

Chandramoulie ! Hello there .. I just had a peek at your lily and it is so pretty : ) .. You gave me a good laugh over the envy of my camera comment , thank you !