Thursday, 22 January 2009

Shirl's Desert Island Plant Challenge

Shirl at Shirl's Garden Watch set out a challenge to choose just three favorite plants we would take with us to a desert island (yes .. along with a few others I would have been there right now if it were a "dessert" island ) and of course FUDGE would have to be on the main menu.
In any case .. I have been reading the choices made by other bloggers and it has been really interesting !
I didn't think it would be too hard as long as I .. didn't think .. too hard.
But being the Libra I am , I just had to think way too much and I have come up with choices I really didn't plan on from this morning when I was reading them all.

Ferns ... the first thing besides food .. aka desserts .. that came to mind was how well would I sleep on a desert island ?? .. I mean really, soft sand gets into places we don't want to discuss on here right ? .. but think about it .. no one wants that happening !
So .. having loved ferns since I was a kid .. they would provide a wonderful soft bed with a fragrance so assuring to me .. I know I would be snoring with no trouble there : )
Next concern I had was all of that SUN ..... add that to a menopausal hot flash CRAZY person and the picture ain't so pretty .. Sure, there could be trees on this island but I am a wee bit crazy about my Sumac .. it would comfort me .. and a comforted woman may be able to make it on a tropical island .. even with that sweaty heat rash thing going on .. again, we won't go there .. right ?
The last choice is purely aesthetic or would that be anesthesia ?? ..
Something again to please the eyes and reassure all the other senses that my comfort zone is being met by a sweet companion that blooms its little heart out for me.
Morden Sunrise rose ..
So .. there we are .. I'm totally surprised by what I had to nail in a group of only three .. but that is today's choice .. five minutes from now when I actually post this I will think "what the heck was I thinking ??" .. but it will be a done deal .. and hey .. it is time for my nap anyways !

Isn't she lovely ? .... Thanks Shirl !!!


tina said...

Very lovely! And the ferns are a unique idea indeed. So nice and lush and soft. What a good idea and the sumac will provide food for the wildlife. Perfect!

jodi said...

Those are excellent choices, Joy (and hope you're feeling MUCH better!; I thought Frances would have moss for sure, so ferns will make a nice cool, green, shady spot. And the Morden Sunrise is a nice Canadian shoutout, of course, and sumac...well, next to Amelanchier, sumacs are one of my favourite native shrub/trees for wildlife. What I love best about this challenge is the reasoning that each gardener uses. Totally wonderful.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

LOL - I love your humor with your choices! Great choices, too.


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Joy, this is lovely and funny and so sweet - I am with you on the shade for the menopausal woman, and if only you knew how many times I typed dessert island (lol)
I have enjoyed the thought process behind your choices as much as the plants themselves.

Frances said...

Oh Joy, what wonderful wonderful choices, and you will certainly cheer us up with your funny wit on that island too, don't forget the fudge though! :-) Ferns, a choice no one else has made that I had read, good one, my dear, for we all need that cushiness for old bones. Your sweet sumac will soothe us as well, and roses, who could be without them? Thanks so much for what you have brought to the party, Joy. :-)

Gunilla said...

What lovely photos I love the tree, it has so fine leaves in that red color. And the roses. Beautiful

Thank´s for your nice comment.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Tina .. funny what we rely on when it comes down to the crunch eh ? .. I can make tea for us with the Sumac berries too girl ! : )

Hi Jodi (I'm good thanks !) .. yes, what's up with that ? moss was my bet too for Frances !
I have to have something Canadian eh ! .. it is really interesting to read about the reasons behind the choices .. and I understand why you didn't pick the blue poppy .. I only had two years of trying and it was too much for me ! LOL

Hey Cameron .. thanks girl .. we all have to have a chuckle : )

Karen .. girl you made me laugh .. that dessert thing trips up a lot of us .. and the other wicked condition .. menopause ? yuck ! : )

Frances .. this has been a blast of a party : ) It is astounding how our different choices almost identify us, or at least our own twist on gardening.
No worries .. lots of fudge and funnies for everyone !

Gunilla, you are most welcome ! thank you for stopping by my blog as well : )

Layanee said...

I know just how you feel! I will be sleeping in the sand while you are nestled on cool ferns. Hmmmm...I think I will go change my mind. No, I will visit your island.

Gail said...


I too thought it needed to be a dessert Willy Wonka...rivers of fudge and please Johnny Depp without the funny voice and teeth!

Back to reality, well fantasy island reality! Great choices...A bed of ferns, a beautiful tree and roses! perfect.


My Mother's Garden said...

What an exquisite rose! Great choices! I kinda like the idea of a dessert island too :)
This really was a fun question to think about.


shirl said...

Hi there Joy, sorry this Island ship I’m using is running a little late. Ah… perhaps the captain would like some of your fudge ;-)

Ah… sleeping on a bed of ferns what a great idea. I love ferns too – great choice. Great comfort plant and the icing on your fudge - a rose just wonderful :-D Now… yes I think many of us would have different plants tomorrow but hey we’re living this today and it's been a blast!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Layanne ! .. Yes : )
Come over to my island and visit .. lots of ferns,roses .. my Sumac and fudge to share ^..^

Gail ..I'm not the only one that thought Johnnie Depp was plain scary with those teeth and that voice ? !! .. eeuuuwww ! LOL
Yup .. can you imagine all of our little islands and the island hopping we could do girl ? : )

Hi Karrita .. this was so fun ! Just what I needed and it seems a lot of us needed too ? The dessert island is the most common denominator with us all .. must be 'cause we are of the female persuasion ? LOL

Hellloooo there Shirl !
I am very happy to share my fudge and get that captain on track ? haha.
Thank you so much ! .. this has really been tonic for the winter blahhsss ! Great idea girl : )

easygardener said...

Good choices - I don't think anyone else has picked ferns. I can just see you and the ferns sitting under the shade of your Sumac while the rose provides some extra colour!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Ferns are a great idea! I chose pansies, rudbeckia and profusion zinnias. Gotta have my flower fix every season!
PS--I'm a Libra too! :)

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

You must be one of those individuals who can actually sleep during the day. I don't happen to be in that category. Anyways, I wanted to do this. But could not come up with any particular three that I would choose above all the others... But I shall enjoy reading all the other choices.

Eduardo Miguel said...

- Olá!!! estava caminhando pela net e agora pouco falei em um outro blo que: Flores nunca são só flores... elas nos conectam com algo de Deus de são de uam energia que nos ajudam a filtrar destas impurezas que algumas coisas da vida nos trzem, são uma espécie de frutos de algo maior, melhor e nunca é só o que parece!!! suas flores, suas fotos demonstram tal intensidade e pureza, parabéns e obrigado pela felicidade de poder velas aqui em seu cantinho de luz, paz e harmonia! felicidades e saudações do Brasil.

Olá! it was walking for net and now little I said in one another one blo that: Flowers never are alone flowers… they in connect them with something of God of are of uam energy that in helps them to filter of these impurities that some things of the life in trzem them, is a bigger species of fruits of something, better and it is never alone what it seems! its flowers, its photos demonstrate to such intensity and pureness, congratulations and debtor for the happiness of being able candles in its here cantinho of light, peace and harmony! happinesses and greetings of Brazil.

VP said...

LOL re thinking Joy and what great choices!

I've paddled like hell and just arrived...

GardenJoy4Me said...

EG .. Thanks girl ! that picture is perfect and I'm really enjoying myself here with all the other "islands" floating by .. I'm waving to you : )

Helllooo fellow Libra !!
I love the scent of pansies (I was a very young little girl when I first had that experience .. it stuck !) .. that is funny MT .. I just told Gail I have to try some zinnias this summer .. any recommendations for which kind ? for a newbie ?? LOL

Hi Brenda .. this is a fantasy girl. If it weren't for all the heavy duty meds I take , for chronic unrelenting pain,I would never sleep anytime. So back in the real world I'm not that lucky myself.
However this is fun fantasy world and I am at a party : )

Thank you so much Eduardo !
You took a lot of effort to let me know how you feel about flowers , how connected nature is with us and if I understand correctly , they are candles that light the world .. that is beautiful !
Thank you : )

VP !! You must be exhausted girl !!! Talk about that swan impression .. you crazy girl you !
Thanks ... waving at you from my island : ) LOL

Aiyana said...

The Modern Sunrise rose is very interesting. I'm sure it wouldn't do well here, but I sure like it!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Aiyana !
This rose was bred in Manitoba for extreme cold .. so I think you are right about it not doing well in almost desert conditions .. but I'm so glad to have a Canadian selection that can stand our winters : )

Anonymous said...

What a neat trio... long season of color and interest and something for the birds ~ great photos!

(If you're up for a gnome story, I posted one over at Grouse & Chortle, with lots of photos... they're not gargoyles, but still, good for a chuckle.)

Dawn said...

Too funny! I didn't think hormonal! And I going to miss the rose, great choices.

Skeeter said...

Great choices! I never thought of a fern and I make sure to have two in the yard each year! No Southern garden is complete without a fern! How could I forget the fern? Glad you are bringing one along...

Meadowview Thymes said...

Joy, I have tried many types of zinnias, but my favorites are the profusion I planted this past year. I had red, orange and yellow (gold). They are drought and disease tolerant and lasted until I had to pull them up to get the pansies in! Somewhere on my blog there is a picture.
You are the only other person I know that comments on the wonderful scent of pansies! Is it a Libra thing?? :)

Jan said...

I can't believe I forgot ferns when I was picking my choices. Your choice is a great one.

Always Growing

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Deb ! How are 'ya girl ! ..
Thank you .. tough choices but for those minutes they won out over the rest. Hey .. I enjoy gnome stories too ! I'll be over there : )

Thank you Dawn .. yup ! hormonal moments make you think "I must have comfort plants!!" haha
I think a few of us grabbed a rose while we could .. haha

Hi Skeeter .. Thank you !!
That GIANT leaf in your picture cracks me up every time .. I love it ! .. Yup .. got to have my ferns .. they are a comfort zone for me : )

Linda .. it is absolutely a Libra thing girl !! .. I was such a young child when I had that experience , it locked in my brain .. and that vault is still active believe it or not ! haha
Then I am going to have to make a note of profusion zinnias .. I want some this year for sure !!

Hi Jan ... thank you ! .. isn't it always the way we read other choices and say 'DARN!" when we think we might have added those ? LOL

Daphne said...

Oh another practical person. :> I laughing at myself since I didn't bring a tree. One of my plants is a climber and would really need one to climb up. I love the rose. It is really stunning.

andré said...

Interesting choices there! :-)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I think I actually prefer a dessert island to a desert island. Now what can I bring to that one? Definitely something chocolate!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better. Lovely choices. That cold snap has returned (it's 40 below zero without any windchill) so a post like this puts a person in the ideal frame of mind!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Daphne .. Thank you !
I had to think fast and stick with the choices other wise it would take me forever .. 3 is a lonely number right ? Climbers are smart .. they would find something to climb on : )

Hello Andre .. Thank you ! : )

Hi there Robin .. chocolate is a MUST ! ... along with fudge of course .. yes chocolate fudge but I have to have maple walnut too ! LOL : )

Hi Diane .. yes thank you girl ! .. we are also going back to the deep freeze after reaching the heat wave of plus one !!
But you are even more frozen than we are there .. bbbrrrrrrr !!!!

Rose said...

These are all great choices, Joy, and unique! I hadn't even thought about ferns, but yes, they would be lovely. And your Sumac tree--definitely bring that along! The rose is such a pretty choice.

Now I wonder two days later what choices you might make:) I do hope you're feeling better.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose girl !
Thank you so much : )
Yes ..I am feeling better ... just takes a long time to get over and by then you catch another virus ? LOL .. Definitely yes to having changes of mind all the time .. that is what we are like after all .. we love so many plants .. I have to get over to your post and see what you chose !!

HelenJ said...

Great choices!
(I tell that to everyone who has picked a tree.. =) - I love trees!)
And it gets harder each day to make the decision for myself. It's impossible to pick 3!
I had never thought of ferns - bur they are an excellent choice!
Have a nice day

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Helen .. I found if I thought too much about it .. well it was impossible to choose .. so I jump started my brain and did an almost impulse pick .. and ran with it. Trees are essential to me .. and I love my Sumac .. ferns are my comfort plant .. and my rose, a Canadian bred stunner .. so go with a quick impulse pick .. try not to think too much about it ! You can do it girl : )

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hello my Dear Joy;0
Your choices are so soothing. I love ferns, too, and see how they will be so comfy to fall asleep on them, their wispy feathers gently swaying & rocking you, as you snore away!!!!

I have no experience with sumac...the way you describe makes me think I get to have one immediately;) The shady comfort it will provide you sounds perfect for a desert island;)

Ahh, the rose. I want to bow to it, it is so beautiful, a princess in your garden! Morden 'Sunrise'Rose: She can gently wake you up after your cozy sleep amongst your ferns, and she will bloom & glow for you, bringing peace & pleasure to you all the day long;)

I forgot to stop over here before now! Who's the crazy one???!!!!!Jan

GardenJoy4Me said...

Jan girl .. you gave me a chuckle .. I just got over to your choices this morning too .. I have the hyssop and anemone in my garden.. the willow was a bit too big though : )
Ferns are such a comfort plant to me .. no matter the cultivar .. they are all great : ) .. yes !! you seriously might consider a Sumac .. mine is a little different because of the pruning method I use .. other wise Sumac grow shorter and in colonies and have amazing Autumn colour .. you can make tea from the fruit !!
We can all have great herbal teas on the island : )

Roses and stuff said...

Your choices are very interesting, Joy - and your text is very always! I find myself sitting with a big grin on my face when I erad your blog! This challenge was really hard, I think. To choose only three...impossible!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Katarina .. thank you ! .. this was very hard .. for a gardener to be pinned down to three plants ?? .. agony !!! LOL