Saturday, 24 January 2009

Quickie Post on VERY Impressive Gadget

I meant to put this Google gadget on my blog since way before Christmas .. with one thing or another that cropped up I forgot about it all until I was on a Swedish bloggers site and saw it there .. thus translated the pages for me in a snap and I could read Swedish turned into English !
How cool is that I ask you .. it will help other non-English speaking , or at least people that don't have English as their mother tongue (kind of a gross way of putting it .. isn't it ?) .. in any case it will make things a lot easier and a lot more interesting for non English bloggers to be able to read posts in their own language.
I can't get over how amazing this is.
Look to the right sidebar .. top, for the tool !
I'm sorry I don't know if there is one for Word Press or other hosts.


Crafty Gardener said...

That is one cool gadget Joy. I've been thinking of one similar (Babelfish) and just might have to check this one out.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I looked for this some time ago. But I'm not sure if anyone but Blogger blogs can utilize it. I'll "try" to remember to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Cool tool, I had it on my blogger site. I'll have to see what I can put on my wordpress site. :)

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love this, I have to say my Kommen zay bloggen is not that good. And it does a pretty good job of translating it for me.


DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Thanks for sharing this, Joy, I should put one on mine- I've often wished other blogs in different languages that I've happened upon had this. I just have to find a spot for it :)

andré said...

It's not bad at all, although the translations are a bit odd at times. (It works fine with Wordpress or any other site too.)


easygardener said...

Isn't it frustrating not to be able to read everyone's blog.
Success depends on the quality of the translation of course - but the gadget is well worth having.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Linda .. yes ! I just remembered about Babelfish as you mentioned it here : )
I think this is so nifty to have so look into it Linda !

Hi Brenda .. it really is worth having a look at it .. but I just thought of something .. what if a visitor leaves a comment in their language .. I'll have to work that one out ! LOL

Hi PG ! .. The odds are that something should be available for Wordpress too .. it is well worth the hunt ! : )

Hi Jen .. I have lost most of the Dutch I knew so wow .. looking at it first in Dutch then translating rings a lot of bells in the "bat belfry" here ! haha

Hi Tessa .. I'm having the same traffic jam on my sidebar too .. I think I have to do some adjusting ? LOL

Hello Andre ! .. yes, some of the translating does lead to a bit of a chuckle, but like you said, not bad at all : )
Thank you for letting the wordpress people know too !

Hi EG .. I'm such a kid, things like this really WOW ! me : )
I'm so glad to have found it !

Pusepilde said...

Yes, this is a useful gadget. I've added it to my blog recently, and I noticed that it is frequently in use.

But, from norwegian to english it makes a dreadful and sometimes hilarious translation. I sometimes wonder if the reader really understands what I'm writing about...?

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I've been trying to decide which translator to use since i have quite a few international visits.

I used a translator to leave a message in Italian on a gardening blog. The blogger then wrote me a long email in Italian! I guess the translator worked very well-- or, I said some interesting things (unknown to me) that prompted that long and lovely email! :-)


Rose said...

Thanks for sharing this, Joy. I visited a site in Norway last week, and all the comments were in Norwegian, except mine. I kept wondering if the blogger knew English...

Gail said...

Hi Joy,

That's a very thoughtful gadget to have...I have used Babelfish on a Swedish blog and it was helpful. The blogger has it posted. How is everything up there? Really, I mean 'How are you, my dear?"


Ana Paula said...

What a great gadget, still trying to place that on my site, having a bit of trouble.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Pusepilde hello there !
Yes .. I'm thinking it is a bit tricky with translations .. but I think most of us will get the general idea ? of what is being said : ) .. I have to go over and visit your blog !!

Cameron .. that is too funny ! I wonder what was really translated too ? .. I have to activate my e-mail on here and see what happens .. kind of iffy .. but I am curious .. this translator is very neat !

Rose .. isn't it funny we just assume other nationalities know enough English to get by on little comments .. We were spoiled by the Dutch when we lived in Holland .. most of who we met spoke at least 3 to 4 other languages .. it was hard to pick up much Dutch because they were so accommodating. Even Belgium and Germany were very good with English .. I bet they wondered about my Canadian French ? LOL

Hi Gail .. I wondered about Bablefish too .. then I stumbled on this and thought "why not ?" : )
I'm good ! how are you doing in the land of NO snow girl !! LOL
I am very jealous .. spring will be there far sooner than here .. it is a long wait ... sigh !

Hi Ana .. if you keep having a problem .. I think you can contact Blogger and they will help you.
It seemed to be fairly easy for me .. most things drive me crazy ! LOL .. all it was a copy the script and paste it in an HTML box.
Hope you got it working : )

VP said...

Hi Joy - I think you must be a mind reader as I put this on my blog to do list yesterday :)

I do wonder how good these things are at translating though. Perhaps we need to ask our international Blotanical buddies?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey VP .. I wonder as well how efficiently they translate .. but even if it might be a little cockeyed .. at least they might get the general idea .. I wonder if we can get some one to let us know .. that would be a good idea !!

HelenJ said...

I have had is gadget in my blog since I started it. It's very useful, but sometimes the results of the translation will give you a good laugh...
So I have decided to translate my page directly instead. My english isn't perfect - but it's better than Googles =)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Helen .. I was just over to your blog again .. those dogs are too cute : )
You must have had a great time at that concert .. all those different instruments makes it more interesting with that group !

Crafty Gardener said...

Hi Joy, I added the little gadget to my blog, and linked to you as well. Thanks for the friendly poke that made me go and get it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey there Linda ! Thank you girl !
I'm glad you added it .. I think it will help at least a little bit with other nationalities trying to make heads or tails out of our commentary : )

Jamie and Randy said...

I considered doing that myself. Not too long ago, some one was nice enough to add one to thier blog for me.--Randy

Aerie-el said...

Thanks so much for sharing the info. I've wanted to add one to my blog, but haven't yet for one reason or another. You've inspired me to get going on it and get it done. Thanks! Aerie-el

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Randy .. yup ! it certainly is a remarkable gadget even if it is not spot on in translations : )

Aerie-el .. You are welcome girl ! Funny how long it took me to getting around to doing it too : )

Patsi said...

Hey girl, where have you been ?
It's been on my blog since I started it ! :)
Also have links for you to translate English to whatever so you can write back.
I'd say it's about 75% reliable.
Some words won't translate and sentence structure is not always correct BUT it does the job.

Cinj said...

That is a pretty neat tool, isn't it? I discovered a similar one on my friend Kathi's site. As far as I can tell not many people have used it yet or at least those people haven't left comments.

Cat said...

Very cool!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Patsi .. my head is (someplace where it shouldn't be ? haha) .. I have almost ZERO memory retention these days and I probably saw it there, thought it was great .. and as soon as I left POOF forgotten : ( .. I think it gets the general idea across right ?

Hi Cinj .. I don't have any gadgets that tell me if it is used .. I don't have a visitor counter to my sight either .. I have so many things on the go here I just don't have the room ? haha

Hi Cat .. I keep forgetting to swing over to your site girl .. January is one of my most "Duh ?" months in the year : )

Dawn said...

Cool! Now I can get it from you!

Frances said...

Hi Joy, I have to laugh at the translations from Swedish, don't you find them bizarre to say the least? It seems that garden jargon just doesn't fit into their literal translations, but we can sort of make some sense from it. I have found the Swedish blogger's own English to be so much better than google's. :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Dawn ! ... Sure girl, it is for sharing : )

Hi Frances .. yup, some of the translating is a bit funny .. OK .. a whole lot of funny : )
Yes .. a lot of our Nordic neighbors have almost impeccable English so we are better off with their version !

Town Mouse said...

Do I dare be the spoiler of all this happiness? I'm a native speaker of German and used the gadget. The translation was... total gibberish. Really. Sorry. I think the gadget sort of works if lots of plant names are in the post, but then we can usually pick those up anyway. The gadget probably also works reasonably well with short, well-formed sentences, none of this write-as-you-think approach.
Anyways, I'm sure it works sometimes, but it's just as likely to cause great confusion. Again, sorry to bring the bad news. I'm tempted to post Anonymously so as to not get a reputation (I'm new to blogging) but, while I certainly can tell a lie, I won't ;->

Andrea said...

Oh well now there's a good idea. :D

GardenJoy4Me said...

Town Mouse .. I don't mind opposing thoughts .. I'm open to most people's opinions so now worries here about a different one : )

Hi Andrea ! .. I thought it might be of some help .. a little at least ?? LOL

Town Mouse said...

So, just for fun, I've typed the German version into a Google translator to English. Here's the result (feel free to delete, it's kind of long)
Enjoy ;->

Quick post on a very impressive gadget
I thought this Google gadget on my blog, since so Christmas ... with one thing or another that I cut up
had about everything until I was on a Swedish Blogger site and saw there ...
Thus, the pages for me a breeze and I could read, Swedish into English.
How cool is that I ask you .. It will help others not English
speak, or at least people who are not English as mother tongue (a kind rough way of implementation, it is not ..?).. In any case, the matter much more interesting for bloggers is not English can be read in their papers own language. I can no longer talk about how amazing it is. Look at the right side list .. up for the tool! I'm sorry, I do not know whether it is a for word press or other hosts.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi again Town Mouse .. Yup !! Thank you for doing that .. it was good fun and I needed a laugh ! : )