Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Good Grief .. what have I done ??

I started to transfer my feed to the new feedburner Google set up .. I think I did it the right way but now I can't get into Blotanical to change that address over for the new feed direction .. maybe this was too much to handle first thing in the morning ??
If anyone has any ideas or similar problems could you let me know ?? PLEASE ??? YIKES !


easygardener said...

I've had trouble logging on four hours ago.Eventually I was able to log on but I notice I can't log on again at the moment. I would guess it's Blotanical at fault and not you!

HelenJ said...

I think there is something wrong with Blotanical today. I have tried to open the site for hours now....
But I also need to know how to get access to my blog address i "My plot". What if you change the URL, or want to change the description, or add another blog?
I hope someone can help you (and me) with these questions!
Have a nice day anyway =) /Helen

Vanillalotus said...

Blotanical is not loading up for me this morning. So I don't think it was your feed change. I changed mine last night and had no problem but I did not change it in Blotanical because I didn't even have the feedburner on Blotanical like I thought.

Hope it works out for you!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Must be a morning of technical glitches.

I've not done anything with my Feedburner feed this morning, but I can't get Blotanical to load at all.

Besides that, I can't get Blogspot to upload a photo, so I have no post (so far) today. It's just spinning its wheels during the upload attempts.

Time for more coffee!


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I just tried again -- Blotanical forced a new login and I can't get in there either.

I will see if Stuart is on Twitter and find out the story.


Gail said...

I can't get in either! I tried to change over last night but stopped it because I knew I was posting today...Now it is a big mess...It took 20 minutes for the login page to open...I thought it was my server....gail

Darlene said...

No help at all here...just stopping by to say hi!

Doug Green said...

I just pinged Stuart for you

cindee said...

SOrry can't help with that one(-: I hope you are staying warm there. Yikes -17 degrees? That is super cold...brrrrr

kathryn/ said...

I can't get into blotanical either. It's not you.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Maybe the groundhog chewed through the Intarwebs...I had no problem getting Blogger to upload pics, nor Facebook either, but I don't feel up to tackling the feedburner thing til I have more coffee. And less snow!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Thanks EG .. I was beginning to think I had JINXED everything I had with trying to do this .. jeez !

Hi Helen .. Thanks ! .. girl we are in the same boat .. my last step was to change the URL address in "my plot" .. so here we are ? slightly crazy with problems : )

Hi Vanilla .. I usually manage to screw up something with change overs like this .. so I thought it was all ME .. thankfully I have these responses .. phew ! Hope we can all get on board the right train soon ?

Thanks Cameron ... I'm just relieved it isn't all my doing on my blog .. it is true that misery loves company girl .. thanks for the help : )

Hi Gail .. I was beginning to think it was my server for a bit .. but the boys have no problems with their computers .. so here we are spinning our wheels ? : )

Darlene girl ! hello there ! .. I'm sorry I haven't been to your blog in ages .. I bet you are all decorated for Valentine's ? I better visit before Easter starts ? LOL

Doug ... thank you : ) ... I hope we can all get sorted out .. not a good day for edgy bloggers with cabin fever ? haha

Cindee .. hello there girl ! .. yes .. we are back in the deep freeze again .. this back and forth stuff is enough to drive me over the edge soon .. the pile of snow at the end of our drive way is about 7 feet .. GROAN !! haha

Hello Kathryn ! ... Thank you for letting me know .. if I was the only one .. well it would REALLY bother ME ! haha

Phillip said...

I'm getting a message saying that the Blotanical account has been suspended!?

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I can't get anything out of Blotanical either. All I get is a page saying this account has been suspended.

ACCCCKKKKK! I thought it was something I did. LOL.

Good to know that everyone is having problems. Maybe it is another human error.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Phillip .. thanks for replying !
It is beginning to be some what like the "Twilight Zone" ?? : )

Jen .. I really thought it was something I did too .. make you sort of panic a bit doesn't it ? Hope we can all get sorted soon !

GardenJoy4Me said...

Jodi ... how did you sneak in there without me seeing you until now ? I agree about the ground hog possibility .. heaven knows he is mean enough to see his shadow for more winter here .. aaarrrggghhh !
Thanks for letting me know : )

HelenJ said...

And now Blotanical is up working again! =)

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Hey Joy, hope you got it all worked out- I just got on blotanical. I couldn't get on this morning. Now, I did my feedburner switch over a few weeks ago and didn't notice any problems. I did notice this morning that in my plot on 'my blogs' a very old post is listed as the current one. First time I've noticed that.

I am also wondering, how do you change the feed in blotanical? I don't remember ever doing that when I upgraded my feedburner to google a few weeks back- are we supposed to? I have no idea how :)
I know you have to change it in your google settings, but blotanical? I'm lost!

VP said...

Doesn't your heart sink when you see Feedburner and Blotanical together?

I'm not doing anything with my feed until after my dinner party meme this weekend as I want to be able to get round everybody's posts etc.

Yesterday I was so grateful I'd moved everyone into Google Reader so I can still see when new posts are up.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi again Helen .. Yup ! I have some catching up to do : )

Tessa .. you may have gotten answers by now about changing your feed URL .. You go into your place in Blotanical .. "my blog" .. then edit at the bottom of your description .. then feed .. you should have gotten a new address for your feed from feedburner2feeds thing .. I hope I'm right because that is what I did ! YIKES !

Hi VP .. Sounds like a great dinner party is in the making girl ! LOL
... I know what you mean though about the changes .. I just want to get "in" and DRIVE like I do my car .. details to be taken care of by some one else (aka hubby ? LOL)
I haven't posted in a bit but I will today .. got some COLD pictures of Kingston : )