Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Linus Has Fans .. The Girls Square Off ?

Well ... it was bound to happen wasn't it ? The Zen of Linus reached the girls (thanks "ben") and hell cats broke out over who they thought Linus would think would be his girlfriend first. Sophie being the older more experience gal thought being of the Main Coon temperament (more so than Emma .. twitchy girl that she is) well Linus should prefer Her, right ?
Cat 'quips" were snarled and the game was on .. their "look" is a lot more serious than their actions .. soon as they hear the cat chow coming out, all thoughts of cat wrestle-mania ? are finished in favor of a bit to eat and nap time !
The all too innocent Emma Face .. "who me ? I'm a good girl : )
Sophie prefers to be a bit more dramatic with her posing .. lights, camera, POSE ! .. can you see my BIG BLUE eyes ???
Well .. back to what cats do best .. nap ! all thoughts of Linus and his Zen motives are put on the shelf till next time .. we still are the best choices of his girl pals in our opinion ?


greenman said...

Your cats look lovelly!
What a nice blue eyes.
I have 3 cats. My older one turned diabetic. Now I have to give him two insuline shots a day, poor cat.

My black persian has copper eyes. Lovelly eyes too. I must take a picture to show you.

Is it still cold at your place.
In Lisbom we are already with short sleaves!
Spring arrived early this year.
(I'm not sure if it's to stay)

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Lordy, lordy! Rained all day here. The pets were so bored and ugly-acting I wanted to whip them. Course I didn't.

Gail said...

Joy, The girls are too cute...I never tiring of Emma's innocent look or Sophie's wise big blue eyes! gail

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Some serious cat looks there! Glad they made peace for the day!


Cinj said...

Surprisingly Speedy and Sweetie have yet to have that arguement. Gotta love those little cat fights. Did anyone go running off with the claws scratching the floor? That seems to happen quite often in our house.

Anonymous said...

They are such cute, funny girls. :) Linus may find them both too much to handle. Hee! Then again, it would seem he's certainly a lover, not a fighter. :-) I can't get over how big Emma got -- she's a regular young lady now!

cindee said...

Yikes a cat fight! Now sistas fighting over a boyfriend is a major ordeal!(-: I am glad they were calmed by a good meal and a nap(-:

Anonymous said...

OH yes, it's a grand cat post! Your house stays so clean with this brood of cats--how do you do it? Funny how they stop all the caterwalling when the food gets rattled in front of them. Teenage boys are like that too.

Anonymous said...

Love your girls!

our friend Ben said...

Poor Linus! I'm sure he'd have a hard time making up his mind, if he only had a mind to make up! But I know he'd be happy to join the girls for a peaceful nap anytime!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Greenman and thank you !
It is hard when they get sick, we feel so badly for them don't we ?
I would love to see pictures of them !
Spring is taking its time coming to Kingston .. actually most of Canada ! LOL

Brenda .. when they are used to going out and stretching their legs that way it makes them cranky to keep cooped up .. just like kids ? haha

Hi Gail .. I'm getting desperate for a plant or real garden post but after reading about OFB's Linus Zen thing .. it inspired me with the girls ? LOL .. yes .. Emma and her innocent look ? Sophie knows better ! haha

Cameron .. they are never serious .. the rough house like kids and back to normal like a snap .. how is Charm doing ? napping on her BIG pillows ? haha

Cinj .. my god yes !! when they take off from the kitchen floor it is hilarious ! but they have managed to scratch the good wood furniture from Europe and it ain't a pretty sight girl .. Good for Speedy and Sweetie (love the names) they are very well mannered kitties : )

Hi Nancy .. I think that is the way of Linus big lover boy ? haha .. Emma has more Main Coon in her appearance than Sophie (who's nature is more of the laid back Main Coon) Emma has those big tufts of fur coming from her paws as well .. good thing we have AC for the hot weather or she would be having hot flashes like I do ? LOL

Cindee .. they are all show and no real intention .. just like KIDS ! but it can be too funny to watch .. we all get a laugh out of it !

Anna .. I think there is a definite link to teenage boys and cats with the call for dinner time ? I need an orderly house or more bits of my mind fall off ? haha .. knowing this whole reno thing is moving ahead slowly but surely .. well the house will be chaotic to say the least , yikes !

Hey Knittnkitten ! The girls say "thank you very much " !! you may admire us any time ? LOL

"ben" that is exactly why he would just fit in so nicely .. leave it to the girls to THINK for him ? LOL

Giddy said...

Boy, can I ever relate to the roughhousing! My boys go at it at least twice a day. Despite all this exercise, our Spike, like your Sophie, looks like a 4 egg omelet when he lays down on his side! The vet says he needs to lose a couple of pounds, but hey, who can look into those beautiful eyes and deny them a little snack or two?

Skeeter said...

You have some beautiful fur babies there!
I have seen this pose stuck many times with my fur Girls seeing who is Top Cat. They soon find out it is me the mommy as I break up many “Smack Downs” in this house! lol. My two little fur balls love to play and nap too….

our friend Ben said...

Ooh, I forgot to commend Emma and Sophie on their very good taste! Linus may not be the brainiest, but he's the best-looking cat I've ever seen. The girls would definitely enjoy the eye candy aspect!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy, we were told the same thing about Sophie ... and like you said .. how on earth can you do that when they look at you the way they do ?? The rough housing counts as exercise any ways right ?? LOL

The girls thank you Skeeter for the compliments : ) Yes, mom is top cat when I have had enough too ! haha .. but they love each other in their cat way and are great company for themselves and us !

'ben" .. that is what the girls go for .. the eye candy so Linus is right up their "cat ally" for sure ! : ) wink wink

Frances said...

Hi Joy, that is too funny. Ben's cat Linus does sound like the best mate ever, for cat or human! Your girl fight was pretty scary though! So glad the chow calmed things down. :-) Great post, Joy, loved it.

The Sky Me said...

Hi Frances ... there is no seriousness to the girls when they do a wrestle match ..just Emma trying to sit on Sophie's head most times .. she is a KID .. Sophie is very laid back but enough is enough with her at times .. a clap of the hands and they scatter, so thankfully it isn't all about the cat chow ? haha

themanicgardener said...

Send this one off to James Alexander-Sinclair; it should do much to calm his extreme reactions to "cutsy-wootsy Kitty Kat piktures" or whatever it is he calls them. Here are cats untamed, red in tooth and claw, etc. etc.

Sue said...

Your cats are quite photogenic. Great pics! Thanks for your comments on my SkyWatch post.

The Sky Me said...

Kate ! Good one girl ! my two can look kind of scary but there is nothing to it at all .. just girls telling each other off ! LOL

Hi Sue .. you are very welcome ! and thanks for stopping by my place too girl !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those girls are all too good for Linus. How about that! What beautiful cats you have. Those sweet innocent faces. Hard to believe that they would get rough and tumble.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lisa ! The girls appreciate the compliments, Thank You !!.. but far from innocent when they start getting into trouble ? I think they would drive poor Linus crazy !! LOL

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Your girls look quite lovely, even while having a tiff. Mine still occasionally get up the energy to paw at on another, but mostly they just gang up together and turn on the dog!

Dave said...

Your cats are beautiful Joy! It looks like they enjoy the wrestling, or as some folks say it around here wrastlin'!

tina said...

They sure don't look happy at all do they? I am glad all is well with them though. A bit of kiss and make up.

Anonymous said...

You have such pretty cats Joy. They crack me up with their antics. Maybe Mooch needs a friend to play with. He's not very fond of other cats though. ;)

themanicgardener said...

Your dual identity replies had me in a spin there for a moment, but I've got it straight. I don't know, girls telling each other off comes awfully close to that old idea that girls are nasty to each other. I'm not sure I want James A-S exposed to this. Then again, he spends enough time in the blogging world to see how ridiculous it is.

(Maybe I'd better explain that James and I have a long, happy, and fully documented tradition of insulting each other, so if I seem to be cutting him down, I'm being IRONIC.)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nola .. that cracked me right up ! that poor dog .. he must have some friends some where to help him out or does he scheme at night against the cats ? LOL

Hi Dave .. Thank you ! .. the girls work off some calories with a lot of nonsense and they seem to like it that way .. although Sophie will be grateful when Emma "matures? a little more LOL

Hi Tina .. looks are very deceiving with them .. they look so serious but it is all pretend with them .. of course clapping my hands can end it faster too ? haha

Hi PG .. we have had "couples" with an older and younger cat .. 7 years apart and they never got close. So having one cat just shy of 2 years (Sophie) and getting another kitten (Emma)at the time was just right for them to bond .. we are lucky : )

Hi Kate .. that was driving me crazy with the two names as well until I fixed the option .. i wanted to start a side blog with mainly sky pictures and you have a hard time on blogger trying to have two separate identities so some nonsense happened .. I think I have it almost straight now .. so who is this James character ?? you have me curious !!