Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The OOPS Morning and Other Oddities ?

Yes .. it is an oddity for me to bake, so I am going to photograph the event since it is such a rare occasion .. Giddy of The Giddy Garden Gnome shows her fantastic gourmet treats all the time .. secretly I think she is trying to drive me nuts but hasn't reached the point where she finally makes FUDGE to taunt me over the edge with ?
It may look strange but I promise it truly is delicious .. or am I biased ?
So here is my "Moon-Sun" this morning .. I was up at the crack of dawn but failed to get the red sky streaks .. I don't know what is going on but I haven't had a good morning sky to shoot is so long I am beginning to wonder about it all ? But .. this is pretty neat, right ?

The above picture is terrible .. I was shooting through the deck door and I had no idea what kind of bird was in this tree .. when I could see during editing ... I was shocked to see it was a tiny shivering Goldfinch .. so we have to get Niger seed right away tomorrow .. I can't think of these little guys hungry .. there is still lots of food in the garden but they need a TREAT !!

Of course our "Robinator" eats EVERYTHING so he may be scaring off the little finches .. heave knows he scares me ! If you heard this guy you would think "200 lb ROBIN-of-the-hood" ..

...... and then there are the Benchwarmers .. no comment from them is better than hearing what they really have to say about the weather and the bench right now .. the subject of Dave's cracked mushroom, well we just don't go THERE !

P.S. I'm sorry girls .. the three that left comments on me boasting about the "link within link widget" .. it all went horribly wrong when I tried to un-install and install again .. Lynn, VW and Brenda .. thank you for commenting but it ended up in cyber world "Twilight Zone" edition ... jeez !


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I live in the Twilight Zone. Sometimes I can't even come up with the name of my own baby granddaughter. I think my hormones left and took my brain with them. That or early dementia has arrived.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Don't worry Brenda .. you have lots of company. The problem is that hubby is almost as bad if not worse .. but he keeps a more level head about these things .. were as i run around in circles SCREAMING ?

Frances said...

Hi Joy, I do think your sky is cool. When is the sky not cool? Never! :-) Your baking does look good, but I was hoping you were going to make some fudge. I know it doesn't get baked, but I just want to see some. :-)

Meadowview Thymes said...

The pink streaked sky is cool!! Do you see it often?
And--you girls (Brenda and Joy) are younger than me--just wait a few years! Coffee doesn't even fix that memory thing! :)

Giddy said...

Okay. Are you trying to goad me into making a batch of fudge? If I did, I'd have to send it to you, and since I don't have your mailing address, all I could do is email you pictures of it and that wouldn't be very nice, now would it? I'd also be on a sugar high for a week!!!

Town Mouse said...

So what was it that you were baking? And how did it taste? I do think the birds can fend for themselves, but are you having your breakfast? With a nice hot cup of -- something?

Neza said...

I thought of you when Andrea from Heavy Petal commented that a flower on my blog looks like witch's fingers...I thought you may be missing halloween by now. (It's in the post about Mexico). And my latest post is funny and gross..-hope it gives you a laugh.

Take Care, The Rock and Roll Gardener in MN

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Okay, can bread be shipped? Yum! And I think the weather needs to behave now that Robinator is around!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Frances I'm afraid the way these weeks are going I would crawl right into the fudge pot and stay there girl ! haha ... Now if we can get Giddy to make some, I think it might be a safe enough distance ?

EEK ! Linda !! please don't say coffee doesn't work at a certain point girl .. I'll have to start chewing the grounds or beans for the full affect ? LOL
This is about the worst time of the year to get good sunrise shots .. but I'm hoping with the clearer ? weather predicted in a couple of days I'll see some PINK soon !

Giddy .. girl this is what it is all about .. getting you to make FUDGE !! so we can all be on a sugar high for a week or too to get through the rest of this blasted winter ?? LOL

Hey Town Mouse .. Banana bread (more of a cake really) and lots of coffee .. I just had to use up the ripe bananas and make the house smell like a bakery for a bit !

Neza .. Girl !! I'll be over there for sure .. I am missing Halloween a lot .. well over 200 days yet .. they count down will be going up in another couple of months for sure !!

Tessa .. that Robinator will not put up with anything .. "le Squawker" is totally rude and grumpy (not that I can blame him with this weather).. so ya' like my bread eh ? haha

Rose said...

Yumm, what kind of bread is that, Joy? I enjoy baking much more than cooking, but don't bake as often because I'm the one with a sweet tooth here, and I always have to finish off the sweets so they don't go to waste:) i.e., they go to MY waist, LOL.

Glad to see Dave and the Benchwarmers aren't covered by a foot of snow for once!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my post this morning; it's been a fun year.

our friend Ben said...

Ha, I thought that must be banana bread! Yum and yum again! Wish I were eating a hot-from-the-oven piece with melted butter right now!!! (I hope you shared some with the girls. My cats all love it!)

Kerri said...

Giddy is a wicked temptress for sure. She even goads me into baking sometimes :)
Your soft-light morning view of the moon is pretty. No pink in the sky here...just clouds and rain for the 4th morning in a row.
We did have a beautiful warm weekend though. A little taste of spring. It's coming. Yay!
The goldfinches love sunflower seeds. We stopped buying the expensive niger because they would ignore it and go for the sunflower. Good for them! :)
You're lucky to have your robin, even if he is a dictator :) No sign of them here yet.
Now where did I put my coffee.....? LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose : ) You are more than welcome girl ! Banana loaf is even better with some walnuts mixed in but I didn't have any. Yes ! I don't bake often but when I do I eat way too much of it myself .. BIG sigh ! LOL

Hi "ben" yup .. with a nice cup of tea or coffee and two cats looking up at me with those BIG eyes .. Sophie loves it and Emma its ANYTHING !! haha

Kerrie ! Did you find your coffee ? haha .. Our finches are spoiled .. but yes I have seen them love the sunflower seeds for sure ! You would not believe our Robinator girl .. he is something else ! LOL

cindee said...

I love the Robin-of the hood" He is a big bird! We have blue jays here and the finches just get along some how. Everyone seems to get something to eat. I love the gold finches. That food is not cheap though! The bread looks yummy and I bet you enjoyed it. Is there hiden chocolate inside?(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee ! chocolate chip banana bread !! now you have me thinking girl .. another avenue for chocolate : ) .. I know that seed is quite pricey but they do love it and we love watching them .. anything that falls to the ground is fair games for our local little birds and our doves .. every one seems to be happy with the arrangement too : )

themanicgardener said...

I tried to use your little widgety-gadget, and it went all weird on me, and being technologically challenged in a major way, I assume it was me. So I'm glad to hear it's not. Love the sun/moon duo.

The Sky Me said...

Kate .. If you are still having problems with the widget ..1st un-install it , you may have it doubled up on your blog if you repeated the steps trying to get it to work 2nd they have a great help team if you cue on problems and ask for a response .. I fixed mine before they got to me but they were fairly fast.
It is an amazing widget and I'm hooked now ! LOL