Friday, 3 April 2009

April Sky

This isn't today's sky .. today or should I say this evening it is raining cats and dogs .. I wonder where that saying came from ?
It is one of my favorite sky/cloud pictures I have taken : )
I spoke to our deck guys this morning and it is still the hold up with the permit. There is nothing anyone but the city that can do anything about it so it is a waiting game. But since the rain is pounding down here and it will be back and forth for some time, this would have held up work as well. Better now, than later, when they do get started. I am seriously thinking that I may have to have some chocolate but that would mean going out tomorrow and I just don't know if I can do that as apposed to a pajama day which most likely will win out. Stressing over things you have no control of is very tiring !
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Crafty Gardener said...

I read some trivia once about that saying. It seems that a long time ago there was a space between the thatch roof and the house (guess it is like our attics) and animals would take refuge up there during a storm. Once upon a time on a very heavy downpour the cats and dogs came tumbling out of the roof and hence the saying "raining cats and dogs" Believe it or not ... it's a cute story.

Gail said...

When did grocery stores stop delivering! They should start up again! I love your sky shot, is lovely. The sky is an endless source of entertainment for me~~for you, too! Hang in there! gail

cindee said...

I hate stressing over things I can't do anything about. Its just how I am though. Today I went to the nursery and got a cute little thing for the garden. It is suppose to hold a candle but not sure if I will use that part of it. I thought it was cute and it has stars on it so that makes it double cute(-: The price was right too so that made it even better!

MNGarden said...

I have had way too much stressing over things you have no controlfor today. Thank goodness for the garden.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky, Joy -- if it's raining cats and dogs in Ontario, then it's raining lions and wolves here in NS. A real deluge all evening. But the spring peepers are peeping for the first time!

Jill-O said...

Beautiful sky. It looks very majestic and grand.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Linda .. You know I might have heard that story before, now that you are describing it ! .. it is kind of funny .. and we haven't seemed to be able to let it go yet ?

Hi Gail .. I haven't seen a grocery store deliver since I was a wee girl ! LOL
YES .. I am very lucky to see wonderful sky here .. and I am grateful for that indeed ! : )

Cindee ! I wish I could go shopping with YOU ! .. you always find something perfect like that .. take a picture please ?

MNGarden .. when this is DONE .. right down to the shed looking gorgeous .. I think I will live in it for a few days because I won't want to leave the garden !! LOL

Nancy .. I know you guys are getting rough weather there .. having lived there almost half my life .. I gottcha' ? LOL
You could never imagine how much I miss the peepers ... in fact I think I may hunt down some sound CDs with them alone .. it would be so wonderful to hear them here ; )

Jill girl ! How are you ? .. it was a great over head shot .. I love watching the sky .. comforts me like my garden : )

tina said...

It looks like a painting-very lovely!

garden girl said...

Do what I do Joy - just always keep some chocolate on hand! If there's no chocolate candy around here, I always have cocoa, and it only takes a few minutes to whip up a batch of brownies (and lick the spoon!)

I'm sorry about the delay - I can imagine how frustrating it must be.

The sky shot's gorgeous. Just meditate on it, maybe you'll feel better?!

I've gotten better about not stressing about stuff outside my control as I've gotten older, but construction projects definitely don't bring out the best in me! Hang in there Joy - that deck will be done before you know it!

Marie said...

Nice sky :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Tina .. I saved a full pixel shot to print out if I ever get around to it .. it was a beautiful sky : )

Hi Linda .. thanks girl : ) great advice ! .. I had some chocolate, hubby felt sorry for me ? haha plus I begged for some? .. yup .. the permit and the weather are set against us .. we never have an easy time with a reno .. I don't know what it is about us ? : )
I'm just so anxious to see my garden start to really come to life again.

Hello Marie .. your sky has been gorgeous too ! : )