Thursday, 2 April 2009

OK .. hand over the chocolate NOW !!!!!!!!!!

Today was THE day the deck guys were supposed to start ripping out the old deck .. the sign that this project was going to get under way .. it was a perfect Spring day .. sun shining .. birds tweeting .. all that great stuff you dream about on cold, dark winter days after Christmas and you bumped into the scale the wrong way and actually SAW what you weighed NOW.
You know "those" days ? .. FRESH start .. nice new deck, that would lead to the nice new shed that I could call my garden playhouse (my side of it anyways?).
It was NOT to be .. now, whether I am being fed a load of hockey pucks or whether it truly is an issue with the !*##$!!! permit .. well I'm beginning to wonder how gullible I truly am.
Instead .. I will turn the other cheek for the bizillionth time .. and post on some pretty clouds in the sky .. pretending I'm in the Skywatch team (I just can't seem to make the commitment ?) .. the desperation builds and the chocolate URGE is growing .. run for your lives if this damn breaks people !!

On the other hand .. I did find comfort with yet another bag O'blooming plants from Costco and NO ................. I didn't embarrass myself by diving full tilt into the plant racks .. just a half tilt this time ? Plus how can a gal turn down a new pair of pruners (especially Black and Decker ?) .. why is it called a "pair" of pruners ? it is a single object isn't it ?
Mind you the pair of morning coffee cups is a PAIR .. funny what your mind centers on when you are in chocolate withdrawal .. like why a pair of "pants' when it is one piece ? .. I think the damn is bursting .. step away from the laptop NOW !


Teza said...

Oh dear! Being Dutch I would have been willing to offer a thumb had it been a dike that was about to burst, but a dam.....that's something totally different!
Sorry to hear that things didn't get off to the start you were anticipating...... stay on them Joy, this is your project, they are working for YOU!

Gail said...

I was in Costco and saw the packaged plants and couldn't help but think of you! here is why. They had shrubs sitting on pallets in front of the bags and there was no way any one could see all the different had to climb up and in to see them all! My sympathies are with you..So sorry about the deck dudes! I so know exactly how you after day i waited for the crew to show up! Larger jobs always got preference over mine!


Gardeness said...

There's the problem, you're getting permits! I'm sorry you've had more delays. The finished project will be that much more sweeter. Great find at Costco. I passed up some pruners the other day and am kicking myself now.

Creative Country Mom said...

I'll have you know... I have not been to the garden center for 3 weeks. It is about killing me. I did get 2 boxwoods at Rural King last month, but I am showing GREAT restraint! Hugs....Brooke

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

pssst...Joy...over here. I've got the chocolate hidden in the gravy boat up in the blue china cabinet. Don't tell the monkeys or all will be lost.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Joy! They do say there is a reason for everything- maybe it is a good one? I hope everything gets straightened out soon! Love the shears!

cindee said...

New pruners sound good(-: I could use a "pair"(-:
I guess you can sharpen old ones but I have not tried that yet. I have two "pair" of Coronas and I love them. Black and Decker is a good brand so I am sure the pruners will be good too(-: Sorry about the deck. Don't feel bad though our house permit took 3+ months to get o.k'd

Anonymous said...

Don't have a meltdown yet Joy! I know construction & destruction can be a rollercoaster of frustration at best. I'll cross my fingers for you! Love the bag of blooms, is that Dicentra? Love it!

Titania said...

Hi Garden Joy, it is actually good evening, I can see you have not lost your humour, despite some setbacks with your new deck. The sky photos are very beautiful. It is so nice to look up and wonder at all the pretty cloud formations sometimes gentle and sometimes angry but always interesting. Easter is not far and this big easter egg waiting for you at bunnie's will cure your withdrawal nicely. Hope you get your new deck finished soon.

Water Roots said...

Joy, you are hilarious! I think your wonderful sense of humour is what keeps you sane through all the renovation frustration. It's maddening when you're eager to get going and are faced with delays. I hope it gets going soon; the end result will no doubt be beautiful. And if ever it gets to be too much and you need a nice sugar rush, I make a mean fudge. All you need to do is ask! LOL... Martha

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Puppy .. I am like glue once I start .. I'll be gathering what brain cells and patience I have today (rain .. rain and more rain to come so ow wonderful is that ?) I just wish I "knew" for sure about the permit issue and if we are being played ? a bit ..
It is always best to get the heck out of the way when the damn is going to BURST ! LOL

Gail .. does that mean you DIDN'T climb over the shrubs to have a look ? Ahhhh ! you can do that too .. not just me !! haha
Yup .. this is one of the larger jobs on the slate but you always have that niggling thought as to what they are really up to .. I'm getting so paranoid !!!!

Hey there Gardeness .. that used to be my problem a lot of times .. I'd say "I'll Be Back!!" like Arnold .. but I never got back in time .. so now I mean business ? LOL .. permits, ya' gotta' luv 'em ?

Goodness Brooke ! You have been very GOOD ! .. this was my first trip yesterday, so I was literally shaking with excitement .. especially knowing the Japanese Maple was ordered and my hydrangea was coming soon too : ) That part of my day was WONDERFUL !!!

Pssssstt !! Debbie ? .. will they hear the chair scrape when I drag it over to the cabinet to climb up to where the gravy boat is ?.. what do I do if they RUSH me girl ??? Yikes !!!!

Tessa girl .. I am thinking of hiring a PI to investigate what this company is really up to ..maybe I could shadow them myself ? .. nah, the temptation to use my giant slingshot would be too great .. I love my new pruners too ! : )

Cindee !!!! You are supposed to NOT tell me things like "3 months" girl .. I'm hyperventilating right now !!! .. Hubby used to try and sharpen mine .. but we sort of both agree I'm a happy gardener setting out with a new pair at the beginning of the season ? : )

Racquel .. thanks girl ! .. it really wears you down though eh ?
YES ! 4 roots .. 2 of "King of Hearts" and 2 of "Aurora" .. I'm on the look out for "Burning Hearts" too .. a lot of 2's going on here ?

Hi Titania .. thanks girl ! .. I have to have humour it is a given with me .. even if I'm screaming there has to be something funny about it all !
YES ! Dr. Bunny is well known to cure a lot of ill tempered menopausal women this time of year .. said cranky woman will be cooking a roast turkey for Easter so the tryptophan will be FLOWING !! haha
I am a cloud fan always : )

Martha ! You are VERY sweet (play on words here) .. I know I can count on you for the fudge connection : )
You have your hands full with the move and so much tugging at you to be done .. most of what makes us tired is THINKING about it all !
I have a funny story about the vitamin issue .. will write an e-mail an tell you about it girl : )

our friend Ben said...

Stop fighting it and go for the chocolate NOW!!! Loved your comments on pants and pruners. I've always wondered that about scissors, too. Now I'm, gulp, hoping my deck holds up for about 100 years! Good luck.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I do hope your deck crew lives up to the task. If you must resort to a chocolate fix -- drink cabernet with it! :-)


Jamie and Randy said...

Oh Joy,
Sorry to hear of your woes. It will all be over before you know it. If we lived closer I would hand feed you chocolate easter bunnies until you felt better. :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" .. that one too ! why a pair of scissors ?? this could drive you mad ! .. Now the weather is against us .. so we have to wait that out. BUT .. YES ! they swear the deck will still stand even when the house goes under .. great thought eh ? .. yes ... the chocolate thing is wearing on me ... aaarrrgghhhh !

Cameron .. i tend to love Merlot more but I had to give the red stuff up because of the migraines .. not that chocolate doesn't do it too .. but hell ..I need me some chocolate SOON !! LOL

You are such a sweet soul .. Randy ? Jamie ? Boys ????
I'm sure once it gets going it will GO QUICKLY .. they estimated about 2 hours on tear down ... men with chainsaws .. isn't there a TV show with that title ?? men with chocolate bunnies sounds better to me !!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

LOL! I recommend the immediate application of some dark chocolate, specifically, Dove Dark. It's good for what ails you. How does one dive "half tilt"? Could you please film that so I could truly appreciate it?
I wouldn't be surprised if the deck guys are telling you the truth about the permit. I read about someone who had to rip out a brand new deck because it was slightly too high for the village's regulations. Anything to do with construction and building permits is always a major hassle. I hope they get it straightened out & get to work on it soon.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there MMD ! .. Dove looks like gorgeous chocolate .. I have to try the dark one since it is supposed to be very good for you ? LOL .. believe me ... no one wants to see my half tilt .. too embarrassing still .. something like a belly-flop in a swimming pool maybe ? haha
Yes .. I do believe my guys .. Kingston is such a stickler .. I'm just desperate to see SOMETHING happen .. you know how that is ???

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I know how that goes with the tales they tell you. "Can't get it done when I said because blah, blah, blah. Heard it a hundred times and still don't believe it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Brenda ... I know with all the renovations you have had you must have heard it all before girl ! LOL

our friend Ben said...

Dove dark chocolate is just amazing, Joy! If you haven't tried a Dove bar with dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream---and I'm not even big on ice cream---oh, you simply have to!!!!

Kerri said...

Oh dear, you really are in dire need of chocolate. MMD knows of what she speaks! I can highly recommend the dark Dove.
I do hope the permit issues are solved soon and the guys can get on with it. Meanwhile, we must save your sanity!!
The lovely sky pics are a good substitute for chocolate, and won't add any calories :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" ... it is on my list now to try it out .. a definate YES !! in fact ... it is so sad and dreary here .. rain is great for the garden but for some of the things we loaded on the grass from the deck .. well we never got the tarps over it to protect the stuff .. nothing to do now though .. it is done !LOL

Hi Kerrie ... that is a major problem for me .. feeling down and the calorie thing .. there isn't anything in the house right now to do that with .. so I am safe for now ? LOL