Monday, 13 July 2009

Catch Your Eye Colour # 2

I had to start off with this picture of "My Monet" and the little sedum with the yellow flowers.
I didn't plan for them to hug each other and our Crimson King Maple tree the way they do .. but they do a wonderful job don't they ? There is the slightest pink tinge showing as well "girlie time"
Sorry .. I couldn't help myself .. just a connecting thread from my last post with "Stairway to Heaven" ?
Again with the heuchera .. "Marmalade" this time .. makes me want some toast .. I'll press on though. This has been another work horse foliage plant for me .. I have divided it a few times .. I have been a very bad plant mom at times when it has HEAVED .. ignoring the problem does not make it go away apparently ? .. over all it is a delicious heuchera and I highly recommend it !
Now for something completely different (Monty Python flashback, sorry) ... a heucherella named "Stoplight" .. this magic plant is made from a friendly get together between a heuchera and a tiarella to create a new and beautiful plant to stand on its own feet from its parents .. there is a similar one called "Sunspot" .. but Stoplight was the one for me .. and it has been doing so well why tamper with perfection ?
Now how is that for contrast, people ??!! .. but see the similarities in leaf shape ? interesting right ? .. what a clash of colours ; -)
Gypsy Dancer was a total surprise to me of how I absolutely LOVE it .. it was a smallish plant, pretty .. but didn't really press my button until the second year when it made my jaw drop .. I love the marbling and have some similar heuchera in slightly different colour shades.
How gorgeous is that with the Gold Barberry ?
Then the flirty Colour Flash Astilbe .. had to make sure everyone got another look at that beauty!
Last .. is a reminder to make sure I take notice of my other garden babies .. this is a wee but PEFECT hosta flower telling me to pay attention to it ... so I took its picture .. I think it is happy now ?


Anonymous said...

Great color combinations! I love heuchera in the garden and was really happy when I got to see it growing in the forests up in Siskiyou County. They like to cling to rock faces that are doused with melting snow water. Lovely image, just like the plant!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I so enjoy reading your 'stories/descriptions' on the different plants in the garden, as you use such a wonderful fresh, novel way of painting pictures with your words. You bring a smile to my face, thank you.

tina said...

Catch your eye color is an excellent name for this post! Most wonderful colors.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

TUFG .. good grief what on earth have I done to your avatar name ? LOL .. now that would be something I would love to see, exactly the way you have described it too ! Talk about fresh foliage imagery .. that sounds gorgeous : )

Hello there Jenifer
Thank you so much girl : )I'm more than happy to instigate smiles .. a snort and giggle can go a long way too with me ? ;-) ... wait till the count down gets closer to October and all "blank" breaks loose on the silly scale .. I'm a big KID ! haha

Darlene said...

I always enjoy seeing the beautiful plants in your gardens. You have such a green thumb! I LOVE that Stoplight plant....those leaves are beautiful. Hope you are having a great summer.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina .. I don't know how this happens with blogger but some comments hover in cyber space until I come back in to check on my blog .. and THERE you are girl !
Thank you : ) it is a colourful time while I wait for all my cone flowers to burst forth ? LOL

Darlene girl ! Hello there and I just bet you are having a great summer .. I hope all the little critters are well, along with little daughter ? having a blast by the pool right ? ; )

Gail said...

My dear you continue to be a master of color and texture combinations! Gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl : ) Thank you very much .. isn't there some kind of saying that "if you think you are a master of something" .. in truth you aren't because there is something new to learn all the time ? .. I'm sure I heard that some where and if not .. wow ! I'm sounding very philosophical !! LOL