Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pockets of Potential

Have you checked your "pockets" lately ? .. not for extra change, not that ratty tissue you need "just in case" ... and not that "how much stuff can I let build up in my pockets, to break the world record for dryer lint, before it catches fire ?" I think the insurance companies actually have a file they keep on people just for that issue ?

I'm talking about pockets of potential you have in your garden .. whether it be a little extra space yo are saving for just the right plant .. or the actual potential of plants coming into their own finally during the garden season.
Maybe even the potential of what the sun's rays give us in how beautiful that morning glow is .. for itself or bounced off sections in the garden that catch it on just the right angle ?
See that "light" spot hitting the fence under the Bittersweet arbor ?
New Madame LeMoine lilac shoots are trying their best to fill in gaping holes I managed to create with the poor thing.
Next to it is the potential of how gorgeous this miscanthus, Purple Flame grass, will look in the Autumn .. what is the opposite of potential ? what ever it is , it is something I created by not getting to this grass to rescue sections of it from over crowding .. the guilt strikes deep when I look at it ... The potential of new and old plants mixed together .. encouraging each other ? .. to make me happy so they won't have to hear me go on, and on, and on ... well, you get the idea.
Plants can be VERY smart !
As promised I wanted to show the progress of the Ostrich Plume astilbe filling out .. this corner is surely a "girlie corner' because it is loaded with pink .. my left brain was in charge ... or was that my right brain ... it was the GIRLIE brain no matter what side ???

Golden Jubilee hyssop was one of my first zone sensitive plants that stayed for quite a few years and produced sweet little babies for me to plant else where in the garden .. I love it for being so kind and generous to me : )
Last here is a huge potential plant .. very common .. very native ... and very much one of my loves because it hangs in there in a VERY squished space, looking beautiful each Autumn.
It is a butterfly magnet .. along with honey bees and assorted other insects.
Joe Pye is still .... my guy ! ; - )


Darlene said...

Again all I can say is your gardens are GORGEOUS!!!! I just love seeing your pictures at your beautiful place.

Oh, and yes lots of poolside and just trying to stay cool. We hit 106 yesterday with the heat index of 110!!!!! TOO HOT!!!!

Cathy S. said...

Your Garden is looking great Joy! hows the weather been over there? hopefully not too bad, I have been enjoying our weather it has not gone over 80 degrees in 2 weeks. Have a great week!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I love Astilbes...mine didn't bloom this year! :-(

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous shade of pink your astilbe is, Joy! Bubblegum pink! Everything in your garden just looks lovely!

CiNdEe said...

Absolutely awesome! I love your garden(-: Love the sun shining too!

Anonymous said...

Due to my extreme fascination with all things pink, my entire backyard is "girlie." LOL

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darlene girl, thank you so much ! : ) .. I don't know how you survive those temperatures .. I would literally MELT ! ... it wouldn't be a pretty picture at all .. that amazes me !!

Thank you very much Cathy !
It sounds like you have had great weather there .. are you getting any rain at all so you don't have to water (I bet you have a sprinkler system .. right ? LOL)
We have had a lot of sun .. but tomorrow we are supposed to have some rain coming , which we can use ! .. Today I better get out in the garden and get some work done for sure : )

Janet ? my goodness ! I wonder why your astilbe haven't bloomed ? .. have you been fertilizing them ? .. maybe they are thirsty ? .. do they get any sun at all ? .. aren't I nosy ? LOL
It could be any of those things that have made them pout ? LOL

Hi Nancy girl : ) Thank you !... that is a perfect colour description of these ones .. Bubblegum PINK ! I love that ! : )

Cindee .. Mista G says hi : ) .. I love catching the sun in unusual ways .. I wasn't sure how the camera would interpet it but that was pretty great .. thanks girl !

Grace girl .... Pink RULES !!! LOL
I'm glad not to be alone in this issue ? ;-)

Randy said...

Everything seems to be growing so fast in your garden. It seems like just last month there was still snow. It seems like things grow slower down here. Everything looks very pretty!--Randy

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

That astilbe... Jumped straight on my list!

tina said...

Joe Pye is a great guy! I must go check those pockets of potential now. I thought you literally meant my pockets. I've been known to find a few seeds and cuttings in mine:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hellooooooo Randy !
You are so right about what our growing season is like .. such long winters and then POP ! we are head long into hot weather and the jungle is growing .. it can wear you out really fast when it is so intense , so quickly .. a little overwhelming but we love it !

Tatyana girl ... believe me it is on my repeat list too ! I am amazed by it : )

Tina .. I am so guilty of "ragged tissue" and odd assortment of STRANGE things in my pockets .. half the time I forget to empty them, so you know what the laundry can look like with a few shredded tissue ? LOL

Betty said...

What is that plant that is so tall, thick and shaped like a shepherd's crook? Back by the fence.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Betty .. it is a Bittersweet vine growing on the arbor .. very touch as boots vine !