Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Bee Bouquet ?

It all started out yet again with me sneaking down into my own back garden .. in my own scary night wear with the hopes that all those nosy neighbors would still be snoring in bed .. now how long can I hope to keep this up with Autumn kissing us softly ? .. as long as I CAN !!!!
OK .. we all know the object of my complete and total love, beyond my Sumac(s) that is ?
I remembered that I really should cut some flowers so it will encourage the mother plant to set forth more babies for me to love : )
So that is what my mission was this morning ...

My mission went a wee bit more beyond what was called for .. and I had NO idea I was clutching a little bust bee life in the bunch of flowers I had in my hand .. and yet .. I did recall feeling and hearing a funny buzzing noise and sensation ? DUH ???
Don't get me wrong ... this sweet sleepy little fellow didn't do a thing to me, except hold me in awe of it being so good with not stinging me ?
I placed him on the garden table away from the rest of the flowers .. once I realized I had an extra life aside from these gorgeous blooms.
He was snoozing ... and he would snooze for a little while yet. I left him to his sweet little "Bee Dreams" and checked the rest of my crew for any extra passengers ... phew !!
See him up in the corner of the picture ?
You know I have to say it ..... aren't they gorgeous ? and wasn't he a sweet bee ?
So next was the natural solution ....
Where else would they go perfectly but in an "Irish Coffee" glass .. now that is SWEET !! : )

OK ... stop that moaning and groaning ... I can hear you all from HERE !! hehehe


tina said...

Very sweet bee indeed. All I can think is ouch and you were ever so lucky!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

How sweet.

Sheila said...

A lovely early morning treat!

Jill-O said...

Pretty bouquet. And one of my favorite late summer flowers. I brushed by a bush the other morning and took a sleepy bee to work with me in my hair. It took me a while to figure out where the buzzing was coming from.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bouquet and sweet little bee.

Andrea said...

oh Joy! I'm so jealous! You've been posting everyday and enjoying your beautiful garden! I've YET to post anything becasue I've been so busy with modifications on the garden boo!!!!

Im hoping to start posting again today sometime. Hoping lovely!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina girl .. I was so amazed the bee didn't protest more than a bit of buzzing .. I am really lucky is right !!

Hey there Debbie girl .. gives ya' a toothache, right ?? LOL

Hello Sheila .. it was a little amazing, phew !! : )

Jill, my god I would have panicked thinking it was in my hair .. although I have to say .. I'm sure I have had a lot of insect wildlife in my hair anyways .. the garden just does that to you right ?? LOL

Hello Anna .. I do love these flowers .. and thankfully the bee experience was calm ? haha

Andrea girl !! ... Your garden is going to be awesome .. you are going to make me so jealous because I KNOW you are going to have such special plants and an amazing design to it all .. don't worry about the posting .. I'll be taking a time out soon myself .. I'm hoping the rest of the landscaping might actually get done before winter ? jeez !

Gail said...

I think those big bees don't sting~~but their buzzing around our heads is very effective to scare us off. They are quite the hardest working creatures...perhaps Aesop should have written about the Bee and the Grasshopper and not the Ant! The bouquet is beautiful. I must add this flower to the garden. gail

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

What a lovely bouquet! I think that bee just found a great place to rest his head.

Carrie said...

No moaning and groaning from me, that was a beautiful post. Truly, one of my favourites. What a cute little sleepy friend and a goregous bouquet. Only problem I have is, being Irish (Northen Irish) it hurts me to see an Irish Coffee glass used for a non-alcholic reason, shame on you! x

Darlene said...

I would be sneaking into your gorgeous garden all of the time too!!! LOVE it!

Those cut flowers are beautiful and look so lovely in the little glass. I'm glad the bee got its' nap in and flew off to other flowers.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!♥

Anonymous said...

Joy~~ More bird's eye shots of your garden, please! It's fabulous. The bumbles are heavily populating my garden too. I absolutely adore them. Mornings and evenings I can spot them snoozing between flower petals or upon a leafy platform. Fun. Gardening is never dull. Nice bouquet!

Anonymous said...

Those sweet little bees never seem to visit my garden. I have the ones that chase me around like they own the place! I often remind them, out loud, that's it's MY garden, and they wouldn't have any flowers if it wasn't for me. I don't think they are listening. Sorry, no good sunsets lately. Not a cloud in the sky, so it just goes straight down without any fanfare. You know I don't want summer to end, no matter how much you love fall!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail you have to have this flower .. no question about it girl ! It would be a beauty in your garden for sure : )
I think you are right about switching characters in the fable .. bees are much harder working with all the flying they have to do ! I have been lucky for many a year with not being stung .. much to my own stupidity mind you ? haha .. they are amazing little creatures : )

Janet he/she .. must be a she, right ? .. was so docile I can hardly believe I had it in my hand so close .. phew !! : )

Carrie girl you can moan and groan all you want, not problem ! get it out of your system !! LOL
You know .. I did pause and think about you when I picked this little glass out .. it did make me wonder if you would make a comment about the lack of "spirit" ?? LOL
I'm with you on that one !! : )

Darlene ! I have to get over to your place and see what you are up to again : ) I bought a craft/cooking magazine for Halloween .. i chuckled all the time looking at it because I just know how hard you work at all of your fabulous touches for my favorite season : )

Hi Grace .. Thank you ! ..
My garden is really not up to speed .. I have yet to hear from the landscaping crew about getting major work done .. so in the mean time it sits in such disrepair if I look to long at it I might just run screaming into the house ? LOL

Robin .. it is the same here .. not enough cloud or then too much cloud like this morning .. I can't get a good sunrise in so long now it is driving me crazy ..
I run like an idiot when I see a bee look at me too long ? You would think they would "be" a little grateful with all the plants we put in our gardens for THEM ? LOL
Hey .. I will convert you quietly ? LOLOLOL

Carrie said...

Next time I shall allow the Irish coffee glass to be used but only if the flowers are put in poteen (vodka) or something instead of water! xxx Going off on hols but taking laptop with me so hopefully I can keep up. 'Lack of Spirit', hahahahahaha, love it!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl .. maybe a touch of vodka will keep the flowers happy and smiling at me longer ? BRILLIANT idea : )
Hope you have a really nice time on holidays girl .. take pictures ? and most important ... ENJOY yourself : )

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your photos, and enjoyed seeing your back yard. I don't remember if you read my recent post about noticing bees sleeping on flowers this year. I still love your heleniums. I should cut some of my yellow ones, that are blooming later than my other 2 different colored clumps.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sue ! and thank you so much : ) YES ! The sleeping bees thing : ) isn't that funny ? I guess they are so full of pollen and nectar they can't help themselves ? LOL
I love this helenium .. I am going to be on a push next year to gather more up and have a dedicated space for them : ) Pinching back all the way to end June or early July will make them bloom later and have more of a sturdy stalk so they don't fall over .. it works a treat for me !

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I normally cut mine back a time or 2, but this year, didn't get that done, so they bloomed earlier. The ones by the house got quite tall, maybe because the plants I put in near them last year get tall, and they were trying to keep up to make sure they were getting light. One of them I just planted this summer, and it was already in bud, so I couldn't bear to cut it back at that point. I didn't know about continued pinching, though. I'll have to try that.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Sue .. I know what you mean about not being able to cut back a flower that is trying so hard to bud out .. I find that hard too !
There is a book by Tracy DiSabato she is called the "deadheading queen" .. but it is a working manual of what to do with specific perennials in your garden .. I think that is where I caught on to some continuous pinching back to make it last as long as possible for Autumn with these flowers.
It is a great resource book on general maintenance .. if you get a chance to read it it is very helpful !

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I have both the original and expanded edition of Tracy's book, and her book on mixed plantings. I haven't been able to find them this summer, even though I hunted several times. I love her books. I've heard this summer that she has a new one coming soon, but I forgot to check. Do we have a theme of my scatterbrainedness going? (There is a big red line under that word, but I'm using it anyway.) ;o)

Maybe when I retire or reduce my working hours in 8 years, I'll get more organized.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sue .. I don't work do to chronic illnesses .. but I am a bit OCD .. and organization is something I so want to have .. but since I have been sick it has slipped away .. so I am in your club girl : )
I would love to have a new book by Tracy .. maybe for my birthday I might go hunting that down !
I just edited some morning cloud shots .. it took me so long .. now I'm too tired to gather a post together .. but I will perhaps tomorrow .. the sky was amazing and so beautiful .. so quiet .. just me on the deck admiring it, taking a zillion photos .. it was almost like the sky was entirely MINE : )