Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Whimsy Wordy Wednesday ???

This is my Toad Lily .. and no matter how leggy it has been ... it is a beauty : )
I still can't get over how delicate and detailed it is and yet survives our nasty winters to bloom each Autumn .. hell, it out right GRINS at me !!
This is another of the Morden rose cultivars .. I have been so mean to it .. aphids have been rampant so instead of using chemicals I cut it back rather drastically and yet it also blooms in-between the times it can race past me with a bud before the pruners are at it again ?
A long shot over a week ago I think .. on a dull gray day .. makes for dull gray pictures really ...
But I think you get the idea of full borders ? wink wink
I have been playing with plantings ( sounds like the title of a good garden book to me .. I copyright that title everyone !!) .. by my playhouse aka the "shed" .. ornamental grasses, a huechera or two ? ferns of course and some iris .. I'm looking forward to Spring already ?
Shake those rattles ... you are getting blacker and blacker .. just right for Halloween !!
For friends on the east coast .. where my "sea heart" is .. a lobster trap from Louisbourg and an echinacea to keep it company : )
Dill dill dill ... no other words necessary ??? except look at those little suckers !!
No wonder they are called "fairy bells" aka coral bells aka Pinot Gris Heuchera flowers ... aahhh !
Cityline ... it has gotten my attention and the front one will be moved to the "front" of Quick Fire so it can be seen .. there is a pecking order to these hydrangea, I am finding out ;-)
The pink is almost neon ... peeking through fingers to admire it ??
I haven't seen any other gardeners talk about Sparkler echinacea .. it is one of my long time favorites .. I hope there are others out there ? some where ??
Last one of my Japanese Painted ferns with a few Mountain Ash berries askew on its foliage .. could this be a better segue (special use of foriegn sounding descriptive word .. now if I was only sure it translates what I am thinking ?) into "Autumn" ... stop hissing and booing you guys ;-)


Phillip Oliver said...

Everything looks wonderful. Love the toad lily, it is very pretty. How early is your first frost (and forgive me for bringing that up!, LOL)

tina said...

In Maine on the coast where I grew up you can't hardly find any solid wood lobster traps anymore. Everything is plastic and it just isn't the same. So nice to see one!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

toad lilies make me smile. It is like they are having a party and getting all decorated!

Town Mouse said...

Love that Toad Lily! Amazing, such a beauty.

Urban Green said...

You have some really nice ferns..! Glad to visit your blog. Will see you around...

gittan said...

Oh, Joy, I love the way your flowerbeds are looking in that picture! I looks so good!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Phillip ! I never mind talking frost dates actually .. it puts the season in a bit of perspective for me ? LOL I think about October 10th has been the projected date. Which will bring the trees into perfect pitch with Autumn colouring and I really hope some great pictures to share with you guys : )

Tina I spent a good chunk of my early childhood on the sea coast and I loved it .. we were lucky to go back and visit when we were stationed in N.S.
It was amazing to go back as an adult .. and the lobster traps were just sitting on the side walk outside of a shop .. now how funny is that ? .. ugh !! plastic

Janet girl ! that is how I look at them too .. full of glorious makeup ready to rock !: )

Hello Urban Green : ) Thank you for stopping by ! I will be checking out you blog too : )

Hello gittan and thank you girl ! I have to have a peek at what you are up to way over yonder : )

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Town Mouse .. I'm sorry girl I didn't see you there with the first round of comments ! oops !
Yes : ) the Toad Lily is always such a beautiful surprise isn't she ? : )

Rose said...

LOL, I've never participated in Wordless Wednesday, but "Wordy Wednesday" I could do:) Your garden is looking beautiful and all ready for fall. The Helenium in your earlier posts is just gorgeous; I may have to put that on my plant "wish list", too. And it was good to see the girls again--what is it with cats and boxes?? They are Toby's favorite toy, too.

Pat said...

Wooo hooo !!!
That's some full garden beds,just the way I like it.
Looking so good Joy.
I want that lobster trap...very cool and rustic.
Hmmm... DH wants to take me to a garden accent shop for one of my
B day presents.
Giving me ideas....

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl .. Thank you !
I thought a few bloggers would have a laugh at the "wordy" thing ? haha ..this helenium is one gorgeous cultivar .. I want to add more and make it a collection of them which would seem perfect for me since I am an Autumn kind of gal ? : )
Boxes .. were made .. for ... CATS !

Patsi !! when is your birthday ? you are earlier than a Libra (which is me) .. my god , how many things can I list for you to ask for without it being over the top ?
Get some frogs for one thing .. natural looking plaster that looks like rock .. get some real rocks for accents .. get some garden stakes that have glass accents that glitter in the sun .. this could be a LONG list ?? ;-)

Frances said...

No booing or hissing here, Joy! We love autumn and the changes it brings. Can't live without it in fact. When we lived where there was barely a change of seasons, it just didn't seem right. You grow the most beautiful hydrangeas, and everything else!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Hiya Joy! Your photos are beautiful as always. I wanted to pop in and say hello! I'll be working on an email for you soon. I'm glad to be 'back in Canada'...har har har...

I also brought my father-in-law back with me; he'll be visiting with us until about Sunday. He loves it here! The man obviously has good taste...har har har...

Pat said...

Joy, Joy ,Joy !!!
Guess what?
You know Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) well he'll be at one of Atlantic City's Casino clubs on Sept 5. If I can get off of work...would love to meet him.
Wanna come ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ Yes "segue" is the correct word. I use "morph" a lot too. [I'm an incurable wordsmith.] I'd like to see more photos of the lobster trap, if it's possible. It's very cool. Love your photos.

Gail said...

Your garden always look good! You know that I think you are the Queen of Vignettes! Now Queen Joy, can you tell me why my Toad lily has no buds! None! Such a disappointment~it didn't die, but it didn't anything!

I've been looking at the Halloween decorations....the porch will need a few! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Frances thank you so much girl : )
I can't imagine living some where when the seasons don't change drastically (I am a true Great White North kind of gal ?) haha.
Although come to think of it .. living in Holland was rather like that .. rain for the Autumn/winter months with a shock of snow the first two years .. no colour for Fall though .. sigh !
Ontario makes up for it though : )

Martha : ) glad you brought your father-in-law so he can drive all of the crew back there crazy with how fantastic Kingston is ? hehehe
No worries on the e-mail .. having a guest is work even if they are nice ! wink wink : )

OMG PATSI !!!!!! it is going to kill me knowing that girl .. I so wish !! You have to get a picture with him !! PLEASE !! .. now if "Eric" was there .. I would be beside myself .. you are so damn LUCKY girl !!!!

Hi Grace .. morph is one I like too : ) words that set a picture in your mind's eye are great fun : )
Certainly girl ! I will make a special shoot of it .. after Tina said there are so few wooden ones now .. it is my baby from a tiny place I spent some childhood years that were very important to me : )

Gail girl .. "Queen for a day " am I ? LOL .. What type of Toad Lily is it ? and how old is it ?
I am curious too .. perhaps it dried out a few times too many ? heaven knows it can happen here but it is in a "morning sun" light afternoon shade area, I find that is usually the best.
I might just have a "hunt for Halloween" day today ? now that will cheer me UP ! : )

Racquel said...

Love the lobster trap turned garden ornament. :) I'll have to go take a peek at my Toadlillies to see if I have blooms yet. Thanks for reminding me Joy. ;) Your garden looks very lush & full for late summer.

Kathleen said...

Hi Joy.
I keep hopping over to your blog hoping for a 'Maypop' flower! Your garden is producing many beautiful blooms even tho I don't see what I'm looking for! That pink sparkler echinacea is pretty ~ I don't have it. lol on copyrighting "playing with plantings!" That's a good one alright. Even tho I am a Halloween lover too, I want Autumn to take it's time arriving.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Racquel girl and thank you ! : ) .. check on your Toad Lily, it might just have a nice surprise for you !Now that I know how rare wooden lobster traps are .. and this one being special as it is anyways .. I better think about preserving the wood with some colourless stain or something ! LOL

Kathleen girl .. I have never had a plant produce ONE bloom and then nothing .. it is either all or nothing for me usually .. so I don't know what is going on with the Maypop .. but I have never had this one before so what is normal I'm not sure ? Believe me .. if there is a picture of a bloom , I will let you know straight away !
I haven't seen Sparkler offered at the garden centers for a couple of years now .. I guess with all the new cultivars , perhaps they can't be bothered ? DRATS !! if you were closer and on the right side of the border I would try a split for you ? Aren't I a TEASE ?? LOL

Corner Gardener Sue said...

My daughter and I enjoyed your yard and blooms. That lobster trap is cool!

I don't know if you subscribed to the follow up comments on my critter post, so I'll tell you here, too, that the flower the bee was on is one of the cockscombs I planted from seeds my neighbor gave me.

(I'm still not excited about fall being on its way.)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sue girl .. give it up ! You are going to enjoy Autumn eventually ? LOL
I'm so glad you and your daughter enjoy the photos : ) I have to display my lobster trap better than the poor thing is placed now.
Ah !! that is what the flower is !
That was such a great shot girl : )