Saturday, 29 August 2009

Colours of Cats, and Clouds, and what the heck ?

A couple of mornings ago ..... while the girls were sleeping (or should I say SNORING?)
The first crisp morning happened .. quietly .. without a big bang.
The day progress to one that I could actually do some work in the garden : )
Subtle hues of violet , pinks, peaches ? blues ? ...
I caught the sun in a glitter mood .. points of light were just plain gorgeous !
Then an amazing blue sky with a few wifts ? or waffty ? feathered ? clouds
The next morning of the 28th .. was much more dramatic ...
Where the sun was rising kept growing in intensity against the dark morning sky ..

Can you see what I mean ?

Clouds patterns reminded my of perhaps an artist getting fed up and stroking the clouds out faster to get it done and over with ?
But then .. my "Monet" moment happened .. catching it on a picture is so satisfying : )
Do you see it ?
Finally specks of birds take off in the horizon .. little freckles in the sky is what it looks like.

So .. what about plants right ? .. Well .. I went rummaging and found a few fairly decent left overs .. like "Little Joe Pye Weed" x two .. I just couldn't help myself .. a back up plant is always a good idea .. and Little Joe can take some shade : ) .. Hicote Pink Lavender .. it is that "pink" thing again .. I couldn't help that either ;-) Mouse Ear Gypsophila .. go on .. it WAS because it said MOUSE EAR .. BIG sigh ! .. Orchid Frost Lamium .. beautiful !!! who could turn that one down ? ... then a bulb attack happened yesterday while picking up a few groceries .. Dutch bulbs on the sly .. meaning cheap .. 4 allium .. looking "Purple Sensation" perhaps ? .. well 4 for $2 ?? there were only 2 packs left so I GRABBED them ... now if only the landscaping guys would call so I could get going here ???

That first day back in the garden almost did me in .. but the level of relief and satisfaction that I could actually dig in and do something constructive again .. well the relief was spectacular if short lived .. I did hear and see the wonderful "V" of Canada Geese headed south .. stop the hissing and booing again will 'ya ?? :-)

Halloween is COMING !!!! hehehehehe ;-)


donna said...

You have both beautiful cats and beautiful skies/clouds. I dearly luv the sound and sight of the Canada Geese as they fly over on their way south.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Donna .. the girls and I say "thank you!" .. there is something very profound when you see the geese fly by .. such a significant point for the changing of seasons isn't it ? .. I love the Autumn : )

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Wow, wow, wow! I used my "control" "+" several times to enlarge the photos. What beautiful skies you captured!

My daughter is here, and liked them, too, and she said your cats are cute.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Gorgeous sky photos Joy. These cooler nights and mornings have been wonderful. I love to have all the windows open and the breeze coming in.

CiNdEe said...

Catching up! My internet has been down for two weeks and I have had to dial about slow. I can't view the blogs or anything. ITs making me nuts!!!!! Think we figured out the problem so hopefully will be back in business soon!!!!! Hope all is well there!!!!
Your flowers all look so beautiful and the girls look lovely too!!!

Muhammad khabbab said...

beautiful clouds. cats are not bad either :P

Anonymous said...

WoW...simply beautifully captured shot...lovely!

gittan said...

Lovely skie pictures. You have made me catch more of them with my camera to. But I haven't had time to use them in my blog. So many plants you've bought, where are you going to put them?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Sue ... hi again ! LOL .. Yes, I mean to say "click" on the photos and they should enlarge for you .. those two mornings were beautiful .. and more to comb with the season changing .. I love my red mornings so much : ).. The one thing I am not crazy about is that it is so dark so late in the mornings of winter .. that I could do without ! LOL

Linda .. I am so with you on that point .. we have been turning off the air unit (although it helps with the allergies here) and letting that wonderful breeze go through the house .. fingers crossed it will be w gorgeous Autumn with cool dry weather that is great for pictures ! : )

Cindee girl ! I was wondering what happened but I didn't want to hassle you about it .. I know we have all had our share of being sick these past few weeks .. dial up must have driven you batty ? LOL I know I would be nuts too. Just the other morning I said something about Mista G ! LOL

Hello there Muhammad .. the girls thank you and the clouds are free? LOL

Thank you flyingstars .. it was great seeing some colour to the sky now : )

Thank you gittan girl ! .. That is a very good question .. where the heck am I putting these plants is RIGHT !!!! LOL

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

You are right, you did have a Monet moment! Those sky shots are amazing. Hard to believe cooler weather in on its way.

D said...

Absolutely stunning sky photos, and your cats clearly do not seem relaxed enough. lol They are beautiful.

Racquel said...

Those cats look mighty cozy, no wonder their snoring. ;) Your skies are glorious right now. I don't think we get sunrises like that in my neck of the woods. The Monet Moment was spectacular, took my breath away. Looks like you've found some great new plants to add to your garden. Can't wait to see them in all their glory (next season?). :)

tina said...

I cannot remember a better summer here in the south and we too are finally feeling some relief. It feels good! I think your sky pictures are the best.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Beautiful, beautiful skies Joy. I think the world may be prettiest where you live! :)
I love fall--and Halloween. I am getting the "fall box" out next weekend!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Janet and YES ! it was so spectacular I held my breath when I was taking the pictures .. I love the cooler mornings so much : ) it is such a relief !!

Di girl .. Emma and Sophie can look so relaxed on MY bed you would laugh .. how I can squeeze myself in there some times .. well it is an art ! ;-) hehehe

Racquel girl .. I'm not sure where I am shoe horning those plants in but the mission will be completed ! LOL .. Yes .. the girls are just too comfortable aren't they ? .. I love those striking mornings .. I can't describe how they make me feel : )

Thank you so much Tina .. I am a sky fanatic indeed .. this was a nicely done season .. enough rain so I didn't have to drag the hose around .. I am so grateful ! : )

Hello there Linda girl ! YES ! I am hunting for Halloween things still .. it is my most favorite time of the year : ) I have to admit my morning sky makes up for not seeing sunsets and twilight the way I would like to ? LOL

wiseacre said...

I should get a sunrise photo just to shock you. My world has turned upside down and I've been getting up before daylight the last couple of weeks.

What was it? I couldn't see it, the clouds were in the way.

Gail said...

I am so glad the morning sunrise is back~ love your posts and photos of them~~Since all the trees block our sun until 11 am...yours is my morning sunrise! The girls are adorable~~Coal snores, too!

So glad you found a few great bargains....they always make up for over spending on other plants!


Frances said...

Hi Joy, it sounds like such a glorious day, beautiful skies, nice weather, gardening and plant purchases. The Joe Pyes are such a nice lot, there is always room for more. I am excited as the signs of fall come along too. I wonder how long it will take the geese to get from there to here? :-)

Town Mouse said...

Amazing photos! Just beautiful, thanks for sharing.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Mr. WiseA** are you sure you are on the right blog ? .. I haven't seen YOU in months and months and months ! I some how had it in my head you were actually an early riser .. so be it ? My HEX did work after all ... COOL !! LOL
Only special people see "it" ;-)

Hello there Gail girl .. I was hoping to see another one this morning but the sky is too clear .. the absence of clouds means no reflection of the sun .. but it is going to be a great semi Autumn day ? .. does Cole know he snores ? LOL .. I fell in love with the small and too cute version of Little Joe Pye weed : )

Frances girl .. I think our geese have you guys on speed dial for their GPS flight indicator ? LOL
A HUGE YES !! to loving every bit of Autumn I can squeeze in : )

Hello there Town Mouse : )
Thank you girl ! .. more to come , no problem ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you did capture it perfectly and kitties look comfy indeed.

Rose said...

Joy, you have the most beautiful skies where you live! Of course, maybe if I would get up a little earlier, I might manage to see something other than blue, too:) It's hard to pass up a bargain; I'd love to find some alliums for that price! That is definitely one bulb (well, more than one, of course) I'm adding to the garden this fall.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Wow, Lucky you Joy, to have had good weather this weekend (obviously). It rained both days in Owen Sound this weekend, and my poor niece was getting married outside Saturday evening. The rain stopped at 5:00 and held off till 7:30, luckily the ceremony was at 6:30, so finished in time.
I am very jealous, I never had a chance to shop (much family this weekend). The alliums were a score, I shall have a look and see if there is any bargins up here.

Sunita Mohan said...

Purrr-fectly gorrr-geous! if that's the effect Halloween has on the sky, mmmhmm... I cant wait for more!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Anna .. the girls make themselves comfortable no matter where they decide to flop ? The nature of cats? LOL : )

Rose girl .. I'm just lucky to be a morning person, well .. most times ? LOL
I have an order into a plant place in our Maritimes .. P.E.I. in fact , Vesey .. a great company. I have a good little group of bulbs coming but these allium are one of our favorites and I just know a larger areas of them will look great ! : )

Hello there Deborah ! .. We had showers on Sunday which was great to keep the garden fresh .. lots of sunny days this week though .. gotta' love that : ) Your niece was lucky to get the important bit done outside ? : ) It was a fluke I saw these and you don't pass up flukes ? LOL

Hello Sunita girl .. skies this time of year are beginning to look amazing .. I have missed them myself : ) More to come girl !!

Lynn said...

That sky is just so dramatic, I love your sky pictures. Your cats look as bad as my dogs lounging everywhere around the house. My 2 tiny ones love the baywindow in the sunshine in the mornings...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Lynn ! Thank you girl !
They do seem to take over the house, don't they ? The girls love the deck door when the sun is shining through .. they lounge BIG time then ! LOL