Friday, 21 August 2009

A Bit O'Hallween and the Girls

The "prize" after the stand off with the OTHER Halloween (there were more but it was an eyeball to eyeball contest with one ?) .. I wish I could have a scratch and smell spot on here for you to know how WONDERFUL this smells : )
Just like Autumn's best aromas .. it makes my toes tingle ... hem ? was I thinking that or did I say that out loud ... oops !
These seem small in the picture. The fridge top is a great place to start all my nonsense ! .. there are sparkles ingrained with the black paint, but aren't showing up as well as it should.
The little terra cotta ? pumpkins are ones I found in Holland .. I had them in the vicinity so I thought .. what the heck I'll put them there.
I'm trying very hard to just hold back and start with a few pieces at a time .. each week ?
There is orange paint on the inside of the frame so it shows black and orange as the reverse inside ? it is so pretty in person ? .. it is hard seeing it in the picture the right way ...
Isn't she great ?? .. I had black sparklies on my arms from hugging her so hard in the store .. I had a doctor appointment afterwards .. I wonder what he thought I was doing ?? hehehe
Now for the girls ..
We all know what a "cat in the box" is like .. they LOVE the box MORE , no matter what was in it ;-)
Emma thinking .. "can you see me now ??" do my eyes look lovely against the beige brown of the cardboard ??
"wait a minute .... there are instructions here .."how to control your human's mind in three easy steps" .. I will dominate the world soon .. after I figure out the instructions !!" .... Eyes getting bigger and bigger : )
Sophie in the mean time ... "did you mention supper ???"
" if I switch sides I am laying on, does that count as exercise ?"
"Okay .. if I can't eat this minute .... I am going to suck my paw ... so THERE !!"
Yes .. the crazy season is just beginning .......... yippppeeeeee !!!


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I love the black pumpkin with the orange inside Joy. How did you survive the storm. We had tornado watch, terrific lightening and thunder and some rain. But we lost our internet connection till just about 5:30 pm today!! Yikes, I almost needed a doctor for withdrawal symptoms. Now the skies are clear with those white fluffy clouds.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

I love Halloween too. It is fabulous in Kingston, as it has real ghosts. Have you heard about the one that haunts Chez Piggy's basement? When my nephew was 8, we took him on the Haunted Walk. At first he was, oh this won't be as scary as Friday the 13th, but by the end, he wasn't as brave.
Enjoy the day!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda .. that was some wicked weather south of us .. so glad we didn't have any tornadoes touch down here or there where you are !
There was a weather warning alert but husband said he was not going to wake me or number one son up unless he HAD to ? LOL
OMG .. I would need "help" too if we lost our internet. I'm glad I slept through the major part of the storm .. yikes !!

Hello Deborah ! I just stopped by quickly on your blog and left a comment too : )
YES !! Kingston is a good Halloween town .. one year I took pictures up at the Cataraqui Cemetery with its beautiful gardens in the Autumn .. and some pictures were very odd with white mists .. naturally the pictures were stored on the hard drive that crashed a few years ago .. Yes I think I heard about something with Chez Piggy .. but I can't remember what the story was about .. I always wondered about the Haunted Walk ! LOL

Darlene said...

Oh Joy I would LOVE that orange cinnamon diffuser. It SOUNDS like it SMELLS delightful!!! Love the black/orange pumpkin and witch and the terra cotta pumpkins! Too CUTE!!

I always love seeing Emma and Sophie. A box is ALWAYS a great thing for a cat isn't it!?!?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darlene wouldn't it be great if we would get that much enjoyment out of an empty box too ? LOL
I really love the bits and pieces I found .. so far ?? .. meaning this adventure will surely continue until the fridge top, topples over unto other kitchen surfaces ?? hehehe

Gail said...

I can't see Halloween items without thinking about your love of the holiday! ...and you know that Halloween stuff is everywhere these days. If I had the storage space I'm sure some would come home with me! Your new goodies are terrific...lots of fun. It would have been fun to see the doctor's reaction to your sparkles! The girls look great! Gail

Anonymous said...

Oh Joy, I know how happy it makes you to know that Halloween and fall are coming. I am really quite enamored of fall, but I am a bit leary of it too. I think fall just tries to ease us into winter without noticing. I will not be fooled! Winter must go!

Sunita Mohan said...

I've been reading about Halloween ever since I was a little girl and it always sounded rather magical. A little spooky but very magical. I remember wishing we had something like that here in India. We have our festival season (yes, we have a season just for that! )coming up but there's nothing deliciously spooky which can thrill a little kid's heart :D
You girls are adorable! I think Emma really can get her way anytime she wants just by making those big, cute eyes at you.
And Sophie is a cat? She sounds just like me... or wait, am I a cat?

Racquel said...

You have some wonderful new additions to celebrate your favorite holiday. :) Those cats of yours are a hoot! ;) My 'Mooch' loves boxes as well as empty duffle bags. lol

CiNdEe said...

You are so funny! Its not even September!!!!(-: I have been thinking the same thing all week! Since school started it just seems like fall to me! I can't wait to get in the shed and get my stuff all out !!!
I love your decorations. The witch is my favorite(-:

Linda Lunda said...

Your kitties are so lovely!
I´v loost one of my cats yesterday.....
I have to take him away :o(!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Gail girl !
I have a Halloween candle collection from years and years ago .. I will have to drag some boxes out of our storage area and try to see if I can find them : )
I revert totally to KID mode when in the midst of Halloween decorations .. especially the retro 30's 40's style.. I love it !
The girls send greetings to Cole of course too !! : )

Robin .. girl I feel guilty for rushing Autumn a bit .. I too would rather have winter as short as possible .. but I can't put Autumn off much longer ? I am in need of it ;-) .. but .. fingers crossed this winter won't be so bad perhaps .. short and sweet hopefully ? : )

Sunita .. I have just finished watching a series on India (actually for the third time .. I really enjoyed it) presented by a comedian/actor who is in the UK but his family came from northern India .. your country is so fascinating .. so many traditions and yes festivals !
Halloween is magical and a little scary (I never watch the stupid modern movies that are gory slash & trash movies is what I call them) .. but YES !!! to the vintage ones with Boris Karloff "The Mummy" and the original "Frankenstein" ones.
The girls have worked their wiles on us many a time to get their way .. and yes ! I wonder if I am a cat too ? LOL

Thank you Racquel ! and suitcases that are about to be packed or unpacked ? they LOVE them too !!
I love the hunt for new additions to my Halloween collections .. it is almost as thrilling as plant hunting for the garden come Spring .. but at least I research that .. this is totally on the impulse ;-) LOL

Hey Cindee girl ! This was the first time anyone can remember school starting BEFORE the long Labor Day weekend .. it just fell that way on the calender that way ?
I do love these pieces .. but I have to dig out my older ones too so I don't go nuts buying too many ?? LOL .. that witch is great eh ? : )

Linda ... I am so sorry about your kitty .. it breaks our hearts when this happens .. it is a long process to work out this type of grief for loosing a beloved little furry soul. I'm so sorry.

Jill-O said...

I always enjoy your cat stories. You can totally see that Emma is posing for the camera. I love a cat with an attitude, but really, Sophie is a kitty after my own heart.

Anonymous said...

Love your witchy girl!
And of course your wondrous cats.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jill girl !
The girls thank you ^..^ ^..^
Yes Emma gets serious when it is her photo shoot ? and Sophie is just plain SOPHIE ! haha : )
I never met a cat that doesn't have some sort of attitude ? LOL

knittnkitten gal ! How are you ?
The girls have quite a fan club going here : )
I am lovin' my witch too and can't wait to add to her ? LOL

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

So if I scratch the screen I won't be able to sniff the lovely scent? Darn... :)

Joy, those are such cool goodies! And your girls are adorable as always. Makes me want to reach through the screen and tickle their bellies! LOL...

P.S - How are you doing? I hope you are feeling much better!

tina said...

Those kitties are so cute and adorable!

donna said...

This post has me thinking that I should NOT have thrown away that 15% off coupon from Halloween Express! MY darling daughter-in-law and my grandson are Halloween crazy. How I luv seeing the photos of your darling cats.

Kathleen said...

Those girls are too adorable Joy. They have to help perk you up with their antics? I'm sorry you missed the Maypop flower (or taking a pic of it) ~ hopefully there will be more??? I can't imagine it growing like it has then not producing any flowers. That would be crazy.
I'm getting very excited for Halloween too. We love to decorate. In fact I bought two 8' columns this year that are scheduled to be installed on our stairwell railing just so I could wrap garlands & lights around them for the holidays (Halloween and Christmas)! I'm trying to hold off until Sept to get out my Fall decorations but it's hard. I did buy an "Autumn Wreath" candle at Yankee Candle last week because I just couldn't stand not to! Your new additions are great. I'm glad you outsmarted the other Halloween fanatics and got what you wanted. :-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Martha girl .. Have you been to Home Sense to peek in at the goodies yet ? .. I know you must be very busy getting your daughter ready for her new school .. I hope everything goes smoothly for her : )
I'll feel better emotionally once the CT scan is done and they know what has happened from that .. I'm trying very hard to feel better : )

Tina .. I read the comments looking at this adorable canine of yours in the picture .. and some how .. it is just too funny ? LOL

Donna girl .. the girls love having fans ^..^ ^..^
Never throw away Halloween coupons girl !!! LOL .. You never know when you really need them ;-)

Hey Kathleen ..
YES ! the girls are a very cute distraction with their ploys for attention : )
I'm going to try and get a picture that really shows how much the Maypop has grown through the last of the season .. I am surprised myself girl : )
Wow !! Make sure you take pictures of those decorations : ) I love seeing what other people have done for the seasons .. but of course Halloween is the best : )
I love the scents for Autumn with candles, oil sticks etc .. and I think I will finally have an Autumn wreath on the front door this time too : )

Dave@The Home Garden said...

Beautiful cats! It's too early to think Halloween for me!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Dave ... it is never too early for Halloween !!!!
The girls enjoy all of the fan club attention , so thank you !!