Thursday, 20 August 2009

Halloween is hitting less than 70 DAYS AWAY

Halloween is coming, are you getting ready ? ..
Yes, I know .. this has absolutely nothing to do with gardening .. I know ..
But yesterday I needed a "cheer-me-up" episode .. so .. I got a couple of Halloween pieces at my favorite store .. along with scented oil/sticks (citrus/pumpkin) aroma .. smelled divine, on the "smell-me-patch" of the box ... I grabbed it before the other Halloween fanatic (yes there were "OTHERS") in the store with me .. got to it !
She had her cart jammed sideways in the aisle where the good things were .. but I out smarted her on the scented oil thing .. BIG sigh of satisfaction : )

OK ... I'm rambling here .. but ... tomorrow if I can pick myself up off the floor .. (still not great)

I will take a couple of pictures of my goodies ... I have also threatened to start decorating the kitchen .. the hub of the home .. so we can all appreciate my enthusiasm and holiday (yes .. it is a holiday in my mind) SPIRIT !!!!!


Frances said...

Oh Joy, you are too funny with this story! So glad you outsmarted the aisle plug for the scented oil! HA I love Hallowe'en too, maybe not as much as you, but love it just the same. Your helenium is wonderful too. I planted a mixed packet of seeds of these and each one was different in the coloration. Some reds, yellows and mixes like the one you show. Most stand up fairly well, but have some grasses to kind of lean on. That helps without having to stake them. Light support, too funny! :-)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I'll be counting down with you as "Little Pumpkin" arrives around that time too.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I enjoy a good Halloween but I think you are THE Halloween Queen.

Jill-O said...

70 days?! That can't be right. Are you sure? Time is slipping away too quickly for my tastes.

Anonymous said...

Joy! Stop it! :) Next we'll be having the countdown to Christmas! Hee. I hope you feel better.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hey girl. You need to check out the etsy sight Haut Totes. She has some Halloween themed bags you might love. I am being a good friend. I am not enabling;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes! show me your goodies. I saw some great pumpkins this week and thought of you. I'll be back for the goodies.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Frances girl .. it was so SATISFYING with a BIG "S" ! hehehe
Those seeds sound great : ) maybe it is the "red & gold" mixture strain .. they are so darn pretty !
That is perfect to have the grass for support too .. you had your thinking cap on girl : )
Yes .. I think we should have that support group to bounce ideas back and forth (some what like light ?)LOL

Linda that would be absolutely PERFECT for "Little Pumpkin" to arrive on the same day ! Fingers crossed for a quick easy labor and a fantastic birthday : )

Janet, girl I am very happy you are a Halloween fan too .. but some of the other bloggers like Darlene from "Darlene's Days" and Cindee from "Cindee's Garden" and Anna from "flowergardengirl" do a heck of a job with decorating .. lots of others really get in the holiday "SPIRIT" :-) hehehe

Jill .. I never joke about the Halloween count down girl .. I'm "DEAD" serious on that front!!
;-) .. its coming !!

Thank you Nancy girl : ) I hope "Bill" doesn't pack too much of a punch there with the weather .. we were very lucky in Kingston not to have tornado action but more south of us suffered from the horrendous severe weather. Hubby saw the warning from the weather channel to go to the basement but we were all snoring by then .. Kingston has a sort of weird "bubble" over it thankfully !

Debbie girl .. I would never brand you as an enabler .. just a GOOD friend who is VERY supportive over my Halloween problem ? hehehe
I will most certainly check out that site .. thank you for letting me know !!

Anna girl .. hope things have settled down after the son's accident. I was so sorry to hear about that. AND a BIG YES ! to setting up a little Halloween theme later today for a picture of my goodies : ) I know you decorate wonderfully for Autumn and Halloween especially !

Randy said...

You are just like a kid in a candy store! LOL--Randy

tina said...

It is HARD to believe Halloween is SO close!!

Darlene said...

Hi Joy,

I am right with you on getting EXCITED about getting all my Halloween decorations out!!!! Oh, and I am SO glad you grabbed that scented oil before that OTHER fanatic did!!!!!

Obviously, you can tell with my post today where my mind is!!!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!♥

RURAL magazine said...

Quick run to your nearest Michael's they have Halloween stuff. And I think that the aisles are wider. Giggle.

Way to go girl.


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Halloween so soon, sheesh! I haven't even given it a thought. It sure does give you a feeling of satisfaction to whip something good from under the nose of another "frantic' shopper. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I was looking as some cute garden plaques going for just $1 each on sale. A woman next to me was admiring them so I started picking up as many as I could hold, she did the same. I mentioned to her how cute they were and she said she was buying them for gifts. I wanted them for myself to decorate my garden and was very slightly miffed that we both had one each of every design but she had the only two of one particular design. Oh well! you can't win them all. *chuckle*

Carrie said...

You know I think I may celebrate Halloween this year, just because of you. Your love for it is infectious. I have been trying to get the Eden lottie folk into the idea of an Autumn gathering, apple dunking and blessing the apple trees etc, all with a small bonfire or all our wood stoves gathered together. The chairman likes the idea, now I just need someone else to organise it!
Love the way you named him 'little count', I still think he's so cute.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Randy .. does that mean I would embarrass you in the Halloween isle ?? That you wouldn't go shopping with me ??
You are SO RIGHT !! I am a BIG KID !!! hehehehe

Tina girl .. it will sneak right up on you if I didn't remind you constantly .. this way you will be prepared ? wink wink !!

Dear Darlene : ) I can't wait to see your decorations girl !! You have some terribly cute ones I remember from last year .. and they just keep getting better !!
Glad your little poodle girl is getting better from her operations : ) .. they tug at our hearts terribly when they are ill, don't they ;-)

Jen .. if I hadn't been a wee bit too tired (mainly from the stand off with the "other fanatic") I would have dropped by Michael's too ! .. yes .. their "paths" are wider ... LOL !!

Keewee girl .. have I bumped into YOU shopping ?? LOL .. I get that way come March with garden art at the same store .. you can see the hard core "frantic" shoppers because they keep circling the same areas .. that is too cute about the garden signs : ) COOL !

Carrie girl, that is such a great happy picture of you ! It is a keeper : )
I am so glad to convert another Halloween fan .. all in the name of good fun and frivolity !!
I really love your idea of an Autumn party at the lottie .. that would be perfect .. I would pull up a garden chair .. have a BIG bag of marshmallows and a good long stick to put them on .. and I would have one heck of a grand celebration with you eating roasted marshmallows .. some apple cider .. hoping for a clear night to watch the stars and moon come out .. absolutely perfect !!
We have not seen "Little Count" since our en"counter" with him : ).. hope he is well and happy, but living some where else ? LOL
P.S. he can visit though !

Randy said...

Oh my dearest, dearest Joy,
Anyone that knows me will tell you VERY little embarrasses me. I once chased Jamie thru Lowes with one of those butterflies on a stick, bouncing it to make the wings flap yelling Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! the entire time. He still runs like a jack rabbit when he sees me pick one up.:-)--Randy

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG Randy : ) : )
You have given me the the most wonderful giggles this morning .. I am trying to visualize poor Jamie as red as a beet running in the opposite direction ? LOL
That is too cute and funny .. so this means you would actually help me on my Halloween missions instead of running like a jack rabbit like Jamie ? LOL
You would come in so handy with these stand off things that happen : )
We are on the verge of having Lowes finally come to Kingston after a lot of commotion from this idiot city council trying to keep them out .. why ? I have NO idea .. husband says they are a fantastic store .. he saw them when he was in South Carolina .. I can't wait !!
Thank you again for the best laugh I have had in a while.. you are a sweetie pie Randy : )

Adam said...

YES! I am ready to decorate as well!!! It isn't coming fast enough hehe!

Spooky Thoughts,

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Adam .. you had me so curious about your"org" I had a quick look .. should be intersting come closer to Halloween ? LOL
Yup .. the best season is coming soon : )