Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Holy Bat-ography Batman !!!

This morning was bright and cheery .. seemed like a normal day .. even though I have been neglectful garden mom ... trying to get my "something" in gear is really difficult lately.
So odd thngs happen ... to make you think of the bigger picture and the cycle of life .. all of that warm fuzzy feeling ? we are all connected to some degree philosophy etc .. etc .. etc ..
No matter how hard i try .. I can not get that fuzzy feeling about a bat .. that has taken a wee vacation on our deck .. I respect these tiny wonders immensely .. I know they are worth so many more times their weight in gold for the good they do with eating those rotten bugs
we all hate .. mosquitoes and so on ..We think this little guy got stunned some how .. his leg isn't looking quite right ..
But and the best thing we know of is to leave him alone .. a few minutes (seemed like hours to me watching him so still) he shook his head and made his way over to the potato vine pot .. he has taken refuge under the leaves to rest and recuperate from what ever happened to him.

I just hope he gets home sick and goes to his proper HOME by tomorrow .. or I will be totally unnerved ? trying to water my plants without SCREAMING at something coming out at me .. then we will both be screaming .. the bat and I ... running or flying (watch that broomstick comment !!) in opposite directions ;-)


WiseAcre said...

Looks like your chickens are coming home to roost.

Kit Aerie-el said...

Aw, poor little guy. Hope he sits a spell and then makes it back to his/her bat cave okay!
Great photos of his/her cute little face--I hope you used a zoom lens so you didn't have to get too close! (BOO!)

steve said...

Joy, you sure know how to build the suspense! Poor little bugger. God, I feel about bats about as fondly as I do about snakes - which is "not much". Keep us posted on the little guy;s progress here on Earth.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Har har har...Joy, how funny! I can't believe you have a bat hanging around your garden! I've never seen one up close like that before. It would freak me out a little, I think, and totally fascinate me at the same time. I hope the little fella recuperates and heads home! Great photo, by the way! That's one good camera you got there.

CiNdEe said...

Wow great picture(-: We had a bat living behind a door on our garage wall one time. It was unnerving. Glad he moved away(-:

Jill-O said...

Yeah, I can relate to your feelings about bats. I like them fine as long as they don't invade my personal space...which happens at least once each summer where I get to chase a bat out of my house. I shudder just thinking about it.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Poor thing! I hope it's OK!

gittan said...

Joy, it's just a small bat! We (me and the carpenter) use to sit in the garden every night watching the two bats that most nights arrives for there midnight snack. We've had them around for quite a few years, wondering where they live (not at my attic) Once we found one of the little gyeas lying omn the path in the morning. We removed him into the shrubs since he probably couldn't see anything in that strong sunlight. I thought you liked bats, meaning all your thrill about halloween and so =) The frogt that sometimes jumps out from the beds scares me more than the bats "BS" Have a great day / gittan

Carrie said...

Oh but hes adorable. Give him a name like Percy and he won't be scary at all. Poor little thing, how cut to see him shake that head, like out of a cartoon. I do hope he goes home of course, his wife and kids will be wondering where he is. Anyway, I thought you liked all things Halloween???

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Mr. WiseA**
Only YOU would come up with a comment like that ? ;-)
PS .. thank you ever so much about not using the broomstick as a choice statement ? wink wink

Aerie-el hello there !
Oh good grief YES ! Zoom was used and we stayed away to let him rest without stress .. he actually went under my trowel that I had near the pot .. funny little guy !

Steve I have yet to know a man who could tolerate snakes .. husband shudders at the thought of them ? LOL .. I was so shocked over the whole thing I missed my cue to do a whole Halloween slant to it all !! .. hehehehe .. I'll do a quick catch up post as soon as I can : )

Martha girl .. if I have them here .. you can bet your garden that they are in your end of town too !! hehehe
Thanks .. I am glad to have ZOOM ZOOM ? LOL

Cindee .. I am flattered a bat likes my garden .. I just want him/her to not invade my personal space ? .. I freak easily ? LOL

OMG Jill you poor girl .. if I had that going on .. well I could see me flat on the floor crawling around myself ... leaving husband and number one son to do the work ?

Sue .. I wish we knew what happened and why he ended up on the deck just like that .. we are thinking he either hit the deck door chasing insects or something hit him mid air and he fell to the deck ..

Hey gittan .. we used to watch them chase insects at a little place we stayed in Spain .. there were hundreds and it was amazing !
We saw them here (but not on our deck) flying around once in a while .. but nothing so up close and personal like this ? LOL
I would SO LOVE a frog in my garden .. you are a lucky gal : )

Carrie girl .. I was just so shocked to see him there .. I was concerned as to the cause .. if he/she was truly hurt .. I don't mind our deck as a temp resting place but PLEASE go home afterwards ? LOL
Percy would be a perfect name or Basil as from Fawlty Towers ??? LOL

tina said...

Not a good thing to have a bat hang around like that. We had one on our front lawn in Indiana and I was so unnerved as I almost walked into it and it was in the middle of the day. I called hubby and asked what should I do??? By the time I got off the phone the poor little thing was dead so I disposed of him. It was a different kind than yours. This one looks huge. Another time in Iraq we had one climb into our building (no windows so easy to do). I must say it was cool to be up close with the bats but not a normal thing. Good luck to it and to you.

Matron said...

Isn't it wonderful when wildlife lets you get close to take a photograph? What a thrill to see one close up. Very wise just to let nature take its course, perhaps it's radar isn't working properly and it flew into a window! Thank you for posting that picture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ I know what you mean. Bats are such beneficial creatures and yet they look so menacing--like little monsters. I wonder if he hit one of your windows like birds will sometimes do. At any rate, I hope he heals and flies soon!

Anonymous said...

He's so sweet, but they do unnerve me when they flap out in my direction.

Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...

You're too funny! I'd feel the same way...and look the same way, screaming, etc. and all! They are sort-of cute in their own way...I said sort-of!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina girl .. I was glad it was husband that saw it before I did .. the shock ? disbelief ? would have shaken me up ;-) .. We all know what beneficial animals they are , but most of us could do without the face to face meeting of the minds ?LOL

Hello Matron .. it is a jolt to see one that close .. expecially flat on the deck like that .. but I was so relieved to see it "wake up" and know it should seek shelter to regain its senses .. YES .. the best thing is to leave it alone and let it recover on its own. Phew !!

Hi Grace .. we are fairly sure that is what might have happened, even though the quirky thing is it being so early in the afternoon .. but who knows what was going on really .. glad it woke up : )

knittnkitten .. my god, if he had moved toward the screen door where I was crouched taking pictures I would have keeled over ?? LOL

Tessa girl I know what you mean .. sort of cute but from a long distance ? LOL .. They are amazing creatures !

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Sometimes the wildlife in the garden is just a little too "wild" isn't it? It was fun seeing the photos of your little bat. I hope he moves to higher ground soon.~~Dee

Town Mouse said...

Great pics! Yeah, it's kind of sad we see many of the critters only when they're sick or dead. But I'm glad all is well now.
Maybe a unicorn next year?

Kathleen said...

GREAT pics Joy!!!! Especially that last one. For a Halloween girl like you this had to be a thrill. I've had them hanging from the underside of my porch every now and again. They usually stay all day then at dusk take off. Never have I gotten such great pictures tho.

btw, my passion vine is still sitting. yours is probably smothered in blooms right now???

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Dee .. it was a shock to say the least .. but he/she seemed to have recovered over night and left .. for which I was grateful .. I love what they do eating bad bugs but I don't want a face to face discussion with any of them ?? LOL

TM .. I will try very hard for a unicorn girl .. I can't promise but stranger ? things have happened in our neighborhood .. you should hear the bloody "pirate" parrot a few houses down .. now that would shock you girl! RRRRRR matey !!

Kathleen .. hanging around are they ? LOL .. I think I would have to smother a scream if I looked up at something looking down at me ? haha .. too funny !
Just the one bud so far .. no flower opening yet .. but I'll try to be there with the camera when it happens !

Jan said...

How interesting, this little bat;-) Now what I don't get is you being freaked out by him, as you have bats flying around on your countdown to Halloween widget! He is kinda cute as I look at his tiny face! Glad he finally was ok, and then left your flowerpot and deck!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jan girl I don't mind seeing them from a distance .. we watched them early evening in a little place in Spain we stayed at .. it was amazing to watch .. from THAT distance .. I am a Halloween nut but I have to draw the line about "up close encounters!!" haha