Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sahin's Early ... how pretty can it get ?

I have a terrible weakness for helenium .. and Sahin's Early is a favorite of mine.
mental note (which is next to useless .. I have to write things down .. then try to find the list ?) .. in any case .. I need more of these pretty plants .. rather hard to figure out how to support them in a shade encroaching garden .. "Light Support" .. now that is a support group only a gardener can recognize ? ;-)

This morning was rather dark, so I tried a few pictures with the flash ... makes it look too artificial I think ? like we were at a party and I tried to nail a picture of the poor thing ?
Then again this is too light .. I can't quite get my "blank" together yet ..
Yes .. I am obsessed with these ...
Wish I had set the camera on macro .. I didn't even know I had this little critter until I saw it on the lap top .. go figure .. am I missing most of what I am taking a picture of ??
I loved the soft soft clouds this morning ...
So delicate ... makes you feel like floating up to the sky with them ?
Yes .. see ? ... this was my sky this morning ;-)
Then a bit of a red sun ... isn't that the "red sky in morning, sailor take warning" thing .. but no thunder showers as predicted .. we could use the rain about now.


RURAL magazine said...

Well I think, flash or no flash those are the prettiest little orange yellow babies I have ever seen. Great color for late summer gardens.


Dave@The Home Garden said...

Beautiful morning shots! I like the Helenium too, it reminds me of a cross between 'Oranges and Lemons' and 'Arizona Sun' Gaillardia. Very nice!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I sure have enjoyed reading some of your posts of the past couple of weeks and seeing your fabulous photos. I hate it when I am so far behind, but I had to put more hours in at work,(so much for semi-retirement) then we were out of town for five days.

CiNdEe said...

Oh I see why you love them! they are beautiful! I love the colors! I need some too(-: Is it fall yet????? It was 108 here today! I am sickkkkkkk of the heat! So are the flowers)-:

Anonymous said...

Well, if Hurricane Bill hits Nova Scotia this weekend, I'll send you some rain. :) Actually, it's been so unbelievably hot and humid here, I almost welcome a hurricane and the rain it brings! 36° today with high humidity. Can we say, YUCK! Those gorgeous orangey-yellow flowers are just beautiful, Joyous! As are your morning sky photos. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jen !
I am totally hooked on this plant .. and I have to add more to the list for next year .. plus figure out how to have them in a sunnier area .. they are gorgeous aren't they ? .. I'm still getting to know both my cameras even at this late date .. DUH ? LOL

Dear Dave (I can't stop saying that ? LOL) Thank you .. these are perfect Autumn flowers .. I wish I had a sun bed dedicated to lots of different cultivars of them .. now that would be eye candy ! : )

Hello there Keewee !
You sound tired and stretched to the limit .. you need a vacation girl ? LOL
I have a hard time catching up on posts too .. I keep thinking I will have all winter to back track and enjoy them then ? Seeing other people's gardens might keep me sane over winter ? ;-)

Oh Cindee girl .. I would NOT survive your climate .. that heat would have me on the floor for sure .. I hope you get a break from those temps soon .. and maybe, start thinking .. Halloween ?? LOL

Nancy girl .. we have been watching the weather there and are amazed .. you are getting a small state of what our summer weather usually is and it is awful, isn't it ? .. I loved being in NS for the warm yet fresh summer days and it would cool off in the evening which was perfect .. there was never any humidity like we have here .. so you guys are suffering a bit with the strange weather .. hope Bill doesn't impact that much there .. you need a nice Autumn like we do ! : )

tina said...

That is one pretty helenium-one of my favorite plants. I will look for Sahin for sure.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Tina girl .. it is gorgeous even under the poor conditions I have forced it in .. I have to re-arrange the garden so I can have more of these myself ! : )

Lona said...

How gorgeous. It looks like the orange color has been painted onto the yellow.

Pat said...

Pretty pretty.
That's one of my new loves...
Sneezeweed. Guess I'd never make it in a garden club...don't use the latin names of plants unless I have to. :)

VW said...

That helenium is a pretty one, even though the common name is sneezeweed! Just keep the Claritin nearby, eh?

Carrie said...

Gorgeous flowers, I am a fan myself. It's great to see a pretty morning, they are so rare here in Northern Ireland, that's my excuse these days for sleeping in, the weather is too miserable to face.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there HHG ! .. It does look like hand painted work on these flowers , doesn't it ? I would love to have a bed dedicated to Autumn flowers only and these would certainly be a major planting for sure ! : )

Patsi girl me too ! Latin is a weak point in my garden side .. but we usually can remember the common names even if they are kind of comical ? Sneeze weed .. now how funny is that girl ? ;-)

Helllloooo there VW ( I have seen so many VW in Kingston this summer it is strange .. every time I see one I think of you girl ! LOL
I have no idea why this plant got nailed with that common name .. I have yet to sneeze ? ;-)

Carrie girl .. I can understand how that oppressive weather , especially in the morning makes you want to stay in bed. It is so hard to start the day (let alone keep at it) when the weather sucks so badly .. I wish for some clear bright mornings just for you !: )

Gail said...

They are lovely flowers Joy, I've not seen this cultivar before. New plants are a treat! ...and the morning sky is so lovely....The trees which shade everything also block the sunrise...sigh! gail

Kathleen said...

I can see why you're obsessed with this Helenium Joy. It's a beauty. A perfect blending of orange and yellow. I've tried a Helenium in a previous garden but never at this one. I wish I had more space. I keep seeing all these great perennials and annuals and I'm out of room.
I've almost given up on 'Maypop.' sigh. Remember I moved it several times and it finally ended up in a container where it sat and sat but at least did not die. Last night, I put it in the ground (where I hope it will make it over the winter) but who knows. It never did get its roots going. The new spot gets morning sun like you said yours was getting so we'll see. I'm so glad you've had luck ~ have you posted pics of the flowers yet (so I can really feel sick)? I looked thru some of your older posts but didn't see any ~ I hope I didn't miss them?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl I love seeing new plants .. planting new plants is even more fun ? LOL .. This season has been a really hard one for me .. I never expected to be sick as much as I have been .. I feel like I missed the whole year.
BUT .. Autumn is coming .. I actually bought some Halloween decorations yesterday (hubby wanted to cheer me up : )
So I'm hoping the new meds will work and I'll be bright and snappy for October ! .. gotta' love the Autumn sky : )

Oh Kathleen .. I feel for you girl. I am running out of sun space very quickly and see so many new perennials I would love to have or even add more, like this helenium, to the ones I have.
Hang in there with the Maypop .. the roots may just be sleeping this season from moving around. It can very well be in good shape for next Spring .. so it is still very do-able ? !!
We have only had one flower so far and I haven't gotten a picture of it yet .. hubby saw it open one evening .. I have been in bed very early lately so he doesn't want to disturb me .. thus no pictures ?
So take heart girl .. I have foliage but one flower ?? whats up with that I ask you !! LOL
Stick to the plan girl and we'll see what happens next Spring : )