Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Foggy morning (brain ?) and a few tales

I'm doing a backwards post .. stop laughing now ! .. I know .. I am usually backwards most of the time .. that adult attention thingy runs barefoot and rampant in my brain on a daily basis. Today I acknowledge it and use it to the max for this post to make some sense ..... what did I just say ?
In any case, to get on with what I was saying .. this morning was a shocker !!
Complete (no parts missing) fog bank in my backyard ... OK ... in the city's backyard most likely.
Something of a freak thing that happens here in the Twilight Zone called Kingston.
My bouquet of Little Lamb hydrangea were none the less just as beautiful as they were the afternoon before when I finally got around to cutting them. I do think they appreciated the cool moist evening/morning atmosphere though ?Can you see me now ?
How is that for foggy reception ?
I would have done the "fog dance" but my neighbors have a low tolerance level .. just like I do when it comes to their parrot (long unbelievable story there !)
That was fun though ... right ? .. Winthrop had no idea when sitting out the evening before .. that the morning would be so clammy ?
Soft spotted light of the early evening glowing through the lattice work of the deck .. pretty , yes ?
Do you see Dave (my Dave .. not gardener Dave, wink wink) and the crew to the left .. with Winthrop from 'behind" on the right ?
How is that for an enthusiastic bunch of 'lamb tails" ?
Look at those colours ! I caught them in the nick of time I think ?
Some amazing feathered clouds late morning .. well ... mid morning actually.
And then there was this amazing moon ! .. I love morning moons because I can actually 'catch" them .. this had some cloudy mist swimming by it.
Just about a perfect full moon ?
Who needs a telescope ?
Those amazing almost haunting Halloween clouds ...... stop groaning, you know I can't help myself !
Look at the "shinning" coming through at the bottom right side .. talk about reflective qualities ?
That bright shiny stuff came from an amazing pink purple start to the morning yesterday.

I am so excited to see the red sky mornings start up again .. I love what they do to me. I can be rather sleepy waking up .. but if I catch a glimpse of a red sky morning when I lift the window blind .. well .. the cats have to scramble out of my way as I run to get my camera and go dancing out on the deck (OK ... not so much dancing but boy, I am running ??!!)
Congratulations to Tina for her Korean Yellow Wax Bells blooming into flowers .. I am still waiting for mine Tina but you have given me hope girl !! Thanks : )


Blossom said...

I still have no luck with my hydrangea. Huh ... more waiting, I guess. But if I'm gonna get like what you have in the vase, I'm willing to wait. It's gonna be worth all the wait.
I can feel the kind of morning you're having over there ... and I like it! Cold wind .. but not too cold.
And you did great on that moon picture.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Joy, I enjoyed the same fog this morning! I love it. I don't know what it is about fog that I like so much. Maybe it's because it's somehow spooky...perfect for this time of year with Halloween coming. In any case, it was amazing.

Your pictures came out so lovely. I wish I was more motivated in the morning to step out and take photos. It's a good time to take some great shots.

tina said...

Thanks Joy. It was too weird that they bloomed and we just discussed them. But, out of the four plants only one bloomed and the others look pitiful. It's okay. I too like the red sky in morning. Your hydrangea blooms look great!

Frances said...

Hi Joy, your foggy shots were phenomenal, I really liked the one with the trees at the bottom of the image, very artistic. Those hydrangea blossoms make the most perfect arrangement too. My peegees are almost at that stage to be picked. Now to find a large container....

Meadowview Thymes said...

Crazy as it sounds...I love fog! There is something so magical and exciting about it. I almost hate to see the sun come out and burn it away.
Love the sky pictures! "Red sky in morning...sailor take warning.." Is there any truth to that old saying? :)

Urban Green said...

beautiful...lovely snaps...!

Anonymous said...

Uh...huh? Just kidding. Your post made perfect sense. We had fog a few days ago and I was equally MYSTified [pun totally intended]. Your hydrangeas are fabulous. I've never thought about taking pictures of a morning moon. Yours are very well done. I have never been able to see "the man on the moon." I've looked and studied but no.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You made me smile!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Blossom girl and thank you ! I'm curious to know what hydrangea you have and how long ? I'm no authority by any means but I am wondering why you haven't had good flowering yet ?
It was a different morning for sure .. and when it burnt off .. seeing that moon was such a treat !

Hi there Martha girl !I love fog because I spent some childhood years on the east coast .. and I mean "coast" fog horn and spooky atmosphere included .. it was amazing : ) .. it isn't so much motivation as I am just a morning person being wide awake that time of day ? LOL

Tina ! Thank you girl !
No I haven't full flowers yet .. but I wasjuts out taking some pictures (night ware and all) and the buds are getting bigger and bigger and I am excited : ) Also one of my bugbanes I have been waiting for blossomed !! : ) it is a dark one, smallish but beautiful !!

Hello there Frances girl ! I am digging out a larger container too .. that was an emergency vase ? LOL .. it was an unusual morning for sure : )

Linda girl aka "MT" : ) haha
YES ! I feel the same way about fog, as long as we aren't driving in it ? ;-) it is spooky and magical and perfect for a kid's imagination (if there are kids with that any more minus the video games, phones etc .. ? LOL)
That red sky happened the morning before the fog .. so I'm not sure how accurate that saying is ? : )

Hello Urban Green and thank you very much !

Hi there Grace ..every thing can "mist-ify" me when it comes to nature and the skies .. I am totally absorbed by it all .. and when the moon is just a bit closer to the earth I will have better pictures : ) I would love to catch the yellow "harvest moon" ! .. and where is that moon man eh ?? LOL

Tatyana ! I'm happy to make you smile girl : )

donna said...

I have that "foggy brain" thing going on a lot of the time, too. The photo with the evening light glowing through the lattice work is my favorite. Time to be honest, all your photos are my favorites.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

My goodness Donna ! Thank you so much girl : ). I think we are all improving so much as photographers .. we take many more of our gardens and other events that just by odds alone we are due to improve ? LOL
Yes .. that foggy brain thing .. good grief I wonder what it would be like to have a normal brain ? just for a day ? haha

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous collection of photos, Joy. I giggled about your fog--did it make you feel like you were back in Nova Scotia? The good thing about late summer here is that the fog has pretty well relinquished its morning/evening grip on us. I even got to enjoy this full moon cycle.

our friend Ben said...

Whoa, love the fog, Joy, and I know Winthrop, Dave and "the boys" do too (so cool, mysterious, and soothing). And of course I love your gorgeous hydrangeas too!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Jodi girl : )
YES ! all I needed was a little salt air and I could have pretended BIG time .. I would have thought I could hear waves crashing on some shore if I concentrated hard enough ? haha
Wow ! that is great ! seeing the moon in all of its glory at night .. I just think it replenishes the soul some how ;-)

'ben" I think I heard the 'boys" muttering about what a nice change the fog was .. and that at least it wasn't snow yet ? haha
Thank you ! the hydrangea are smiling broadly ? LOL

HappyMouffetard said...

Beautiful photos. I do enjoy fog (as long as I don't have to travel too far if it's thick). The moon photos are wonderful.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello HappyM : ) thank you ! I understand what youmean about driving in the fog .. not a good thing at all ! The moon has been wonderful in the morning : )

Gail said...

I'm glad the sunrises and sunsets are back, too! We had a very foggy morning but it was too dark for my camera to capture anything! ...and boy oh by are those hydrangeas blossoms gorgeous! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Gail girl .. I really miss the red sunrises so I am looking forward to them like a kid at Christmas ? Holy Cow yes ! Little Lamb is a handfull ! haha