Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Girls gotta' have fun and garden too ?

It only takes one leaf .. but hey ... they have been trying to "turn" for a little while and finally I think they are getting it right ?
Sometimes they become distracted by the glow light thing going on .. so they forget .. that their job is to start practicing for the "show" ... because it is coming ...
OK .. for the heck of it squint your eyes and see this sedum as maybe .... snow ???? hehehehe
I can hear the moans and groans out there .. come on ... a little joke .. very little ... right ?
White Cosmos .. Golden Jubilee Hyssop ... and some more sedum on the side please ?
Dill .. fennel ... I don't care what it is it is just so darn cute with those little sucker cup feet ? hands ? waving in the air .. let alone that luscious smell !
Serious stuff now .. my Brunette bugbane "cimicfuga ramosa Brunette" has flowered for me this year .. I have been waiting and wondering and worrying .. but it is smiling at me finally : )

I have Hillside Black Beauty in the bleachers, totally in the wrong part of the garden .. but next Spring she will come out to play in the same area this beauty is in .. I will have a collection all planted together or within spitting distance ? and it is exciting to think about them flowering near the same time : )
This is a mix of Black Lace Elderberry (sambucus) with a Artemisia "ludoviciana Valerie Finnis.. a little Blue Star juniper and the variegated Jacob's Ladder .. different .. right ?
OK .. I through the diving frog in for a laugh .. he looks rather willing and able to break up the audience ...

Now for the Korean Yellow Waxbells ... Tina "in the garden"has me on top of things watching for the "bloom" to unfold .. she got so excited over hers .. she has me hanging on waiting for mine to smile at me too !
Too many pictures ... I couldn't help myself .. I swear I thought they would bloom in front of me the buds were so ready to burst !
Now for the girls ... the stand off or "paw off' happens when some one is in some one else's bed au jour ? Emma knows this is usually Sophie's haunt .. so it was slightly like a taunting game ?
Then the rumble ..... ears flattened big furry mitts bluffing
Again with the serious ear placement and dirty looks .... quite affective right ?
Another go at the rumble part ....
Then it is the "Kiss my A** with red devil eye look, posture" ... and then run for the sofa race"
As always it is as if nothing happened .. beds are occupied in a different manner and my office is back to ME ?


Darlene said...

Aren't cats so funny when they rumble? I see it a lot between Midnight and Tangie. But, they always seem to make up.

As always your garden pictures are GORGEOUS!!

Barry said...


Waitin for the waxbells are you? I was surprised to see the koreana species bloomed close to a month sooner than K. palmata - which is what your's appears to be. I prefer the koreana only because the branches are more upright as are the flowers. I still have a few branches of the K. palmata that are laden with the yellow buttery 'balls' waiting to unfold.

I too have been marvelling at the telltale signs that Fall is quickly approaching. My Aster 'Little Carlow' is ony now starting to open her dainty flowers. She (the plant) is close to 3' tall so there really isn't a lot about her aside of the flowers that is small! Great post and pics as always!

CiNdEe said...

Awesome photos(-: The kitties are a crack up(-:

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Love the cat fight.

MissyM said...

Love your blog. Your flowers are wonderful but the cats stole the show for me. I have 3 and they keep my entertained.
Your leaping frog is great!

Anonymous said...

Your kitties are so cute, Joy. I love their silly antics. My cats ignore each other.

Love your plants in bloom. Snow? Didn't look anything like snow. Nice try. [Actually it did but I won't admit it.]

Aiyana said...

Beautiful photos--as usual! I used to squint and pretend that my white allysum was snow, which is too much of a stretch for Phoenix, AZ, so it didn't work. Right now, I'd trade some heat for a week of snow!

gittan said...

Hurray for your blooming 'Brunette'. Seems a bit early to me, mine is still having tiny buds =P The Korean Waxbell was planted here a few weeks ago and has ONE bud! I can hardly wait for it to burst. We do have a lot of plants in commun. have a great day / gittan

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Darlene girl !
Have you posted any of the tussles between Tangie and Midnight ? Now that would be fun to see .. I'm glad they make up and don't hold a grudge : ) Hey ! Thank you : )

Dear Puppy .. you called me out on the classification and you are entirely right ;-) I was a bit lazy about the specific cultivar and let it slip .. I knew the odds were that YOU would catch it ? LOL So thank you for the correction in the right direction!
My goodness that aster is tall ! Some of the mums I planted this year are amazingly tall to me too and I did the pinch back thing .. I think there will be a reorganization of that front bed come Spring !!

Cindee girl .. that is their job the "Crack Up Girls" !! how is Jack doing ? ;-)

Debbie girl .. is your feed fixed yet ? I have tried to access it through Blotanical and it has been "quirky" ? to say the least .. hope it is on the straight and narrow now .. I'm going ot check it out again : )

MissyM : ) Thank you for visiting! Yup !! all cat owners KNOW their cats are good for a laugh at least a couple times a day : ) That frog of mine is going to have a swollen head with his ego ? LOL

Grace girl .. yours ignore each other ? there must be a big age difference maybe ?
Hey .. I know you have a stubborn streak girl ;-) Snow will get you for that ! LOL

Aiyana .. I don't know how you live in that heat, or
other than the break by AC ? I would melt into a big puddle in no time. But ! the desert type garden is one that fascinates me .. and it is amazing to see all of your beautiful plants : )

Hello gittan girl ! Isn't it funny how many plants we have in common is right ! I have 5 bugbanes I think .. I fell in love with the darker ones especially .. and the waxbells too ? be sure to take a picture of the flower !

tina said...

Your waxbells have so many blooms! They are a neat flower because they seem actually waxy and you can even tell from your pictures how big they are. Those kitties must keep you in stitches each day!

Urban Green said...

Loved Mr. Frog and I fell for your cats....

our friend Ben said...

Ha!!! I love the way cat fights always end with the cats suddenly discovering that they have important business to attend to elsewhere. The look Sophie was giving Emma is priceless! And of course your garden photos are gorgeous. I especially loved that amazing bloom on 'Brunette' and the waxbell buds. I don't see how they could be any prettier when they open than they are now!

RURAL magazine said...

Bootsie must be doing a lot of rumbling, everytime I run my hands over his back there is a new sore. Poor little guy. They girls look very refined, even during a cat fight.

I can't wait for the Korean Wax bells, my fav.

Thanks for changing the color of the text, now I can read it in Google Reader much faster. I also love the orange.

Hey Pumpkin time is coming, I am working on Halloween cards, and I am getting excited about it.


VW said...

Moaning over the snow reference here, it's coming way too soon! Then us northerners will have to keep each other going through the long months when the gardens in Tennessee start blooming for spring while we get another blizzard.
Now you've got me curious to see the waxbells, too.

Barbee' said...

I, too, am hanging on pins and needles to see the Yellow Bells. Never tooooo many pics of them... or the cats. There for a bit, I couldn't tell heads or tails about them. What cuties!

Kathleen said...

I only have one cat so no opportunities for this kind of mischief ~ I think I'm missing out? Your cats are so cute.
Now on to the garden. Glad your cimicifuga bloomed for you! It's always exciting when you've been waiting for something like that. Those wax bells are incredible and stole the post for me. I'm not familiar with them but I'm going to get really well acquainted! Meaning I'm researching to see if I can grow them in my garden. They are just beautiful. Thanks for the introduction.

Unknown said...

The kitties are so funny with their little territorial dispute.

That white sedum is really great. Glad to see the bugbane bloom. I love those, but don't have right conditions.


our friend Ben said...

Forgot to say what a genius combination the waxbell buds and heuchera leaves are. Fabulous!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina girl .. I am so intent on watching these waxbells they are driving me crazy ? LOL .. something like giving birth , you think it will never end ? and give you the result you have been waiting for ;-) haha
Yes .. the girls keep me in stitches most times (silly kitties!)

Thank you Urban Green .. the girls love having a fan club and Diva Frog appreciates being appreciated ? wink wink

'ben' the girls have their moments when I have to clap my hands and say in Moe ? fashion to Curly and Larry "Break it up nitwits !!" haha
Waiting for a waxbell to be born is a long process, but I am hoping for an excellent photo session ? : )

Jen girl I didn't know it was hard to read or I would have changed faster (I was trying to remember what the colour scheme was from last year this time .. a lot of head scratching !) .. poor Bootsie ! those scrapes can be nasty .. I know you are doing some spoiling with extra treats though : ).. I can't wait to get some pictures of the waxbells.
Pumpkin time makes me feel like a kid : ) I bet those cards are going to be GORGEOUS !!

VW .. Just today Martha (Water Roots) and I were talking about what we go through during the winter .. all the planning we will be thinking of and like race horses to the gates once the garden centers open again and how hard we will drive ourselves .. such is the circle of life for us northerners ? LOL .. I will try very hard to get good pictures of these waxbells !

Hello there Barbee girl !
I'm beginning to feel the pressure of these darn waxbells ? LOL
They better be great and my pictures even better ? haha
The girls are too silly at times to believe but they are cats and that is what they do ? : )

Kathleen girl .. how is your Maypop doing ? hang on .. it will be stupendous next year I just know it ! I'm sure you can grow these waxbells in your part of the country .. they are fairly hardy and survive my zone .. I hope they break bud and flower soon .. this is driving me nuts ! haha

Hi there Cameron ! How is Charm doing ? .. yup, my girls have their moments of sillydome time .. cats will be cats .. haha
I am determined to round up all my bugbanes and have them in one section of the garden to see how they do together .. next Spring's project !

'ben' ... laughing here .. you think like I do ... in SPURTS ? LOL

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Joy, I think that I might be in the minority, but I am secretly looking forward to fall. I love the smell of the air, it is so crisp, the nights when you have to put on a sweater and light a fire. I can just give up on the garden and pretend that it doesn't matter, because the cold will take care of it soon for me.
Great pictures as usual.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Deborah, thank you : ) .. I am such an Autumn fan I know I can push the envelope a bit faster than it should be .. but I feel exactly the same way .. there is a certain smell to the air and clear night skies with a big moon and maybe a cloud or two that float in front of it (all for a slightly spooky affect) .. it is my favorite time of year .. the smell of leaves being burned .. pumpkins in the stores, and in pies ? LOL
It is all good for me .. but I will say that winters could be shorter with a nice long Spring ?

donna said...

Why have I never before seen white flowers heads on sedum? I luv how they look. Almost as much as I luv the photos of your cats.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

I noticed so many lovely plants in this post Joy. One I just going to bye straight away and that is the Black Lace Elderberry very beautiful and I think it will be great to plant it now during the fall.

Have a great weekend/ Tyra

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Donna : )
White sedum doesn't seem to be as popular as the ones like Autumn Joy or Autumn Fire etc .. that have the "in your face " beautiful colours .. I have both these cultivars too .. but it was sheer curiosity that made me take up this type and I do love it too .. I'm hoping other gardeners will give it a try too .. maybe in contrast to very colour Fall plants ? .. I also have a variegated one .. I'll have to post a picture of that one and see how many other gardeners have it ? The girls love their fan club ! LOL

Hi there Tyra girl !
YES ! this one has the potential to be a very dramatic plant .. my problem was I have moved it a couple of times and it wasn't happy with that, so it isn't as gorgeous right now than it should be .. and the worst of it is I may have to move it again to get more sun, since my Maple is growing and shading everything in like mad now .. but YES !! I would recommend it : )

Gail said...

hello Joy! Love seeing Emma and Sophie...they are delightful kitties....even when fussy.

I was thinking about you while I was loading Cotinus "Grace' into my subaru...I found her at the grocery store! Which is too funny considering our nurseries have so few plants. I have to replace a small hawthorn that is miserable and there was Grace. Did I make a good choice?


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gail girl !
Yes .. the girls are a funny combination .. both STUBBORN ! LOL
I haven't "Grace" but I have seen her around and she is pretty ! .. I think she should do very well in your garden : )
Isn't it funny where we find some plants ? .. I am supposed to be digging up a new circle bed for my order of Spring bulbs that will be coming .. I better get on the job soon or I'll be in a PANIC holding the bags with no where to go ! haha