Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday Night QUICKY ?

Right this minute the sky is looking sort of like this .. the evenings are getting darker sooner .. The sunrise is taking longer and shifting position .. that is something I love to see for the sake of catching the ball of fire as it rises.
The one thing I do dislike is the later it takes for sunrise .. dark mornings are hard for me to handle .. I have no problem with early evenings though .. I say "bring them on !!" all for the fact I flop on my bed so early in the evening it is embarrassing ?
I am taking a guess that I know the name to this sedum .. Frosty Morn' keeps clicking in my head .. heaven knows the clicks in my head have been wrong more times than right .. so if some one really knows which one this is (for going the fact I have to dig around in my plant tag box in case anyone is that interested ?)
I never thought I would like a "white" Autumn sedum like this .. but it has caught on with me : )
Sweet Autumn (I love the word Autumn .. something about it ... dancing pumpkins in my head ?)
In any case as I was about to say .. one of my Sweet Autumn clematis is blooming .. and it is looking very pretty for a first year vine .. a small whiff of scent hangs around the flowers too !
I go on and on about Pinky Winky ... but this is my first hydrangea love .. Little Lamb .. now how great does it look with its shades of rosy pinks and greens ?
She's a beauty isn't she ? .. some how Little Lamb is a "girl" and Pinky Winky is a "boy" image to me .. now how that happened heaven also knows .. my mind is one "strange brew" .. eh ??
Well .. there is no use trying to hide the fact that I am working towards the inevitable .. fall clean up and the official dumping of the pots to clean and store in the cute as all get out shed of mine : )
My mind goes off for a walk once more so , there goes the camera as well ?
I love dill ... heck ... I love most herbs but some just seem to stick more than others .. literally ?
the smell of dill on my hands is heavenly .. so is rosemary .. I'm too easy to please right ?
Just rub some of those herbs on me and I'm yours !!
Purple Fountain grass ... if only they could develop a cultivar that would be zone 5 hardy .. Imagine having this baby pop up one Spring and say yahooooo ! I made it through the Great White North Winter in Ontario !!
Any grass that would pop up and say that ? IS MINE !!! ALL MINE !!!!
Costco .. for those who aren't familar is a "warehouse" type .. buying in bulk and all of that sort of thing .. it stretches the imagination what you can buy in a store like that .. from fabulous gourmet cookies to sheds ... yes .. sheds .. that is where our cute as a button one came from.
Now my "Big Fat Fall Planter" has come home to roost and will be lovingly placed on the front step when I have more AUTUMN goodies collected and ready to rumble : )
It is hard to see how pretty it is because the deck goes into shade so much earlier and I was tardy ? taking this picture .. Elly .. this is the planter I told you about today : ) Neat eh ?
Dave and the 'boys in the'hood" .. Mista G included are slowly acclimating to cooler evenings .. now that the bench is gone we all wonder what "we" are going to sit on in the winter ??
Tomorrow is supposed to be another super beautiful day .. I really have to get in the garden again and do some GARDENING !!
First ... night happens and I MUST get some SLEEP .. ahhhh ! I am ready to fall face first on my bed after removing cats from pillows ... 'night !!


CiNdEe said...

Wow fall cleanup already? Its still so hot here. I am so ready for cool weather so I can do something outside again besides water(-: Nothing looks worth a picture so I have saved my camera the abuse(-:
I love the new planter. Costco has lots of great plants there(-:
Infact I am going tomorrow.(-:

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

That is a gorgeous white sedum ... I should look out for that one. Oh no, what will those guys sit on all winter? get that bench back now!! There was a gorgeous sunset tonight but we were driving and by the time we stopped and I got the camera out the sun had dipped below the horizon. I'll watch again tomorrow night.

Lola said...

Love that Purple Fountain Grass. Yours looks so lush. What is the plant that is planted with it?

tina said...

The 'Pinky Winky' is great! I don't blame you for posting its picture often.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Lots of goodies for a quicky. ;-D
I have a neon pink autumn joy...called ---- Neon, imagine that?

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I thought it will be about something else. But the pictures are interesting as always and the reading was enjoyable.

Katarina said...

Joy, I fully understand your love for that Hydrangea! I want it too!!!
So pretty with the pink shadings.

easygardener said...

Lovely pictures. The Purple Fountain Grass in particular is very attractive. All plants we like should be hardy - it's not fair!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Cindee girl ! Costco can have some pretty great stuff : ) We are supposed to have a Lowes build here (they fought the city planners and won a spot but no one knows where yet ?). The temps have been hot here for a bit too .. I can't wait for the cooler ones to settle in. Good luck at Costco girl !!

Hi Linda .. isn't that a pretty one ? My garden mind won over my "other" mind ? LOL
I am going to have to look into what the guys will actually sit on is right!.. Isn't that maddening ? to lose the shot of the sun you know would have been spectacular ! .. too much cloud cover this morning so that was not an option for me either .. darn !

Hi there Lola : )chrysanthemums were used in these planters with the grass and planters with them, mums, on there own .. they are a major flower to use in Fall displays .. loads of different colours too .. mine are a violet purple colour with lots of unopened buds .. to make it last longer : )

Hi Tina girl .. Little Lamb is the one in this post but it is VERY close to the shape and colour of Pinky .. it was my first hydrangea : )

Janet .. I was so close to buying "Neon" .. but I got distracted by some other plants and now the neon ones are gone ... darn it all ! BUT .. I have my eye out for sure next year to have one too girl : )

Hi Tatyana .. Thank you ! I know ... I was naughty with that "quickie" bit .. but all in good fun ;-)

Hello there Katarina : ) .. it is a beauty isn't it ? I keep thinking I should cut and dry the heads soon for a new bouquet in the kitchen : )

Hello there EG ! I think we should have the option "button" to make a plant our zone hardy when we really really want it ? LOL .. ahhh !!

Kalyan said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

Andrea said...

oh Joy. We are so similiar. SO SIMILIAR. Look at that mess of pots. I have mine all collected in the shed.... on the side of the house, sitting in a planter on the back of the deck and seriously! I need somewhere to put all these things because hot damn, Im going to need them in the winter. I can just imagine Ryan eyeing me, rolling his own eyes at my messy endeavors. And YOu! hahahah! You're just as messsy!!

Tessa said...

Well your garden is looking beautiful as ever! I've been out of touch lately- glad to see everything looking so good! Happy almost fall to you :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Kaylan : ) Thank you ! and thank you for dropping by too !

Hey Andrea girl .. watch out or I will throw my pots over on your yard !! Lord .. being an OCD person this is EXTREMELY unusual for me to let happen .. and if you by that I have some land in the NWT full of diamond mines you might want to invest in ? ;-)
I am going to try very hard when hubby is in Cuba to get my act together and TIDY my side of the shed with these pots put away .. hey .. how about that Costco planter ?? LOL Ryan is crossing his arms and rolling his eyes at YOU still !!

Tessa girl .. I have meant to stop and comment on your blog aside from the picking bit .. I say to myself "self .. I'm going back there to chat to Tessa as soon as I get this done ..." of course you know what happens .. DISTRACTIONS ! but I will be much better at it in a while when things settle down !!
: )

Corner Gardener Sue said...

You make me laugh, Joy! My mind does the same things yours does. I like that white sedum, too. Yes, Pinky Winky is worth doting on. Of course, I love your sky photos, too.

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

Kerri said...

Those hydrangeas are gorgeous, Joy! Male or female...they're both very pretty in pink :)
And white sedum...lovely! I don't think I've seen it in white before. I love sedum when it's just beginning to bloom...and fully open as well.
I'd love to have Sweet Autumn clematis in my garden. Hopefully some day...
Yes, autumn is a beautiful word. The season is lovely too, but I wish the winters that follow weren't so long and cold. It makes me sad to see autumn come. Summer is much too short here in the northeast.
Your comments bring me joy! :) Thanks for visiting! The bees are still with far...hope the beekeeper shows up soon so we can finish the painting.

Kaos og Tutta said...

They are so sweet Emma and Sophie, nice blog with beautiful flowers.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sue girl you are more than welcome ! I appreciate all of the time you spent commenting on my blog : ) thank you too !
Human minds do think in strange ways .. but a gardener's mind is even stranger ? LOL It has been a while since I have had a sunrise to catch .. clear skies mean no clouds .. no clouds mean no reflection from the sun .. and that means no good pictures .. so I am hoping soon ?

Hello Kerrie girl ! Thank you : )
The white sedum was a fluke .. I have some variegated ones too that are unusual .. the hydrangea caught on fire with me .. I didn't think I would be a fan of them but there you go !
This Sweet Autumn is a beauty Kerri .. I know it would look perfect any where you put it in your garden too .. I just loved seeing all of those pictures : ) especially the cats of course ! haha .. hope the bees leave for a new home soon too !
Yes .. I feel a little bad for rushing Autumn with a lot of gardeners dreading winter .. I hate our long cold winters too .. if they could be a lot shorter ? we would ease into the seasons better ! : )

Hello Kaos and thank you ! .. the girls love hearing they are very popular ? LOL

Pat said...

Potted grass is pretty cool.
Love the white sedum and white autumn clematis.
Lets not talk about empty pots and cleaning up...makes my head hurt.
Your pictures are perfect !
Glad to see Dave and the boys are well.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Patsi girl .. Dave gives you a nod in appreciation : )Yup ! gotta love potted grass with mums all around .. too easy eh ? haha
I have to admit to doing a lot of pot cleaning and stacking already girl .. I have to do it when I feel I can or it won't get done ;-)