Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Putter Post

Many of us say "please click on picture to get the full affect" .. and it is so true .. this guy is actually smiling at me .. I am so darn flattered I'm blushing even now .. he truly knows how to woo a gal .. especially while sitting on a "perfect pink perch" ?
Now this one thought the lighting would have a different affect on the atmosphere of the whole photo shoot ? What do you think ?
Run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... it is the GIANT 'Shroom attack from outer space !!!
Scary veggitation that will take over the earth ... do not fall ASLEEP !!!
OOPS .. I guess size does matter after all ? or was that perspective ?
Now .. it doesn't matter to me that spiders have set up camp in my garden .. they are catching a lot of the bad bugs .. some good ones are in the cross fire but on the whole, I think these guys are doing an upstanding job !
As long as they don't get in my hair .. or on my neck ... or any where on my person .. not even my feet please !!
Why is it they always show me their best ASSET ?
OK .. you are safe .. just some plant pictures now .. Black Eyed Susans .. who has a garden without these beauties ?
My love from the world of Heleniums .... aaahhhh!
Herbstonne is another back bone of my garden .. in fact this back bone will be on the move next year so it can be seen much better seen, thus enjoyed more : )
One bugbane bottle brush flushed open bloom ... neat eh ?
A little erodium (for the cute factor).. I'm sure the tag is a mislabeled situation for the particular kind it is .. but it is adorable .. right ?
And for the love of my hydrangea life ... my boy ... Pinky Winky .. how can you top that !!


Darlene said...

I'm having to say my usual BEAUTIFUL pictures always. I am having to laugh at your smiling guy. He does actually look like he IS smiling. GREAT photo!!!

I plan on decorating for Fall this weekend...I know, it's about TIME!!!!!

CiNdEe said...

Totally awesome!!!!!!!! Love those shrooms!!!!!!(-: I have some to share tomorrow(-: I just found them growing in the yard when I mowed just now(-: Yay I love surprises!!!

Anonymous said...

I do know what you mean about Pinky Winky. Your bloomers look lovely and lively. Are you dreading winter?

I have heard that the dragonflies have started their migration south. Haven't seen one yet in NC. I didn't even know they migrated until reading the Monarch site.

Town Mouse said...

Well, I can see Halloween isn't too far away. Great spiders!

Urban Green said...

Oh my god! those mushrooms are totally out of space...
enjoyed all the photographs...nice ones..

gittan said...

It's always fun do drop by, it sure brings me a lot of joy! Have a great day / kram gittan

Carrie said...

okay, at times scary (spiders!! eek) but in all a beautiful post. We have most of those gorgeous plants in our garden here at home (good taste, eh?)too. And yes you have a toy boy in that sweet bug at the start, he's definately posing for you. x

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darlene .. Thank you so much girl ! I was sitting here typing like a fiend and it disappeared on me completely .. that never happened before .. it might just be the Halloween spirits at me already ? yikes ! .. I was thinking of you when I was decorating my kitchen a bit with great little masks .. I'll have to check up on you for your decorating soon too !

I swear those shrooms have been interfering in my sleep this week Cindee .. they are outside my window .. it is CREEPY !!
It is really fun to see these tid bits of nature in our garden : )

Anna .. I couldn't ask more of Pinky .. he is in the perfect place behaving perfectly for me:)
I dread how long winter is more than winter itself .. I need for very definitive seasons .. but what has happened is a long winter with such a short Spring and bang into summer. So it is screwed up a bit eh ? LOL
I knew dragonflies had to go somewhere but I didn't know where exactly .. I am so disappointed I have seen no butterflies/monarchs in particular in my garden this year .. darn it !

Town Mouse ! How are you girl ! Yup !! with these characters in my garden .. it will be one BIG Halloween gathering ? LOL

Sunita girl .. how are you doing way over there ? LOL .. Thank you so much : ) The shrooms are something else eh ? LOL

gittan : ) I have to get over there and see how you are doing ! Thank you so much for your regular visits girl ! : )

Carrie : ) I thought the spider thing might freak you out a bit .. but I couldn't help myself .. this guy was amazing ? LOL
This is the time of year I really love up my plants (even though I am behind in watering .. jeez!)
Good taste is better shared : ) LOL
YES ! if I were pressed I would have to say my favorite "toy boy" is that guy in the first shot .. he was awesome !! LOL

tina said...

The insects are all thanking you for providing such a nice garden environment for them Joy-hence the smiles.

our friend Ben said...

Ha, I know how you feel, Joy! Spiders work for me as long as they (and their webs) don't get on me! The funniest is to see poor Shiloh with her big black snout draped in a spiderweb! Your dragonfly really is a handsome boy. And those mushrooms---yikes!!! Better keep an eye on them and make sure they're not inching closer to the window every time your back is turned... I have to agree, the Susans are keeping us in good cheer right now, along with luxuriant goldenrod and some nice asters.---Silence

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina girl : ) I think these guys are so vital to our gardens .. we have to give them lots of goodies and room : ) The only thing that bothered me this year was the total lack of butterflies .. I'm truly STUMPED about it all !

Silence .. did I tell you I have seen pet accessories for Halloween even in the dollar stores ? every time I go in and see them I think how cute Shiloh would be .. but now I see the web ? costume on her poor face .. haha
I am in waiting for loads of mums and asters to burst forth too !It really makes Autumn hit home when they are smiling too : )

Darlene said...

Hi Joy,

I stopped back by. Have you never seen Mama Kitty before on my blog? If you want to read about her go back in my archives (on the right side bottom of my blog) and go to Nov. 10, 2008 in my post titled Another Kitty.

We had been feeding her and giving her lots of attention and then in Feb or March? 2009 she got in a tangle with another cat or a raccoon or something and got the side of her face torn up. After we took her in to the vet and spent about $350.00, and I kept her in the garage and cared for her for 14 days while she was healing, and until the stitches could come out we KNOW she is now ours!!!! The other people would not have done a thing! She is a little petite thing and just the sweetest! We have actually had her and cared for her now for probably about a year.

wiseacre said...

Keep and eye on those shrooms. They appear to be inky caps. You'll get a real Halloween effect when they get older. Think WWW - Wicked Witch of the West - I'm melting, I'm melting.

Barry said...

I have only two words for you.....
BUTT seriously! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ Sorry but I find the first two photos creepy and creepier. I know dragonflies are helpful and all but they scare the heebie jeebies out of me. ... I like those alien 'srooms as you call them. I've never seen this particular version. ... The spider gods are amassing quite a posse here too. As long as I can see them, I'm okay.

Muhammad khabbab said...

he he he what a lovely post. i am totally amused.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darlene girl .. I had no idea (I must have missed that, sorry) .. my god you did such a wonderful act of love for this little girl. My heart would have broken seeing her in that condition too .. you did GOOD ! and I'm sure she knows that too .. those other people obviously had her as "entertainment" short term .. I have to go over and read more about what happened .. thank you for letting me know girl .. I am totally a cat woman and to hear such a story as this is a wonderful thing : )

Dear Mr. WiseA** YES !! I'm MELTING was exactly as it happened . POOF ! ... but they were interesting .. I would have loved to see those Fairy "hammocks" ? LOL on those trees when you took the pictures .. I think I remember them as a kid playing in the woods .. oops .. or were they my actual home .. flashback ! I was stolen by humans from my fairy home !!!

Hey Puppy .. I just knew your humour was going to sneak out on you sooner or later ;-) haha

Grace girl .. I'm so sorry you find dragonflies scary/creepy .. they are so gentle when they fly in the garden around me .. so calm and "not in my face" at all. They are such beneficial insects too! .. I'll let you in my secret .. moths .. ugh ! .. long Fruedian sry to that one LOL
Yes ! Spiders are really taking over the garden .. must be a hard winter coming .. yuck !
The shrooms self destructed ? As Mr. WiseA** foretold they would ;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there MK .. You got lost in the shuffle of the comments : ) Thank you ! Glad to make you chuckle : )

Gail said...

Joy, Good morning. Your photos are delightful...but the first one with the smiling dragonfly is wonderful. That gorgeous bug sitting on the fading hydrangea blooms is perfect.

I've noticed way too many spiders in my house...time to sweep;)

Have a great day...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my Soybeans and Sunset post, I was thinking of you when I captured the sunset. I'm still waiting for another good one, as I'm always either at work or choir when they arrive! Darn. I love your crazy mushrooms, and those dragonflies are kinda cute. My chocolate morning glory is mostly chocolate, but now there's a blue blossom. Weird! How are you going to overwinter your chocolate cosmos, I've got one too.

Rose said...

Those are some amazing dragonfly photos, Joy! I was a little worried about the size of those mushrooms, though; glad you put things in perspective:) Hmmm, I thought Pinky Winky was a girl?

Enjoyed your last post on sedums, too, especially the pairings with companion plants. I am definitely going to have to add more to the garden!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Hiya Joy! Beautiful pictures, as always. And I've had the chance to see your lovely garden in person. Lucky me!

Hey, how are you feeling these days? Are you doing much better? I hope you are, so you can enjoy the weather that is still pretty nice.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gail girl and thank you !
The hydrangea are beginning to fade but yet so beautiful still: )
Look out for those spiders girl !

Robin : ) Do you know what ? My chocolate cosmos never surfaced .. I planted it in the sun garden and I had not seen anything from it .. only the Sonata and White ones came up .. if the chocolate one had .. at least I would have known where the tuber was to rescue it for winter storage .. the chocolate morning glory was a bust and I never saw the moonflower .. so no luck with those. I am still waiting for the position of the sun to shift more to the east so I can get a glorious red sky morning .. I keep checking on yours though girl, fingers crossed !

Hello there Rose girl ! Wasn't that dragonfly beautiful ? he really did SMILE for me : ).. the sedum family have so many different ones I would love to collect them all if I only had the room . I don't know why I keep thinking of Pinky as a boy? It just stuck like an old nursery rhyme ? haha

Martha ! how are you ? and how is Bailey doing with that new litter ? any difference.. you truly did see my garden at one of its worst times .. I know you will enjoy the Spring show much better : ) especially with all the goodies I have to share ? LOL
I'm still struggling here .. but I think the antibiotics must be helping .. I miss being in the garden so much .. I'm hanging on though girl ! wink wink

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Really my dear, the first few pics should come with a click warning coz they are scary, especially the one where the chap is actually smiling. Brrrrrrr

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Yolanda girl ! you KNOW you love my dragonfly too .. how could you not when he is smiling at YOU like that? LOL

Frances said...

Oh, Joy, that was kind of scary, glad you ended up with the pretty flowers! Pinky Winky always makes me think of your garden, he looks like he is performing above and beyond this year. :-)

Barbee' said...

I love your Pinky Winky - sedum combo.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Frances ! I have to take more pictures of Pinky, even just lately he has become so handsome ! We have been having some cold nights so the "pink" in Pinky is really dramatic now ..soon those leaves will be a blast of colour too ! Yipppeeeee ! : )
Purple Dome aster with a white variety are ready to pop their blooms too .. you have to love Autum, RIGHT ?? ;-)

Barbee girl .. thank you ! They really look nice together don't they ? : )
My mums are going to pop soon too !

Wendy said...

I see you like yellow and pink in the garden as much as I do!
Cute dragonfly, sitting pretty on pink, showing off her transparent dress (oops, I mean wings). LOL!

And your mushrooms do look like something from outerspace - or just blobs waiting around for someone to transform them into something gorgeous. LOL!
Isn't gardening fun?

Anonymous said...

You always make me smile with your commentary Joy. ;) Lovely blooms & I envy your Pinky Winky. Mine has not shown any signs of blossoms this year but has grown dramatically in size. Crossing my fingers for next year.

GardenKazuo said...

what is the name of that mushroom? Joychan

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Your 'Pinky Winky' is stealing my heart!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Wendy ! Thank you for dropping by : ) ... and YES ! I love COLOUR .. this post was a pink and yellow one for sure .. I am a fan of dragonflies .. and I have more pictures of them too .. they fascinate me : ) .. those mushrooms are amazing too ! haha

Racquel girl ! I wonder why your Pinky is taking so long to bloom ?
Is it getting enough sun or maybe too much or is he that stubborn ? LOL Hang in there girl .. he has to give up some flowers SOON !!

Kazuochan ! How are you ? .. I think one of the other bloggers called these mushrooms "inkcaps" ? I'm not sure .. but I don't think they are for eating ? LOL

Ms. S hello there ! You really should have one of these .. they are one special hydrangea ! : )