Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Seriously Sedum Sojourn

This is a "seriously sedum" post .. and if you believe that .. I can show you where I saw a UFO land here in Kingston .. just in my backyard too !! ..
Seriously though .. sedums are a prime time plant this part of year .. they are coming into their own special "show' of beauty and are a back bone plant for Autumn.
I love them and I try to have a variety of them, when ever I spot something different my eye starts twitching and my hand moves towards yet another plant.
This one looks great with my Golden Jubilee Hyssop and some Cosmos foliage .. it is just turning a little pink on top now.
This was a slip of the finger .. Little Joe Pye Weed snuck in under the belt (I couldn't figure out how to remove the picture from the post .. remember I'm in fever land and even fewer brain cells are functioning than ever !!)
How about the pairing of ornamental grasses with some Autumn Joy ? .. I love my name in this sedum's description : ) .. but just as the sedum are "blooming" so are some ornamental grasses this time of year too !
Perfect right ?
"Mums Over Sedum" .. I planted some new mums this summer and had no idea they would get this tall .. actually towering over the sedum .. now how funny is that .. what is even funnier, is that I can NOT recall what colour these mums are going to be .. should be interesting ?
Variegated sedum .. this one is special .. I have some blue/gray lavender by it and yes another sprig of Golden Jubilee Hyssop .. I like the colour contrasts ..
Those tight little buds that open to look like little stars .. it never gets "old" to me .. I am still amazed by how pretty they get.
My white sedum has fully bloomed and looks rather fuzzy actually .. a bit of snowy fluff ?
Yes ..
The darker side of the garden .. I don't mean light value .. I mean ..
WHAT THE HECK ???? where did all those spider webs come from and do I hear tiny little voices yelling "Help Help Help !!!
The drama unfolds with this little bee ? sorry, I'm not sure what kind, or if it is a bee .. but I think so .. I couldn't stay to watch .. but .. I'm hoping it got free !
Now for the end of our sedum sojourn ... literally the "end" ..
Come on ... you HAVE to laugh .. how silly an ENDING could this be ??

Bright shiny ..... But* : )


tina said...

I think ornamental grasses look fabulous with sedums. They sure say fall!

donna said...

It just now dawned on me that the 'Autumn Joy' was named after YOU. I can't stop taking pictures of these gorgeous plants. Took some more earlier this evening. I especially luv how they look in the early morning light. I also have mums mixed in with the sedum. Pretty together. Your variegated sedum is especially attractive. Don't think I've seen that around here.

Unknown said...

Lol... maybe we should lay off the meds...I have been on nyquil for too long too...but I love the sedums...I have been posting a few pics of mine too. Now if I can just get rid of this chest

VP said...

How could you write about Sedums without including your namesake? :)

Mine's doing well too, and just like you I've been freeing loads of bees surrounding the plants!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Tina ... they really do seem to be a happy couple don't they ?

Hey there Donna ! I know what you mean about taking pictures of these guys .. they are gorgeous ! Different light values make them look amazing : ) I'll have to go through my name tags to find out exactly what that sedum's name is !

Hi Brooke .. Nyquil eh ? mine is something else that I just started antibiotics for .. but Nyquil sounds good to me !! LOL
Hope you can get that cold to "take off EH !!" Canadian way of say get well ? haha .. keep taking pictures though .. its good therapy ? haha

VP girl how are you ! .. I have heard that having weird things like a bump in the wasp population like we have had here with you guys there too .. and an increase in spiders like this .. means a bitter winter for us .. I don't know what happens to you guys over there though ? tons of rain ? yuck eh ? Hope not .. just buckle under and wait it out for Spring again !!

wiseacre said...

My sedum is attracting hundreds of visitors. There's always a smarta$$ in the crowd so I've had my share of moonings too.

Too bad about the Fairie Awnings. Not sure I can mail 'plants' across the border. I'd bring you some but it's just not worth the hassle of getting a passport to see your shiny fly butt.

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

About to get my first 'Autumn Joy' and I will try your pairing with the variegated grass.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. that doesn't surprise me in the least .. in fact I would be surprised if there were not MANY in that crowd mooning YOU !
Are you saying my shiny fly butt is not worth the effort ? Hey .. after years of traveling .. I have not renewed my passport either .. so I think there must be some sort of hang up I have about crossing YOUR border too ? ;-)
But I would have loved a fairy awning .. BIG sigh !

Daffy Planter ; )
I think you will like the pairing .. sedum goes with everything !! LOL