Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Expectations .. past, present, future ?

Expectations are funny things .. just when you think you almost know what to expect, well it doesn't happen at all the way you think it should or even might .
Yet we still do that 'thing" and still expect one chain of events to lead to another in a logical fashion .. but being gardeners we know by now that just doesn't work, right ?
You still can't hope but "expect" a little, going the way you thought it would ? Human Nature !
This little division of a heuchera THINKS it is a cluster of Autumn leaves ... look at those colours .. why shouldn't it think as much looking this gorgeous !
Midnight Wine weigela .. now doesn't the name speak volumes about it being on the darker side of a velvety dark night .. the heather (one of three I planted there) doesn't give a toss about names .. must be the Scottish background .. tough and a 'so what" attitude ?
Campanula .. little to large, are usually predictable .. they meet your expectations and usually soar above them .. ask Northern Shade .. she knows them very well !
Little Joe Pye weed (I had to get two .. just to be safe) is a cutie and I can't wait to see if they are predictable ..
Orange Velvet climbing rose .. I usually go on about Zephirine Drouhin and how gorgeous she is .. but I do have high expectations for this one too .. after all, look at this amazing bud late in the season.
I had to pop a few not so colourful shots from that road trip .. expectations were not met for a show of colour .. but there is still time ...
... and there is a slight reflection in the beautiful water ...
Afternoon sun highlighting a variegated sedum with Provence lavender .. they both exceeded my expectations so that was nice : )
My little Wintergreen still shocks me with its gorgeous colour this time of year .. it is slow to spread .. almost painfully slow .. but we have come to an understanding .. and it is , where it should be .. so I will be happy with that !
Now for the spooky music to start .. maybe from the "Little Shop of Horrors" ?
I swear this clematis said in a very deep voice "FEED ME !!" ..... YIKES !!!!

Hey ..... work with me here OK ????????????????


Urban Green said...

Ah! Expectations are tricky.
Little Joe Pye weed is totally a cutie. Lavender and wintergreen are beautiful and so are the others. Fall is such a great time of the year...
Love to Emma and Sophie.

Helen said...

Do you think we can expect good fall colour this year? I've heard it both ways.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I say give the clematis some chocolate before it gets you and spins you into a pod...yikes!!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello the UG ! (that sounds funny : )
Yes .. Fall is fleeting too, so you have to make every day count ! I think Emma and Sophie feel the change in the air too : ) they have their Halloween moments ? haha

Helen I am so unsure of what is going to happen .. and even the distance between you near Toronto and us in Kingston , we have different swings in weather .. I really hope we have a few decent days so I can get some beautiful leaves before the rain and wind knocks them down. Fingers crossed!

Cindee girl are you say I have to share CHOCOLATE with it ?? EEKKKKKK!!!! haha ... Hey .. I still can't get over those fabulous pictures you have taken of the sunsets and that moon girl BEAUTIFUL !!!

cherry said...

~ spins you into a pod...yikes!!!!

Too cute Miss Cindie

Everything is looking so pretty love the pond pic's ..hugs, Cherry

Carrie said...

A great big LOVE IT!! You have the best garden, all seasons round, just grogeous.
I noticed on another blog today a lady in America who seems to be a kindred 'spirit' to you! She also adores 'fall' and has her house decorated to the hilt. Check it out. See I'm starting to notice this Halloween thing....

our friend Ben said...

Ha! What a late-season bounty, Joy! (And I of course love your shots of the lake. No doubt it will be more colorful in a week or two, but from our mostly green perspective down here, it's a delicious foretaste of fall!) Guess I'd better go post about our first glorious fall color burst, from the pokeweed...

tina said...

All those plants look wonderful and sure would meet my expectations if they were in my garden. The fall color will be here soon-too soon. Enjoy the day Joy.

VW said...

Fun pictures, Joy. I see you're in full Halloween mode with the new orange and black blog theme. Go Joy, the Halloween Queen!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Cherry .. yup ! Cindee is a funny gal : ) she is in the mood for Halloween antics too ;-)haha

Carrie girl I owe you e-mail because I got your card yesterday !!! and it is too cute : ) .. Yes ! I have to visit Elliemae .. and I have to really start decorating too ! I have so many things to do I might have to go lay down and think about it first ? LOL

'ben' poke weed in colour sounds good to me : ) I'm afraid with the wind and rain we are having that the leaves will be literally ripped from the trees before I get a chance to take good pictures .. I may have to recycle last years ? LOL

Hi Tina girl .. I am trying to take every day slowly so I can savor the good bits .. this month is my favorite and I don't want to miss anything ! thanks girl : ) the garden is holding its own still!

VW !! Thank you girl .. does this mean I get a wicked crown to go with the title ? or just a new broom for the season ? haha
I do love this month and all that goes with it : )

Pat said...

Clematis this time of year? How cool !!
Your Little Joe Pye weed reminds me of Autumn Joy sedum..hmmmm
You already know I love Coral Belles.

Gotta tell me...
Do you get trick or treaters on halloween?
If so...Have you considered taking pics of the kids? Something like this (little kids).

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Patsi .. Yes ! I still have flowers on clematis .. it hasn't a killing frost time yet .. soon to come though.
YES ! we have about 80 or so TTs but I don't take pictures of them .. it is that whole tricky deal of going through asking the parents if it is alright or not .. I just want to keep the flow going, especially on a Saturday night this year ? LOL

Pat said...

Wow...80 kids...lots of candy !
I know there is a privacy thing but the kids are in costume. Adults here like to dress up also.
Maybe a pic of you ? lol

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed reading about expectations and seeing your plants. I planted some variegated sedums this summer, and have hopes for them to be stockier next year. They were in small pots, and were leggy. I didn't cut them back like I should have, because I didn't want to lose the blooms. I hope they look like yours next year.

Great post, and thanks for your get well wishes on my blog. Do you have fiber myalgia? I know several people who have that. It's no fun.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Yes Patsi girl we have quite a few kids and some of the parents do dress up too .. the last few Halloween I have been sick so husband was chief candy man .. he said he saw a few costumes that were awesome .. hey, as myself would be costume enough ? haha

Hi Sue
I think you will really like that sedum .. I don't see it around the garden centers very often, so it is rather special !
Yes .. I have fibromyalgia but with a few other conditions too .. most people have additional conditions with it .. we all differ in degrees of how badly we are affected. Every day it can be a struggle. Plants and gardening are my pure pleasure in life, and of course chatting to all of you gardeners too ! : )

Cat said...

You are such a Halloweenie!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Yup ... that I am Cat .. hehehehe !