Friday, 9 October 2009

Colour Me Autumn : )

I know that Tiger Eye Sumac does not appeal to every one .. and I understand that.

There are a host of plants that don't appeal to me either .. but I respect that said plants can make other gardeners knees shake with excitement .. and that is a good thing.
The day I lose that sensation over a plant I have been hunting .. well it will be a sad day for me and I don't want it to ever happen .. just cremate me and throw those ashes on any garden within reach .. right ? do some good for the soil I say !!
This may sound creepy .. and I don't want to offend anyone ..but I hope it happens around Halloween for me .. it would be the best send off possible : )
Look at these colours though .. I mean really !!

The day I took these pictures .. Thursday I think .. I was planting the last of my bulbs that finally came .. 40 daffodils .. a variety of them .. they are my favorite Spring flowers, so it was a fun event to me even working in the wind and under a threat of some showers .. good is GOOD, so grab it when you can !
After I tucked in the bulbs (did the required moaning and groaning to husband .. since I dug my own circle this time .. I just felt it would be "good" for me ? ugh ! note to self .. pain is pain is pain .. make husband do that for now on !).
But the unexpected pleasure of seeing how truly gorgeous the TES leaves had turned to such beautiful hues of Autumn colour .. plus the forgotten knowledge of Engelmann Ivy leaf colour in the Fall .. well .. I had to wipe off the dirt and grab the camera an keep those colours !
Do you see what I mean ? especially against the gray driftwood and the still newness ? of the deck wood .. all wood is good ( am I over doing the "good" factor here ?) .. it can be a wonderful canvas for coloured leaves of all kind .. it makes me smile every time I look at them.
Some of the leaves look like they have been bronzed don't they ?
Who knew after the "deck guys" trampled that earth so hard packed and dumped crud on those areas .. that I would get the old ivy back to join the new one !
My pictures don't do the colours justice really .. but it gives you an idea.

Then I discovered an anemone .. I thought it was "robustissima" but this is white .. so now I am puzzled and I have to dig out last years tags and see what the heck did I plant there, yet again ?

Is this a pretty flower or what .. it was windy this day so I am very lucky to have gotten some decent pictures .. you all know what wind can do to blur a picture .. aarrgghh !!

So this is a simple, uncomplicated, none soul bearing .. hardly Halloweeny ? post for me. I just wanted to share how gorgeous TES has become (Gail how is yours looking ?) ..But alas our future relationship is up in the air, because I truly want this Sumac to grow UP to hide the naughty mess we create (or was that ME) in that gap between the shed and the deck. I can see it in my mind's eye what a beauty it would be if it was about 5 or 6 feet high .. OK .. make it 7 .. just to be wicked ? witchy? : )


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,

The Anemone looks like:
Anemone x hybridia ‘Honerine Jobert.’

Count me as one of the lovers of Tiger Eye Sumac. Mine has morphed into similar glorious radiance. Unfortunately it hasn't grown as rapidly as I would like so patience, patience. I hope yours grows faster and achieves your goal of veiling the gap.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful Fall pictures! I loved seeing them!!!!

Gail said...

TES is looking good! Mine has begun to orange up and is looking very autumn like! Just think, it will get taller and look even better! I can't wait for it to lord over the Susans' bed...I've planted a late blooming liatris near by and hope the purple and orange mingle a little! Joy, I am thoroughly loving the antique Halloween greeting! Thanks! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Grace girl : )
I think it is a situation where the tag and plant don't match. I have had Jobert before .. in the front garden and it seemed to disappear on me a few years ago .. but this one I know I didn't pick Jobert .. it was a pink form of some cultivar .. BUT ! we all know this can happen at the nursery right ? so what ever it is, I'm glad it is there !
I guess all us "moms" of TES do have to be patient? we see so much potential in it that we want to rush that growth ! LOL

Thanks Cindee girl : ) I hope your weather is nice now too ? No more 100's ?

Gail girl TES should look amazing with the Susans ! and that Liatris will really set off those colours : ) I'm glad you like these cards girl .. they are my favorites : )

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I love Fall colours. I'm a fan of sumac too and just love the colours of their leaves at this time of the year. What a beautiful anemone. I planted some in early summer and they have bloomed constantly all season long.

our friend Ben said...

I actually love ALL sumacs for their gorgeous fall color, and your looks great! But, OMG, that fabulous ivy!!!! Oh, drool, be still my beating heart!!!! And I'm with Gail: I've really been enjoying the parade of vintage postcards. Too fun!

Connie said...

I'm with the colors on the Sumac. :-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Linda : ) I think everyone knows I have a huge soft spot for my Sumacs, haha. What type of anemone was it you planted for summer ? I miss Pamina .. it was a gorgeous one shorter and very floriferous ? LOL I'll try and find it again for next season .. this white one surprised me . I have no idea how that came about !

Thanks 'ben" ! In all of the ruckus this Spring I forgot what a treat my ivy would be in the Fall .. it is gorgeous isn't it ? I have to have a strong hand in keeping it tame .. but thse colours, how could I not have it ?
More vintage cards to come : ) !!

Connie the Sumacs rival the sugar maples .. they are both gorgeous : )

joey said...

Indeed you are surrounded with the warm hues of autumn, Joy. As a fellow sumac lover, had fun catching up on your October posts. Happy Autumn!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Your TES and ivy make such a cheerful combination for fall!

I'm sure it will be the size you want in no time :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Joey and thank you so much ! .. Yes there is a "quietly happy" Sumac club here enjoying the best season of the year ? LOL

Garden MM : ) Thank you !
They are a wonderful combination and I know next October they will both be big sparkling beauties that of course I will adore!