Saturday, 10 October 2009

Turkey Day and Vintage H. Cards (yet again!) : )

Anyone that glances at my blog knows that I am a Halloween NUT ... and that for the whole month of October I try to get people in the MOOD for Autumn and Halloween .. it is the BEST time of year and no one can tell me any different .. so don't even try .. just relax and enjoy my silliness with me ?
I found some amazing vintage card images on the net .. these aren't mine and I don't claim to have produced them .. so don't get me into trouble ! OK ? .. I just admire vintage cards so much I like to share what I have found .
These ones in particular have fascinated me because they are directed to a Scottish flare I think. Having a Scottish lineage I was very keen to see them of course !
They are done so well they remind me of the vintage Christmas cards .. thistles and kilts are a funny combination to see in Halloween themes ?
But as Carrie (Grow Your Own) reminded me .. Ireland hollowed out the first turnips for glowing Halloween lanterns ? OUCH ! that had to have been one heck of a scraping out session eh ? haha
So now to the last beauties of my garden .. cone flowers are favorites of mine and when they dry perfectly like this .. they earn the right to be my theme flowers for Halloween !
Looks like a big sister teaching a little sister cone flower how to be a true Halloween beauty ?
Mandarin Lights from the Northern Lights collection .. I have had this azalea for some time but it sulked in a too shady spot of the garden so since it has been moved to a location of more morning sun .. well I am so excited to see so many flower buds setting up and this beautiful bronze colour of the leaves : )
I have to show off my "lichen" on this piece of driftwood .. I am a proud mom of it and so happy to see nature taking more of an interest in my bits and pieces ? ;-)
Thank you Kiki of "Awake with Charm and Spirit" for reminding me to look closer at my driftwood to see "life" in it !
Have you suffered "Trapped Grass Syndrome" ??? .. I made a humongous mistake in trapping this poor miscanthus (Purple Flame) behind a lilac that has been doomed for a few years .
Spring will be the escape month for the poor grass .. the lilac is coming out (good heavens that will be one heck of a job .. I shudder to think about it ) but in its place , well lets say it will be another Autumn theme plant ? Thanks Andrea girl (The Greenhouse Worker)for all your suggestions !!
This grass is so beautiful .. the pictures don't do it justice .. the shades of yellow, orange and reds .. well they are perfect !
I can't help but think these "birds" are deep in discussion about flying south when the really cold weather strikes ... I haven't the heart to tell them they are stuck here ?
Do you think they will catch on ?
Tenacity ... a perfect example right here. I planted this years ago ... and in a huge change of heart and upheaval I thought I ripped it totally out .. now literally years later it is smiling at me again .. you have to give it credit ? ! .. and after all .. it is a pretty shade of PINK : )
Lastly ... my little metal lantern snuggled in with the heuchera here .. it is weathering to such a beautiful colour ..

Something nice and serene to wrap up this post with is in order : )

Happy Thanksgiving to all you good little Canadian gardeners out there !!!


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I wonder if the art of making and sending Halloween cards, like your vintage ones, still exists?

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.

our friend Ben said...

Kilts and Hallowe'en! Now THERE's a combination for the ages! Your plant shots were great, as always, Joy, but the lichen-on-driftwood shot really won my heart.

Nell Jean said...

Garden Joy, you can go to, get on their mailing list and they will send you weekly free samples for FREE that you will not get in trouble using. They've had some nice little Holiday samples lately.

Rusty in Miami said...

We need more people like you down here. There is very little Halloween spirit in my town, not many people decorate their houses anymore.

Victoria said...

What beautiful cards! I love vintage things! Wow..they are so super festive !Gorgeous! I love all your photos.. great have a wonderful way with words! And Yay..lichen-driftwood momma..I love it! Aww..I am touched..thank you for your wonderful comment and I truly appreciate you shining light my way. Have a fun and festive Thanksgiving from another fellow Canadian!

Urban Green said...

It's not silly at all. It just goes to show how excited and enthusiastic you are. Keep posting, I love them. I get to know so much from you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda and thank you ! Hope the little one can hold out till Halloween before coming into this world ? LOL
Yes .. I wonder if there is anyone that makes cards like this anymore ?

Hi there "ben' .. I am so happy to see those jewels forming on my driftwood .. I have such great pieces that husband brought home from his fishing trips : )
I'm still shaking my head over the Celtic themed cards .. amazing ! LOL

Hello Nell Jean and thank you so much for the address .. I am goig to have a good look : )

Rusty ! How are you ? I'll try and have as much Halloween for you here so you won't miss out .. I can understand why there isn't a great deal of decorating down there .. no proper Halloween nuts like me ? LOL

Kiki you are more than welcome girl ! I loved that post on the beauty of tree bark .. now those were gorgeous pictures !
You really reminded me of my adventures in the forest from childhood and that was wonderful !

Urban Green thank you and you are so sweet for taking such an interest in the addiction of my favorite season and holiday : )LOL

Frances said...

A belated happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Joy! I am thrilled to see your Mandarin Lights doing well, it is one of the most brilliant colors of all the many that grow here. Good to know it is hardy there as advertised as well. The Hallowe'en cards with the Scottish theme are just wonderful, I am of that lineage myself, and have never seen kilts on a pumpkin head person before, playing a fence post with a pitchfork as a violin, amazingly clever. Love the witches around the cauldron too. :-)

Frances said...

Oops, I mean broom. The pitchfork was in the sheep riding one. That's what I get for not opening another window to view while leaving a note.

Gail said...

I love the Halloween cards Joy! Keep showing them to us! I've shared this before, I know...if I had the storage space I would decorate for the major holidays like Halloween!

Poor grass~~that must be how all of mine feel in the less then ideal circumstances we have here. Grasses love to put their roots down deep into the soil and it's shallow and shady here!

Have a great week! gail

Darlene said...

Hope you have had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I love all of the vintage cards...they are so gorgeous! Hope you are having a wonderful day.♥

Pat said...

Autumn theme...have to remember that one. ha
Turnips for lanterns...boy that had to be tricky.
I should learn from you to make the most out of this time of the year. It's been great it cooler.

tina said...

One cannot help but be in the spooky Halloween mode when they visit you Joy. It is so hard to believe it is so close and a favorite holiday of mine too. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our northern friends and to you Joy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

LOL .. Frances girl I have done the same thing about commenting .. and I dropped the ball with how important the Celtic Festival of Samhain was and is .. thus those cards were produced back then and still now I would think .. will do a separate post on that soon.
YES ! this is my one and only azalea which I have had for years and love to bits .. it was floundering in a too shady spot .. hope to see gorgeous flowers this Spring : ) .. I missed getting Orchid Lights by one faster shopper in Costco .. I'm moaning about it still ! jeez ! haha

Gail I feel very guilty about my "trapped grass syndrome" for sure .. but will be working on a good combination next Spring.
YES ! I know you would have a blast with decorations if only you had the room ! .. want to rent some garden playhouse space way up here north ? haha

Hello Darlene girl .. I have to get over to your place and visit .. I just know you have been decorating more ! Yes thank you had a nice quiet weekend for the turkey day ! haha

Patsi girl ... I will convert you sooner or later .. I bet you haven't had the cold weather we have had lately .. or the FROST ?
Hey .. are you decorating for Halloween ????

Thank you Tina girl !! .. I want to make everyone feel in the Halloween mood ... let alone LOVE Autumn the way I do .. I'm so glad to have the company of other fans !