Monday, 12 October 2009

The "Don't List" for Halloween and FROST Finally ?

Yes, it is me again with "THE HALLOWEEN FIX !!" ..
I have to do a separate post on how I dropped the ball on why the "Celtic Halloween" cards were so popular .. the whole Celtic festival of Samhain, slipped what is left of my mind .. and with the old Scottish blood in my background .. rather embarrassing ?
Moving on quickly, a little red faced .. I found these cards telling you "what NOT to do" so that is rather interesting, if you are superstitious at all ?

This morning's light was tricky .. it got gray and bright fast after the dark morning sky cleared.
My beautiful Sumac is not turning colour in unison and I'm afraid one more rainy wind storm and her leaves will drop before the full affect can be seen.

The berry "cones' look very lopsided .. the birds have been eating lopsidedly ? ;-)
We had our first hard frost last night .. Gravetye Beauty is trying to make up her mind whether she will throw the towel in yet or not .. I am scrambling to figure out a spot for her .. another red faced moment because I promised her to Martha of Water Roots .. I haven't gotten things done this Autumn that I wanted to .. jeez !!
Still such a delicate beauty ..
Now for this morning's skies .. smudged coloured clouds .. and frosted roof tops.
The sun is still too far right , to get those amazing blazing sunrises .. I look forward to them as much as I look forward to Halloween all year .. so I still have something to keep me going ? ;-)

The pink reflection underneath the smudged clouds from the rising sun is so beautiful .. I wish it would translate better in my pictures .. but that will come as the sun shifts positions .. sounds like a "how to book" title in there some where ??


our friend Ben said...

Oh, my, Joy, imagine Victorian/Edwardian types thinking up "Hallowe'en Don'ts" cards. Yowee zowie! I'll be happy to find some really punch Maxine Hallowe'en cards. (She always nails it!) And to think you were able to take all these great photos despite Emma's naughty attempt to join you outside. Wow!!! Now you need soothing Hallowe'en food, so head on over to Poor Richard's Almanac and check out the variations on "Dracula Dip." It bites!---Silence

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Fabulous skies indeed. We haven't had our first frost yet, but it is very close. Brrrrr!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Those are cute Halloween Don't cards. The garden is just about put to bed for the winter. It is always sad to see everything be moved into the garage.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Joy, is it early for a freeze for you, or right on time? I am hearing it has gotten really cold far north of here. We are even having cooler (and wetter) weather than normal. Hum....makes me wonder about winter.
Love the sky pictures!!

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Such lovely photos from your garden. I've always loved the sumac. The sunrise pictures are very subtle, but beautiful. Where did you find those Halloween cards? Nice!!

RURAL magazine said...

It seems like we are having a early cold snap here, well, at least a record breaking early cold. Quite a few of the leaves are falling before they even turn color. And that is a shame...


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

The little corn cob pumpkins are so adorable!!

We are starting to see some houses around decorated for halloween. We are off to a 'pumpkin fest' next weekend in the country so I will be stocking up then!

Urban Green said...

The sunrise pictures are really nice but frost is not good news. I feel terrible for plants...

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I see these cards for the first time, and I like them!My favorite would be the second one.

CiNdEe said...

Delightful pictures! I hope your sumac makes it before the leaves fall! No frost here but we do have rain in the forecast!!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi 'ben" Love the yowee zowie (sounds like the TV Batman show ! haha) .. I love that crazy Maxine too ! It bites ? too funny : )
I'll be over to see whats up with the recipe !

Hi there Keewee .. the morning sky is still subtle here but in another month or so, I should be seeing truly red skies (hopefully !) .. that was a good start with our frost cycle.. it had to happen .. so I will go with the flow ? haha

Linda I wish we had a garage so I could over winter a few things .. but I love our little shed and we can store quite a bit in there .. which is a relief ! phew !
It is a little sad .. but planning next years is fun over the winter .. keeps me almost sane ?

Hello there MT ! Thank you girl ! I can't wait for the really red sunrises .. We are on schedule with our frost date but YES ! out west they have gone through horrendous weather .. deep cold and snow .. now that is a bit strange even for them !

Hello Mary Delle .. I found the cards on a Flicker site .. I have never seen these either and I search every year for new ones. These have been fabulous to see : )
Yes .. subtle skies and so enticing ..seducing in fact .. I couldn't help myself I'm so in need of a good RED morning yet !

Hi Jen .. I can't get over the weather they are having in the Calgary areas ? was it them with such a huge swing .. and you guys cooled off quickly .. such dips in temps are hard on us and the garden ? LOL .. Yes, that really disappoints me when the leaves fall off before they change colour.
DARN IT ALL !! hahaha

Hello Ms.S .. I am waiting for a dry sunny day to start my decorations off .. I bought more skeletons to put in our big maple tree .. we have a large front step so I have lots of things to put there .. it is fun to see other houses decorate too : )

Dear Urban Green .. it is our cycle of life here .. there is a lot of beauty in frost and it promotes our fantastic Autumn colours with the leaves on so many trees .. it is a natural ebb in our garden season and we enjoy this too ! : )

Hi Tatanya ! This is the first time I have ever run across cards like these too .. so it makes me smile a lot as well : ) It is amazing what some searching can turn up on the net !

Cindee girl : ) I'm glad you have cooler temps and some rain .. it must make your garden glad too ? LOL .. hey .. let me know if you get a scary Halloween card in the mail girl ? wink wink .. haha