Tuesday, 13 October 2009

OOPS ! .... Good Grief !!!!

I never post this early in the day .. let alone actual morning.
But I am in BIG trouble with some discs in my back complaining like there is no tomorrow .. I think they figure "go for broke, she isn't paying attention to us anyways ?"
So people out there with back problems and degenerative disc disease .. PAY ATTENTION .. take it from me ! I have ignored the problem for days because I was busy .. now I don't know how long the shut down period in bed is going to be .. aaarrrggghhh !
So I want to get this post in and hobble off to bed so I can moan and groan .. to the cats ?
who will want to share the bed with me ... they should know better ? ;-)
Just some simple cards today .. simple but cute : ) Vintage can not be beaten for the art work !

I did manage a few pictures last Sunday .. while the turkey was roasting ..
I love cat tails .. they can be a beautiful foil for the coloured leaves .. we should have more colour after yesterdays hard frost .. but it is raining today and well ... this bed rest thing is going to happen now .. glad I am not missing a gorgeous Autumn day at least !
Power lines and poles are my enemies .. I try to NOT shoot them but it happens .. this was so pretty with the evergreen trees there.
I tried to compensate for the brightness of high noon ... not great timing to take pictures , rats !
These are close to my neighborhood .. in fact we are very lucky to see so many wonderful trees close to us.

Click on the bottom picture and you will see the moon just above it ... the white dot !! ;-)
OK .. I took this "before" picture ... and by golly I forgot the "after" one because it smelled too good ? .. Thus the naked turkey picture .. well, not naked .. it is stuffed and seasoned ?

.... and YES !!!!! it was GOOD : )


Darlene said...

I just ADORE all your vintage Halloween postcards! Ooooo look at your trees, they are turning spectacular shades of color. YUMMY the turkey looks like it was DELICIOUS...I can almost smell it cooking now.......

I do hope you don't end up in tooooo much pain from your back. Hopefully, you have some medicine which will help your pain.♥

RURAL magazine said...

Great cards collection. Bad back. I an so sorry to hear that you are out of commission for a while. Take good care of yourself, and get lots of rest.

You need to be up, and mobile for your big day [Halloween].


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Lovely fall pictures. Now you stay in bed and get some REST. Have the kitties snuggle up against your sore back to keep it warm *grin*

joey said...

So sorry about your back/discs, Jan. My husband also suffers but 12weeks of therapy helped and now he keeps up at home. Your autumn photos are lovely, especially love the top one. Belated Happy Thanksgiving ... your turkey, even naked, looked mouth-watering! Get well soon!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

What a relief to know that the turkey was good, it certainly looked good enough to eat. ;-)

Love your pics of autumn colours, so lovely and so are your halloween cards.

Not lovely is your back trouble, you poor thing. I know how it is as I had severe back trouble a few years ago. You know what really works? To get on your bike or hometrainer and cycle. Got this bit of advice from a specialist and he wasn't wrong. For me it worked a treat (without the trick ;-)) and after a spin on my hometrainer for 10 minutes or so my back didn't hurt anymore. Worth the try, I think and just think of how vastly amused your cats will be when you are cycling for hell and high leather without moving an inch from the spot. I know it cracks the Bliss team up everytime I do it. ;-)

Kylee Baumle said...

So sorry to hear about your back, Joy! :-( I hope you're up and around soon. My mom had surgery on hers last Thursday and is doing great.

Love the vintage cards. I used to collect postcards and have some beautiful old ones. They were amazing back then, weren't they?

Take care of yourself, girl!

our friend Ben said...

Mercy, Joy, I hope you take a heating pad or hot water bottle into the bed with you! (Not to mention the catwarmers, of course.) Yikes, please feel better! And thanks for the lovely autumnal photos. Can't wait for all that color to show up down here!!!

Anonymous said...

Power lines and poles are one of my biggest peeves too, Joyful. My sympathy on your bad back -- I have an L5/S1 disc that's very bad (from all that lugging and lifting as paramedic) and I know how wretched it can make you feel. I hope it improves quickly -- lots of moist heat and ibuprofen, if you can take it. :) Your fall colours are gorgeous!

Gail said...

Delightful post...Power lines are a problem in the 'burbs. Now if you feel like I'm rushing, it's because I am hurrying you to lie down and rest your back. Emma and Sophie...give Joy some space! Many gentle hugs, gail

Nell Jean said...

Oh, you poor soul! I hope your back improves with rest, heat and perhaps some physical therapy (helped me).

VW said...

Great fall color shots. I hope your back can heal and you'll feel better soon, Joy. Back pain is no fun for anyone, especially a gardener!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

So sorry to hear you have back pain... it's the worse... I know. The foliage is gorgeous where you are and I'm sure that turkey was yummy! -Jackie

Carrie said...

Oh I have had my experience with back problems, NOT PLEASANT! Look after yourself sweetie.
I absolutely adore your old fashioned Halloween cards. They are truly beautiful. Are the vintage or vintage reproductions?
Your autumn-y tree photos are lovely too, goregous trees.

donna said...

I was drooling over all the pretty fall color photos and then when I saw the stuffed turkey, the real drooling started. I'm so sorry about your dang back. Being in bed with the cats should help. Good thoughts going your way.

Helen said...

Joy, Hope you're feeling better soon. It pays to listen to those nagging body parts, as I've learned to my peril in the past. We were actually in Kingston on Thursday and Monday, en route to and from Quebec City. I thought of you as we sipped our A&W root beer in your "nabe".

gittan said...

Hi Joy! Sad to hear about your broken back. But you shouldn't stay in bed and rest. It's so much better to go out for a long walk. Walk, and walk, and walk you see the pattern =) My husband, the Carpenter, have some backproblem and my brother, the masseur, keeps telling him to do all that walking. The worst you can do is to sit down. Hope you soon feel better.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey all you WONDERFUL gardeners out there !!
Thank you SO much for all of your kind wishes for my cranky back.

I'm so impatient to get up and mobile again it is getting on my last nerve being held up like this .. the kid in me is kicking my proverbial 'backside' .. after my last fusion of a couple of discs with some screws thrown in, the doctors said not to gain any weight (now how sad is that ? ) and stay in good shape .. almost as sad as the do not gain weight thing.
Now when the pain surge is torturing me I am in such remorse about not being GOOD .. all the promises are being made to the "back & disc" god .. that I will be GOOD !! I promise !! I swear !!

You know I always answer each comment individually but I can't "sit" for long because of the pain. So I hope you for give that this time please : )

Again (can't say it too many times really, right ?) thank you all for leaving such kind comments .. I so want to be "back" on here being a BIG kid again soon !

17 days until HALLOWEEN People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gardenkazuo said...

how large was your turkey this year? bigger than 15 ponds?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kazuochan : ) .. it wasn't all that big .. maybe 12 or 13 pounds .. funny but it looks bigger in the picture .. that is true ! : )