Thursday, 1 October 2009

October 1st and ... I ?

Hellllloooooooo October !!!!!
I'm actually so not with the program I intended to be with for my most favorite month in the year .. how does this happen ? why can't I keep up with the plans I make in my head .. even now I have e-mails to catch up with and the guilt pangs are doing a great job stabbing me !
But here I am .. trying to do a little kick off post for ... Halloween ... it just has to be this way : )
I am a fan of retro Halloween goodies of all kinds (well maybe NOT ancient candy) .. but cards and Halloween art are a favorite of mine ... so here goes the disclaimer .. no I did not make these cards and I don't know who to thank when they are posted on the net. I do thank the "spirits" of the artists that did design them originally though : ) Thank You !
The above one is of a dual purpose .. combining Thanksgiving and Halloween is a fun idea.
Canadian Thanksgiving is on the 12th of October so I am getting this in a little earlier because I may forget while cooking the turkey ?
The "pumpkin-girl" is just too cute .. dressed in Autumn leaves .. so I had to include her for this post because I am hoping upon hope to see some great leaves to take pictures of in the next few days .. plus we picked up some pumpkins, straw and what nots, to decorate the front step with.
So fingers crossed for some decent weather to do it all up !

Mr. Mystery dropped by the other day .. what can I say ? .. It makes me annoyed when he uses my garden for a litter box .. when I know he isn't safe roaming the neighborhood ... when i have two beautiful cats of my own that are totally indoor cats that will never be at risk from outside problems and never use anyone's garden as said litter box .. do you get the direction I am going in ?
Yet he intrigues me with his profound , simple, jet black beauty ... and so Halloweeny ?
He doesn't even "spook" when I go out on the deck to snap his picture and tell him to GO HOME !!
I thought I would try a retro "look" with him ... he looks even more mysterious, right ?
Then we have my friend Jean's little black fur ball of purrs and "purrfect love"

I've already told my friend that Tilly is one beautiful Halloween kitty : ) and get a load of that royal RED cushion she rules her kingdom from ?


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I really like the old cards and decorations. The art work is really great.
Mr. Mystery is rotten for using your whom does he belong? I may have words. Your little princess is sure cute.

Unknown said...

I bet you're all decorated up for Halloween already, right? Such a fun month. It seems like I am always about two steps behind. Why do we keep ourselves so darn busy anyway?

CiNdEe said...

Happy October 1st!!! My black cat has that same look(-: I have been busy building fairy houses so I am not with the program either and I want to be so this weekend I am going to get it all out and set up!!!!(-: Does it seem like October sneaks up?

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

What a festive kick-off to one of my favourite months! Halloween is so much fun - you will have to post pics of your front step once you get it all done up! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ I know what you mean. I feel sad that Mr. Mystery is relegated to the not-so-kitty-friendly outdoors. And Tilly is absolutely kissable.

Happy October to you.

gittan said...

The neigbehouds cats using my garden as a litter box, that's a problem I'm aware of! No nice at all! Especielly when they use the veggie garden =( Already October... what happend to august and september? I missed them completely =)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Janet girl !
I think the neighbors two houses behind us (who also have the worst squawking parrot from hell)own him but I'm not sure .. I feel sorry for all the loose cats but yuck with the garden when that happens ;-(
I love retro Halloween things : )so tru about the art work .. something very special indeed : )

Cinj believe it or not I haven't decorated yet .. a few things in the kitchen but not full tilt.
I lose track of time so often it is pathetic girl ! haha .. I don't know why we are that way but it tends to make us a bit crazy eh ? haha

Cindee girl ! YES ! even though I can't wait for October it does sneak up fast and then bang ! it is here .. fairy houses ? I have to have a look at what you are up to girl !

Hello there Ms. S : ) .. it really is the best month of the year to me too .. and I will certainly take some pictures of my step .. I don't go over the top .. but I have fun with it for sure : )

Hello Grace girl and Happy October to you too ! .. My friend went through some very hard times and adopting Tilly was such a lift in her spirits, along with her hubby too .. they love Tilly to bits .. so do I (long distance since she lives in the UK .. haha)
Yes .. those neglected cats make me just plain sad.

gittan you are not alone girl ! we are all saying the same thing to ourselves "where the heck did September go with part of August ?" .. ths seemed to go bang fast ? LOL

Carrie said...

Lovely cards, mine is in the post but it was hard to find one here! I should have gone to Marks and Spencer, they seem to be going all Halloween-y this year. Anywho, love the post, great sepia cat photo.
Cats and I (and Maggie) don't get on when they invade our garden!

Anonymous said...

Your mystery visitor is a beautiful cat, even if he does, er, fertilize your garden for you. I hope he stays safe. Great post to kick off October!

Kathleen said...

I'm a fan of vintage anything Joy so these cards are awesome. I'm so happy it's your favorite month! I'm sure you'll catch up and get where you want to be. "Mr Mystery" is a very Halloweeny-looking cat ~ maybe you should adopt him??
The sepia photo of him is great. Isn't it interesting how changing the color of the photo changes everything about it? Have a good day and Happy October!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl : ) I appreciate what ever you send in the mail ! I think our Halloween is trying to invade the isles over there ? hehehe .. I know ... you guys invented it first .. we just "kicked it up a notch" ? haha
I really hate to see cats on the loose and wandering around .. especially since I have my own two indoor babies .. I don't blame you or Maggie one bit !!

Hello there Nancy ! It is gray and rainy out now, after starting out foggy yet sunny .. very odd day indeed .. he is a beauty but the safety issue with idiot owners will always be a problem .. I hope he keeps safe too !

Kathleen girl .. I swear I won't catch up until mid January at the rate I fall behind .. YES ! I love vintage Halloween things and cards are so beautifully done then : )
I think it does change your perception when sepia is used for sure .. strange how or brains work, or not work ? LOL
Happy October to you too girl !

Barbee' said...

Now see, you didn't do so badly, in fact, a great job with a very entertaining and cute post. Love all the black cats and that little Halloween girl dressed in leaves. Oh, did I mention the cats? Never too many cats. Are they beginning to act a bit spooked and nervous? Dry leaves blowing. Something happening!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barbee girl thank you : )
I do love those old Halloween cards ! .. that is funny you should mention the cats and dry leaves thing. One of our beautiful Calico cats named Molly (she is on my side bar .. the most intelligent little loves I have ever had) she LOVED watching the dry leaves dance on our front step and back deck .. she could sit and watch them for hours .. it pulls at my heart when this time of year comes for that .. Sophie has almost the same streak in her for watching them too .. you never forget your little furry loves do you ? .. Molly was our first truly Halloween cats .. Calicos have the white for ghosts , black for black cats or bats, and orange for pumpkins .. she was a beauty as Lucy was too.

garden girl said...

Hmmm. . . how did I know you'd be gearing up for Halloween Joy? ;)

OMG, that little kitten is too cute. . . I feel myself getting weak. . . Nope, Lawn Man would kill me if I got a kitten. . . but oh, they're so cute. . . I saw the cutest little kitten at the vet's office the other day and I can't get kittens off my mind now. You're no help Joy! It's like a song that gets stuck in your head!

Happy October!

Frances said...

Happy October, Joy! I love all the things you show, but Mr. Mystery is a jet beauty, the look out of his eyes, wonderful for the season. The little pumpkin girl is the cutest thing even seen too. I love everything to do with pumpkins. :-)

VP said...

Tilly's a real cutie :)

We have a Tilly next door, but she's a dog, albeit a very cute puppy dog!

Have a great weekend - you're mentioned in my diary today, because it's your favourite time of the year ;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Linda ... you have to have a kitten or it will STICK in your mind FOREVER girl !!! Lawn man will succumb .. the kitten's purr and playful nature will woo him .. Truly ... you must have a kitten, there is no other way to cure this disease !! YES !! my favorite time of year : ) aahhhhhh !!!

Hi Frances it is my favorite time of year (now if the weather cooperates ?) .. went out picture taking yesterday but not enough colour has happened yet, so I'll try again later. Yup .. Mr. M is a very naughty boy but gorgeous .. the little leaf girl is a cutie isn't she !

VP girl .. now fancy that ! You have a "Tilly" as a neighbor ? even though of the canine nature .. we will over look that bit ? haha .. well thank you girl ! I bet if you ever experienced our Autumn you would be totally addicted to this time of year too !

our friend Ben said...

Happy October Joy!!! My birthday month and favorite month. At least Mr. Mystery's trying to lend a little Hallowe'en ambience to your yard! Check out our post tomorrow for a little Hallowe'en music. I'm sure you'll have a few more to add!

Andrea's Garden said...

I see you are a friend of the month October. It will be fun looking forward to your posts. The little kitty is sweet! Andrea

greenman said...

It's your favorite time of the year!
I always remember you when I hear something about Halloween!!

It's almost there!! Enjoy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

'ben' !!did you tell me this was your birthday month ?? Mine was yesterday the 3rd (that is why I have a fascination for the number 3 !!) haha .. so if I forget I want to get a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in for YOU !!
Yes .. mr. Mystery is holding up his end and more .. jeez ! haha
I'll be looking for your post : )

Hello Andrea girl : ) .. yes I am a BIG fan of October .. every day is a gift from mom nature to me .. even those sad rainy days .. because it is OCTOBER : )

Greenman hello there ! Why thank you for remembering about me and my obsession ? LOL You are very sweet : )