Friday, 30 October 2009

Second Last Day of my Favorite Month

Well .. my time of the year is nearly done and it hasn't gone according to plan with this VERY wet October .. I shudder to think of the pictures I have missed that I began to plan taking way back in June for heaven sake ! Arrrggghhhh !
I will have to make do with I have and start planning for next year ... a true Autumn/Halloween "nut" starts cracking on their next mission !
I also had start the cards off with a Celt one yet again .. those roots are demanding so behave why don't you now ! beware the "thistle" and watch where you sit down !!
The rest are very simple drawings but perfect ... no stress viewing : )
Cats are essential as are pumpkins of course ...

That cat has the same reaction as my girls do first thing in the morning when they SEE ME ?

Now for some thyme ............ this one has been amazing .. if i can get myself together I would plant this in the garden .. I love it so much I have delayed as long as possible and hope it might even survive in the pot .. it has the most beautiful colouring !
Gravetye Beauty has also been trapped in a pot .. I have been such a naughty gardener this past year .. the guilt pangs are HUGE !!
Kathleen .. girl avert your eyes if you are reading this post .. because this "Maypop" passionflower vine is beyond explanation .. I have NO idea how it has become the Frankenstein vine in my life this year .. but rather perfect for Halloween on one hand ?
I have no idea if it will hold over the winter and take over again in Spring .. I really hope so and I hope Kathleen's will do the same too !

Golden Sage ... so under utilized as a beautiful plant let alone an herb : )
Mixed with this thyme it is stunning

Who can not grin at Hen's and Chicks .. I love mine and hope they will also be happy in their pots .. the way the sun streaked across this shot was beautiful : )
I had no idea how hairy they were ... talk about possible waxing ideas ?? haha
They are gorgeous to me hairy or not !

Last shot on the second last day of October ... the little gold Maple leaf was a nice touch .. yes it wandered over almost on its own ;-)

Happy almost HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Helen said...

Waxing the hens and chicks! You made me laugh, Joy.

our friend Ben said...

Hi Joy! Loved the two cats peering in the window in the one postcard---reminded me of your girls! You've really found some great cards. And that thyme is so outstanding, especially with the gold-variegated sage. Happy almost-Hallowe'en!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Helen girl .. just look how hairy those little guys/gals are !! I couldn't help myself with thinking ouch on the wax job ? LOL

Hey there 'ben' yup it certainly is a cat month along with all the other goodies that are my favorites .. I'm already thinking of next year like Linus with the "Great Pumpkin" ?? LOL

garden girl said...

What a pretty thyme - I haven't seen that one before. I hope yours survives winter.

Happy Halloween Joy!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I just love all the Halloween cards you've been sharing.
I've always noticed you girls on your sidebar but realized how much your Sophie looks like a cat I once had named Ali.

Anonymous said...

My passionflower vine has also become a monster, grabbing everything in it's path! I'm actually anxious for a frost to slow it down. Hope it comes back next year, but don't know where to plant it to keep in contained. It outgrew the trellis long ago!

Kerri said...

Happy spooky Halloween, Joy!!!
Yes, that sage is wonderful. I have a multicolored one. Gorgeous! Love the coloring of the thyme too.
Would you believe I don't have any hens and chicks. For shame!
Enjoy your favourite holiday of the year :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda and I hope you had a Happy Halloween too ! Yes .. as soon as I go through my box of tags I will post the name of this thyme hopefully .. it is an exceptional one and I'm trying to get it in the garden if I can !

Hello Catherine glad you enjoyed the cards ! Sophie was all white with dark lynx point as a kitten .. then her colouring came out between a Siamese and the other half of the blend which was supposed to be Main Coon and Himalayan .. but I have seen a few other that look so much like her it is almost a breed of their own .. makes you wonder eh ?

Robin girl I had to take this out of the pot early summer and plant it in the raised bed by the deck where my climbing rose is and this thing has NOT STOPPED even now ! It was 3 inches when I got it and it is called a "Maypop" passionflower vine .. I have no idea if it will truly survive our winter but hubby is its biggest fan so I hope so !!

Hey Kerri girl and thank you ! Hope Halloween was fun for you too : )
My goodness ! no H&C ? .. you have so many gorgeous plants I guess having them got lost in the shuffle ? .. I love these little guys for pots because they are so easy to care for ... no care really .. and they fill the base of skinny or "vine" type plants .. you have to have some girl .. so next year OK ?? LOL

Kathleen said...

I should have averted my eyes but I just couldn't. I had to look and see how incredible 'Maypop' was/is ~ and it's AMAZING. You must have given it magic juice or something?? I'm glad it did so well and I hope it comes back next year and flowers profusely! That would make me really jealous!!
Glad you were able to have a good Halloween. I know it's your favorite. The countdown is on. Your vintage postcards are super cute too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl .. I hate to even mention this part .. but even with the cold mornings with frost , that Maypop has been putting on one more push of growth .. I am dreading next year because I am afraid it won't come back because it went so crazy this year ?
Yes .. the count down is on for next Halloween .. October went way too fast .. BIG sigh ! LOL

maggiepie said...

I've been reading and enjoying your blog, however, the plant you are describing as thyme is actually oregano.
If you plant it out in the garden, make sure it can't escape, it spreads very quickly.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Maggiepie !
Thank you for letting me know my "oops" identification .. I fell into trusting plant tags too easily even when I am a bit stumped .. so now I know I should trust my instincts better ? LOL
I have to admit though .. it is a gorgeous plant but perhaps by shear luck, I never did plant it in the borders or I might have the running wild problem as you have said .. best to leave in the pot after all ! Thanks ! : )