Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sunrise .. and nonsense

Well ... the BIG day/night is drawing near ... but the weather has done nothing to add to the atmosphere for a clear and sparkling night for my most favorite time of the year ..
So I will soldier on with more cards .. which is an ALL GIRL card night .. women are the powerful beings on this planet (sorry guys .. but I know you are secretly relieved ? haha)
No ugly hags ... all a myth ... unless some one has seen me first thing in the morning and the statement begs "what the heck do you think you are looking at PAL ?"!!!!
OK .. I have to say this is the first of a Halloween "nutshell" I have ever heard of .. makes me wonder how much more I really haven't a clue about ... and it is nice to know I can still see things I haven't seen before ?
I'm sure there is something very Freudian about this scenario .. go figure ?

Husband would disagree that I only have one hour to do mischief in ... a lot of years has taught him THAT !
OK .. now for the morning show ...
A couple of mornings ago it was a full on show stopper sunrise .. I hadn't seen one in months and months .. so I was "gobsmacked" and taking pictures with shaky hands (no coffee yet) well .. I can't illustrate how unbelievable it looked .. the black corner to the left is our eavestrough ? so you can get the scale of what was going on ...
The illumination from the bottom was simply amazing and got stronger and stronger
It literally turned the sky completely pink and fuchsia ... it was stunning : )
This is our male tree arm .. for a point of reference
It was over way too soon .. I wish I had better pictures .. it was so darn beautiful !
Winthrop thought it was a good start to the day as well ?
The boys agreed wholeheartedly ... that was the last blue sky I have seen since then .. ugh !!
But that evening the moon played pee-a-boo over my neighbor's maple tree ... yes .. my neighborhood has a lot of maple trees .. and I love them all !
There were veil like clouds moving in .. it was perfect watching them float around the moon ..
Like shadows on the moon ...
So the rain moved in .. and out Pacific Sunset Maple has been trying to pump out its colours before it is too late .. poor dear .. and suffering from "measles" aka "black tar spot"
Dave and the boys wanted a picture taken with the colour show ...
Then the maple wanted an alone picture ... (kind of temperamental but sweet really)
I had to take some raindrop pictures .... my rosemary and thyme and parsley ... they are holding on a while longer yet ! : )
... yes .... I had to do it in sepia too ... it looks great ! : )
There is that thyme, sage and parsley with Hens'n Chicks .. keeps me smiling to see them !
A last poor rainy shot of Winthrop braving the rain to keep a constant vigil on the garden .. it must be working because I haven't had a squirrel mafia visit in a long time ! Yahoo !!!


Gail said...

I had to have a piece of chocolate...with all this talk of trick or treating! Yummy Vosges chocolate. Love the card...and No, I have never heard of Halloween nutshells either.

Joy, isn't it wonderful that fall has brought on our favorite red skies! What a delight to see it on your blog! Your photos made me smile. Although, the chocolate really made me happy;-)


our friend Ben said...

Poor Winthrop, I know just how he feels! (It's been raining nonstop here, too. Some fall!!!) And what on earth with the Hallowe'en nut?! Maybe there's some obscure legend that's been lost and needs to be resurrected. More great cards!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ You're so good at capturing the beauty of the sky, a good thing since it's over so quickly. The fall colors are just delicious, aren't they? After Halloween what are you going to talk about? [Smile, smile.]

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Reading about Winthrop and the boys makes me almost ashamed that my garden gargoyle doesn't have a name. Hmmmmm I will have to think on that. I am glad you finally had a dry day.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful sky pictures! I love to see those in the morning(-: Evening too of course! Full Moon next Monday(-: Hope the weather holds up for that!!!!!!
The postcards are cute too. I have really enjoyed seeing all the different ones(-:
Glad the "boys" are behaving themselves(-: Its not Halloween yet though...LOL

Pat said...

You really do have a great selection of cards !
Ready for the big day?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl are you trying to make me jealous with this chocolate talk ? naughty girl !!
The sky that morning .. well it made my heart race like crazy .. I brought a chair out from the kitchen to the deck to get better views .. my neighbors know I'm nuts anyways ? but it was funny !!

'ben' ... I have felt so let down with this weather .. no sight of it clearing either .. rain for Saturday .. mixed with H1N1 flu I think it will be a very quiet night even though it is a Saturday .. no pictures are going to happen either .. whaaaaa !!

Grace girl .. you are so right about how quickly the sky changes .. and the spectacular shows don't happen often so I race to capture it .. well, I have a brief sabbatical ? from all this foolery then after Xmas .. it is hard core plant and garden talk for me .. so the garden side will dominate then : )

Lisa girl !! You have to name your gargoyle .. and then you have to come back and properly tell the boys what his name is .. Winthrop is my little but fierce protector, Dave of course is a proper gnome .. I have Weather Gargoyle (pointy ears) WG for short .. then Thinking Gargoyle (head on hands) TG for short .. then Mista G from Cindee in California (he is adjusting to our weather very well !) .. there now !

Cindee so far they have been 'good" but who knows what might happen THAT night ? LOL
That red sky morning was awesome ! .. made me so happy to see it .. full moon and our weather has been rotten .. I hope to see it but I still haven't managed a true night picture of it .. darn !!

Patsi girl .. I never seem to be totally ready for anything .. I don't know what my problem is .. running on half a brain at best ? LOL

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Those vintage cards are really cute and so detailed, very well done.
Red sky at night, sailor's delight
Red sky at morning, sailor's warning....
so when were those pinks in the sky?

tina said...

What a great sunrise!

Helen said...

Joy, Love your card collection. Where do you find them all?

Anonymous said...

We've had similar sunrises here, Joyful -- I'll post some for comparison soon. Your fall colour is beautiful and that moon just sets the mood for your favourite day. :-)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

WOW. Those Halloween cards are incredible! I love them. Great photos, too, but I am enthralled with these cards! Thanks for sharing...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Janet girl .. that saying holds TRUE .. we have had days of rain and I'm getting TIRED of it all !!!! .. bring on some sun for a bit to dry us out for Halloween !

Tina .. it was AEWSOME girl !!!

Helen .. I don't have these cards (I wish I did !) .. I found their illustrations on the net from random sites .. I know they must be such a treasure to who ever has them : )

Hi Nancy .. it was one in a million so far .. I miss seeing them .. but the sun is shifting its position so I have better chances later on of catching good ones .. hope to see yours too !!

Hi Kate .. I was so happy to find such unusual ones on the net .. who ever owns these are so lucky .. they are gorgeous !!!

Kerri said...

Wow, what a morning sky! A glorious show indeed.
Glad there are no ugly hags on your neat cards :)
It was nice of you to accomodate the boys with a colorful foliage backdrop pic ;)
Have a wonderful time on your favorite night of the year. No scarying the daylights out of anyone now. Be a good witch, er, girl :)
I don't know whether I ever answered your question about Hannah and Molly, but yes, they are indeed sisters. Hard to tell apart unless you know them well :)
Happy Halloween!!!!

rabia akram said...

I enjoy reading the post, it lifted my spirit up and photos are incredible. Esp the photos of inspiring morning sky. hugs

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Kerri girl that truly was a WOW !! moment that morning .. my heart was racing I loved it so : )
You are the only one that got the "back drop" for the boys ! LOL
I am going to be a good girl(witch) and could never scare the little ones : )
Hannah and Molly are so beautiful .. My Molly was the most extraordinary cat I have ever known .. I love all of my girls but there was something above and beyond with her .. you just never forget these furry little souls.
Have a great Halloween Kerri !

Hello there mania ! Thank you so much .. my material gets a bit stretched come true cabin fever time in winter ! LOL
But if I am lucky I can get some astounding shots of the sunrise because of the shift in its position here .. fingers crossed ! : )

Diane Schuller said...

great to have a wee visit again -- how lovely that you continue to enjoy the best things in life and nature.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Diane I was just at your site and loved your pictures yet once again .. I'm amazed with the snow thing .. I know it is a huge pain in the butt to handle .. try not to give in to it girl ? .. Like I will remember THAT advice in the middle of my cabin fever ?? LOL