Sunday, 29 November 2009

Perfection and Imperfect

I didn't see this amazing tiny water sphere that well when I aimed my camera at these leaves .. I also didn't see the filaments of powdery mildew stringing themselves along my poor climbing rose. However it did bring to mind the title for this post some how ?
This tiny creature escaped my notice as well .. it is amazing when we download pictures how much more we see that we had no idea was there at the time ?
Dave felt a need to be wanted during this photo shoot .. so I obliged him : )
There was a heart stopping sunset yesterday evening .. I don't usually see sunsets .. and there is no clear view of them other than peering up our neighborhood street.
I saw the reflection of deep pink and orange from the back of our house on a neighbor's window and I literally gasped .. then I ran .. back and forth .. using both cameras .. like a maniac ?

I had to open our side windows of the big front window and hang out in my pajamas .. that, surprises no one any more here .. unless they just moved into the neighborhood .. go figure ?
I haven't been able to capture how truly beautiful that sunset was .. it made me ache to see it in a country setting or over one of our many lakes .. it was awesome !
The best colours of all were the orange bits of sky with the violet clouds .. I can't recall seeing one as beautiful even obstructed by trees .. perhaps they add texture ?

That sunset was utter perfect .. or as close as I will come to it most likely ?


miss m said...

Magnificent sunset ! The glory is very hard to capture on camera I find. It always seems more spectacular in person. Same goes for Fall leaves.

My honeysuckle got powdery mildew for the first time this year. I blame our awful summer. I hope it doesn't start recurring every year from now on.

Barbee' said...

I am so glad you caught it. What if you had been sitting with your nose & eyes pointed toward the computer and didn't know what was happening out there. It is totally beautiful. You know sometimes something is so beautiful it almost hurts to look at it.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Isn't it fun to see what we can discover in pictures once they are on the computer?
What a beautiful sunset. I love how all the colors are spread across the sky like that. I'm always surprised by how many people don't even notice these types of beautiful sunsets.

tina said...

You got some great shots of the sunset Joy-pajamas and all.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful skies and intersting photos all.

CiNdEe said...

That is beautiful(-: I love the tree branches in pictures(-:
Dave looks nice too(-:

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ I like your Renegade logo! I posted mine today too. Love the beauty of the large sunset and the delight of small jewels.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lisa and thank you ! : )

Grace girl .. I'll have to get over to your place and see yours now ! .. I was just astounded by that sunset .. I wish I had a more clear view of it .. but I have snippets of it at least : )

Cindee girl .. I had forgotten to say Mista G has been asking about you .. especially on those chilly mornings .. I think he might have to come in soon ? LOL
Dave just mutters to him about being CANADIAN NOW ! hahaha

Catherine .. it all happened so fast .. my seeing the reflection from the back window and running around like a headless chicken for cameras .. it was so beautiful I can't imagine people not appreciating it : )
And YES ! funny what we see when we download the pictures .. great gifts : )

Hello there Miss M ... that is so true, but on rare occasion I have caught some other sky pictures when the camera caught more detail than I had .. but colour wise , yes ! most times we see it more vividly : ) .. YUCK ! I was so disappointed to see that darn PM .. I have to make sure to gather up all the leaves as possible and sprinkle with a little garden sulphur .. darn it !

Barbee' girl .. I couldn't agree with you more .. timing is such a sensitive aspect .. it is a domino affect for me most times .. but to catch THIS .. well, I rarely see sunsets even blocked off like this .. and yes .. I understand what you mean exactly .. some beauty actually makes us ache inside .. but a good ache : )

Tina girl .. I think you have a new name for me "Joy-Pajamas" .. and I LOVE IT !! Thanks girl : )

Rose said...

So glad you hung out your window in your pj's; these photos are gorgeous! I've often been surprised, too, by the little creatures in my photos that I didn't even know were there until I downloaded them. Now, if I'd tried to photograph them, they would have been all blurry:)

Victoria said...

Very are very cool!Great post..

RURAL said...

Stunning colors in your skies. I very rarely, and only sometimes get a glimpse of that beautiful sunset. It makes me sad, but in a good way when it comes.

Very beautiful, thanks for sharing.


Carrie said...

Beautiful, I love imperfection as well as the perfect things that make us gasp and run for our cameras (yes I too have 2 cameras out at all times x). In fact my exhibition work is all about abstract rust and decay and how beautiful it is. Without the bad or the boring we never fully appreciate the wonders of the world. Then again do we ever truly appreicate the wonder of the world in all its mundane beauty away? It scares me sometimes how I can ignore a tree thats there all the time or take maggies little life for granted. Wow your post has made me all philosophical.
Will email soon (only on little bits at a time till my head gets better) Hugs for my girl xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl don't worry about e-mail. I understand about migraines .. the weather has been changing here and I have problems with it too .. I like a dark cool place to hide in : )
Each day we shift from thinking about the small to large events and objects in life .. I think it all depends on how we are feeling physically and emotionally .. I don't think it is that we take things for granted (not most of the time anyways ? LOL) .. it is just how we are "strung" for the day ? ;-)

Thanks Kiki .. it was a beautiful show !

Jen girl .. you take such awesome pictures .. I hope to be as good as you are some day. I found when using Picassa ? (see I don't think I even spelled that right) anyways, it cuts the format way down so you don't get the pixel count I have it in.So you haven't seen the detail I meant to have on here .. darn !! I rarely see sunsets so that was a stunner for me : )

Rose girl .. that is exactly what happens to me .. if I want to find a tiny creature or a detail, it never comes out right .. but having them appear like this .. now that is NICE !! : )
Thankfully no one is much surprised by my antics or nightwear ? LOL

Gail said...

I know how you feel Joy, those heart stopping sunsets are fantastic to witness...yours is just that~~beautiful. The smallest critters and little dewdrops are wonderful discoveries~~I am off to get my eyes examined, perhaps they will be easier to see after the new glasses arrive! gail

Unknown said...

Every sunset that shows some colour is perfection in my mind, Joy...They've been a rarity this November, at least in Nova Scotia. But I get to enjoy yours, and that makes my imperfect perfect. :-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Jodi girl : )Thank you !
They (colourful sunset/rises)have been rare here too .. that is why I got so excited when I saw the colours of this one .. I have not seen the fabulous red sunrises I used to either .. so I hope it is just a cosmic hiccup ? and they will start performing for me soon ? haha
Hey .. I hope you are feeling good ? .. changes in season can play havoc with us eh ?

Gail girl, have you been wandering around blind as a bat ? LOL
The vision thing can be tricky .. sometimes it is a good thing we don't see things too clearly(ie) wrinkles ? haha .. but then we want to see every detail in our gardens and pictures so I guess we have to sacrifice the ignorance is bliss thing ?? LOL

our friend Ben said...

Our sunsets are always breathtaking here, Joy, over the fields and mountains, but since my home office is on the east side of the house, I too often miss them. Thanks for reminding me how precious they are! Loved the closeup of Dave, too. And like Grace, I think your Renegade logo is great!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

'ben' I wonder how many I have missed (sunsets I mean : )
But then again .. I am lucky and really do take not of light quality shining in the garden and I go dashing as soon as I think there is a possibility of a good one : ) Dave was insistent on being part of a special post (I have to humour him since Winthrop gets so much attention ? haha)
Thanks about the new logo for that project .. I better get busy and do some work for that SOON !

VW said...

Oh, those sunset shots are great. One drawback to living in a small valley with pine-clad hills all around is that you don't get to see the full sunset. The hills crop off the most interesting part! So I appreciate seeing your photos.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post, the water sphere is mezmerizing. I often notice things I hadn't seen before when I download pictures, always a nice surprise. Dave looks great, cracks and all. Thank you so very much for adding me to your list, it is very much appreciated! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

VW girl : ) .. I don't get sunset shots very often at all .. maybe once a day ! .. but this was a fluke and having to capture it from down our neighborhood street with houses, lights etc .. well it took some "thought" ? my brain still hurts ! haha
But YES .. I understand you must be frustrated not seeing a nice sunset , even just one a year like me ? LOL

Hi Rebecca .. isn't that funny how much more detail we do see in our pictures : ) and yes it is such a nice surprise ! .. Dear Dave has some cracks but soldiers on in the change of weather still. You are very welcome !: )