Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Beauty before the beast .......

Have you ever been in almost a state of shock from seeing something so beautiful your mind keeps mulling over the details because it is just such a soul quenching event ?
I'm still in shock of how gorgeous that morning was .. I want to keep savoring every sparkle in every picture.
That dawn was so subtle .. it was like a whisper .. someone whispers in your ear ... that you have won the lottery ? .. OK .. maybe that is a bit far fetched but seeing the snow in changing light values .. how it began to move from pretty .. to beautiful .. to absolutely stunning with every sparkle glittering ... that is how it was .. and the blessed silence ...
Even something as what might be unnoticable at times, our neighbor's pear tree.
It held a completely different essence altogether in the snow and light .. so straight and reaching for the sky .. it was amazing.
Yes ... the many arms again ... I just keep hitting the replay button .. I found it fascinating.
That gorgeous bird house against the white on white branches .. too beautiful !
The glitter of the snow and sun ... how the snow hugged each nook and cranny ....
OK .. I had to throw a little Christmas in to the mix .. nice contrast with the red, right ?
The back garden looked so clean and fresh in its white dress ....
Little arms from wonderful trees that work so hard every other season for us.
This is their respite .. their time to be cuddled and cared for by the snow.
I wonder, if I sprinkled snow all over inside my house .. would it look as refreshing as this ?
The "girls" might not think the same way I do about it all ? ;-)
This setting against the blue, blue sky ... how perfect can it get ?
I'm sure my serviceberry "moved" to get closer in the picture .. don't you ?
Then it came down to Emma .. after Sophie's photo shoot .. she thought she could get away with just looking cute .. laying in her bed ... and .. she did !

The bit about "beauty before the beast" .. well it seems freezing rain is headed our way now .. so let the fun begin with that treacherous stuff ... YUCK !!! .. give me plain honest snow any time !!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The snow is beautiful. I would be ecstatic if it was snowing along with the blowing here. Not to be. It is just cold. It is nice that you have your Emma and Sophie to keep you warm.

our friend Ben said...

Yikes, Joy, freezing rain is such a scary thing. Hope it doesn't get you! Emma looks gorgeous as always, and your snow shots are fabulous. Looking out at our own snowscape, we're enjoying the juncos and other feeder birds and trying not to break our necks when we take Shiloh out or go out to fill the birdfeeders, feed the chickens, or turn the lights on and off in the greenhouse. Yikes, hurry spring!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lisa .. it was gorgeous that morning .. it is raining now .. what a mess it will be in the morning tomorrow .. the girls have a lot of practice being warm ! LOL

'ben' .. it hasn't frozen yet , I hear it pounding against the windows though .. a drop in the temp is really going to make a mess out of it all. My goodness ! Do you guys know of a product called yak-trax .. they are little grippers you slip on your shoes for sure footing .. I saw them on the Shopping Channel .. you NEED them !! Roll on Spring right after the Xmas holidays I say too ! LOL

Barbee' said...

I really wanted to hunker down in our basement family room today, but had an appointment I must not miss. So... out I went in wind so hard and fast I nearly was tipped over. We only had light rain with it, but the wind was way worse than March. I'm sure it is an ill wind and we will get dumped on this week. Nothing as pretty as yours, Joy, at least not yet.

Anonymous said...

The photos are beautiful, Joy. Again, that octagonal birdhouse with a snow-roof is lovely. But all the photos are fabulous. I had to laugh at your kitty photo. At first glance I thought you had draped a blanket over a toilet seat. LOL

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely snow photos. I didn't get any photos today as it was clean the van off before the slow, dangerous drive to work. Then it changed over to rain, pouring rain, and when I got home I couldn't get on the driveway as the snowplow left as a wet, soggy present at the end of the driveway. Over an hour later the vehicles were on the driveway. Now we await the big freeze overnight.

Phillip Oliver said...

Beautiful snow photos! I hope we get a good snowfall this year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Barbee' girl ! ... and yes this time of year we really just want to go into hibernation mode in front of a nice warm fire ? My goodness that must have been some wind ! ... aaaahhh yes ! the ill wind to BIG dump thing .. always in the back of our minds eh ?

OK Grace ... what have you been drinking again ? LOL .. I am thinking I might convert the bird house picture to a hard copy and frame it for our neighbor who owns it .. I have used it for a bench marker for many photos because it is so pretty : )
I won't let Emma know you thought she was sitting on a "throne" so to speak .. hehehehe

OMG Linda .. we have had rain since late afternoon .. now this morning it is WINDY ! .. thankfully even though son is home he is at work most of the time .. hubby away .. and no way could I do the shoveling thing.. but husband had the brilliant forethought of having "Weedman" company blow and shovel our long driveway out .. phew ! So I under stand your WORK .. the snow plough does THAT to us every time ;-(

Thank you Phillip ... but you don't get snow down south .. there ? do you ? LOL

Rose said...

Joy, I have just gone through your last few posts to see all your snow pictures--beautiful! The first snow always gives everything such a magical appearance; it's no wonder you were excited. Now I'm jealous because all we've had is a light dusting while everyone around us it seems has had the real thing. I'm anxious for that first real snowfall--I can't believe I just said that! I'll be patient; I know we'll get more than our fair share before this winter is over.

Hope the freezing rain missed you--that is definitely NOT something I want to see here.

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Beautiful! Great pictures! Snow just has a way of transforming things and giving them some otherworldly quality. I hope the freezing rain isn't too bad. That's what we have in TN more often than snow. Every now and then it is very severe. Not lately though...I hope we're not due!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! Choose a post for your First Snowfall and leave a link to it in comments on the 1st Snowfall page (click the pic in my sidebar) and I'd be delighted to add your beautiful pics to the Project page! Gorgeous shots!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl, I would mail you some snow but it might be a bit tricky ? LOL .. We are having some nasty weather .. another storm warning in fact (3 in the last 3 days .. how ridiculous ?? LOL) The winds are whipping away and more rain which will freeze over night .. our neighborhood streets are ICE rinks .. this part, I could do without ! But that morning was indeed beautiful : )

Dear Dave (I can't help myself with that one ? LOL).. You are so right .. that morning is one I will not forget .. it was awesome .. and so quiet .. today we have ice chucks every where from the rain and wind .. and another storm warning .. not a good thing. Hope you don't get too much of the freezing rain bit .. it sends chills up my back ? LOL

Hey Nancy girl ! thank you ! I am going to figure that out right now : )

Sue .. thanks for the information girl .. I really have to get on the New Year resolution thing .. and make friends with our treadmill again .. I do have pasque flowers .. but I can't think for the life of me if that foliage is THAT foliage ? LOL
I know it is locked in my brain some where but getting the key to it is tricky ?

Kylee Baumle said...

Joy, you have the best snow! I love it when it piles on in a thick layer like that! And then the contrast with the bright blue pretty! You got more than we did. Did you get that awful wind we've got?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Kylee girl ! Thank you : ) that morning was wonderful but yesterday that horrible STRONG wind was blowing and it has tossed a lot of things around .. I am NOT a fan of the wind for sure ! .. YES ! the layering of the fluffy snow is gorgeous isn't it ? : )