Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Too Pretty To Believe .....

We have had a storm move out this morning from yesterday ... and yet again the winter storm warning is back flashing at us for another BIG dump .. I'm glad I got out to the stores today even after my jumping up and down from seeing how absolutely gorgeous it was this morning from all of that snow yesterday ... but here we go again ?
I'm taking pictures as fast as I can to keep up ?
Click on the pictures to see more detail : )
I took so many it has given me a thumping headache looking at them all ... but it was magical this morning as the sun got brighter .. there were so many diamonds in the snow I gave up counting ?
Reflections of light on our Pacific Sunset Maple ... soft and alluring .. subtle yet lovely ?
See through gown of snow above ... to many arms in a white wool fleece ?
Little fingers of our Mountain Ash tree ...
... and ... yet this vine still breaths life ..... curling its toes just a wee bit ?
Sophie thinking I had totally lost the plot while hanging out the deck door .. poor little love ready with her kitty paws aimed at 911 ? wink wink

Big blue eyes questioning my present state of mind ... wait for this next storm to hit and I might start wondering about myself too ? ;-)


Unknown said...

Lovely photos, Joy! I think the weather you've had is headed our way, along with the chill of an Alberta clipper. It's cold here too; so cold that an escaping Simon Q ran out the door, around the side of the house, looked at me, and ran back INTO the house. Guess his escape adventures are over til spring. :-)

RURAL magazine said...

So beaaaauuuttttiifful. I especially love the shot of the sunlight through the snow on the branches. Very original.


Kathleen said...

omg, I saw 'Maypop' still green in those otherwise white photos! What is up with that vine? Beautiful photos Joy and marvelous that you get excited about snow. I do the opposite! My favorite photos would have to be the ones of those "arms."

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It's so pretty there! I'm actually looking forward to a little snow. The kind that falls on a day that there isn't anywhere we need to go.
I love how the snow looks on the branches of your trees.
Sophie does look just a bit concerned :)

CiNdEe said...

Wow so pretty and Christmasy(-: But it looks cold too!!!!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

I love the light coming through the snow - very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Joy~~ BE U TEE FUL !! Especially the one with the birdhouse. Glistening in the sunlight, snow is so refreshing.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

You've got snow, how wonderful. Your garden is magical. Wish we had snow here but we almost never have any.

I guess you could do without all those storms though. Well, now you have a good excuse to snuggle up to the kittycats, as if you ever needed any excuse, eh? :-D

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jodi girl .. this morning we are in mid storm again .. at least number one son knows how to use the snow blower while husband is away ;-)
I laughed about Simon Q ! .. same here with the girls .. no attempt to set a paw on the deck while the white stuff is there.. or maybe they would be embarrassed by me chasing them down in my neon night ware ? LOL

Hi Jen and thank you girl ! .. it was over whelming with so many view points of how gorgeous the snow was .. I don't get all that excited about snow (the last few years especially) but it was like "royal frosting of a fluffy nature) over everything .. perfect !

Kathleen .. I swear this vine is from outer space .. as soon as I see suspicious "pods" growing on the deck .. well we all know what I will have to do then ? LOL
I was like a BIG kid when I saw all of it sparkling at me : )

Catherine .. it isn't often that conditions are that perfect with the snow and its texture, the amount that feel, and the sunlight being just right (especially that factor .. it happens very fast so you have to be in the moment for sure !) .. Sophie is senior cat over Emma, so she takes my well being to heart .. or it might be that I am head "feeder" to them ? LOL

Hi Cindee girl .. Mista G is truly being CANUCK here now .. he thinks he actually likes the white stuff ! haha .. it was a wee bit chilly but warmed up enough to start melting this : )

Hell Ms. S ... the back light was perfect .. I just kept shooting and shooting .. I could have gone on till I dropped ? LOL

Grace girl .. it was awesome : ) .. I have more to post today .. the plants were so pretty holding up the sparklies : )

Yolanda : ) We did have a couple of COLD winters and snow while living in Schinveld/Brunssum .. between '95-'99 .. they had that BIG skating race on the canals .. it was amazing then : )
I have a perfect pajama day today in the midst of this second storm .. the kitties will be happy ! : )

Carrie said...

lovely and yes the sun through the snow branch covered 'arms' is really too beautiful to believe. Your photos are goregous. Still just damp, cold and miserable here; no snow, no diamonds :(

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sophie looks like a porcelain cat sitting there on your desk. Those snow photos are great, cold looking though.

Victoria said...

AWwww..your kitty is way too beautiful for words!! LOvely snowy photos..gorgeous! we have a storm today..super windy! Have agreat week..!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl .. make sure you have lots of lighting on in the house when you have dull gray weather .. lighting can help with the "blues" .. I buy the energy efficient bulbs but make sure I have lots of light, it helps me: )
Thank you so much : ) I love taking pictures but I went on over load yesterday .. more to come ! .. plus we are in the middle of a storm right now .. enough already eh ? LOL

Lisa some times Sophie poses so beautifully and other times she gives me such a disgusted look for trying to take her picture .. haha .. what can you do with "kids" ? .. it is COLD and windy with the snow today .. brrr !!

Kiki , Sophie says "thank you !" haha .. we are in a bad storm front middle back .. what the heck, the whole deal right now .. and it is going to be an all day winter storm warning .. in just the last two days ? jeez !

our friend Ben said...

Love Sophie's expression, Joy! It's a good thing they're looking out for us!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

'ben' .. Sophie can have the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen .. especially around meal time ? LOL

Barry said...

I am so jealous Joy..... we got the snow, followed minutes by sleet and rain..... too hard to get out with the camera. Maybe if we get a repeat performance tonight, tomorrows weather might be more agreeable. I agree with the sheer stupendous beauty of your photos- truly breathtaking!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there puppy !
Those mornings are so rare .. maybe once a year I see something as gorgeous as it was that morning .. sometimes not even once a year. I'm listening to the rain pounding on the windows right now .. and it is 5 Celsius .. what the heck is this all about ? LOL
I'm glad i got the shots I did .. they may be the only pretty ones for the whole season ;-)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

We had the winter storm warning as well, but a tiny bit of snow downtown, that quickly changed into rain.
Your pictures are so lovely, that I almost wish we had snow.
I see you, as well as Teza, Alice, and Grace have your Renegade Gardeners badge up. I will have to check out Anna, I am feeling terribly behind! lol

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Deborah ... we had rain late afternoon yesterday .. now we have a bad wind and freezing temps .. so it is a huge MESS out there now .. yuck !
Hey .. don't panic girl .. we are all in busy mode .. I haven't written my blurb yet and I need to THINK about it before it is January ? LOL