Friday, 4 December 2009

Finally, in the Great WHITE North ?

I truly thought I would be doing a garden plant post today .. I took pictures of so many green shoots from different plants popping, that it literally looked like Spring in the garden.
This is one weird December !
Then something happened ....
Mean while back in the office (aka kitchen) a certain young lady named Sophie was all warm and cozy in her new PINK bed.
But where on earth was another young lady named Emma ??
Picture of empty bed and cute toy mouse ....
Emma had decided to have a nap in her carrier by the fireplace where it was EXTRA cozy !
OK .. enough of the cute factor ... it has finally snowed enough that I could take a picture of it : )
Dave and the boys are over whelmed with happiness ? .. another winter to survive .. yeah ?
It was more a mixture of icy chips than snow really.
Can you see the lumpiness of it all ?
Weather Gargoyle was yet again trying to warm his poor hands.
Mista G from California (Cindee's little man) is in SHOCK ..... poor fellow, now he is Canadian !
Dave is the strong silent type ... he is putting up with it all in his usual cool ? manner ....
Snow on those Hens'Chicks and snail thinking he can make a fast get-a-way in the slippery matter ?
Again .. for emphasis ... snow on Hens'Chicks , parsley, oregano etc ... etc ...
Snow on what fruit is left on the Staghorn Sumac ....
Snow on arbor lamps looking very "cool" ??? groan groan ....... I know .... how droll ?

One more look and this picturesque setting in snow ? .. come on .. you know you have to look at it anyways so just DO IT ! ;-)


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

OK, I want a pink bed and blanket!! Major snow storm here in Edmonton - time to curl up by the fire.

The "boys" look like they are California dreaming :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

At least it looks like winter up your way. We are to have chances to get some of the white stuff the next couple of nights. I doubt if we get any. They usually talk about it several times before it actually happens. Enjoy it while you can. The cats have the right idea. Have a great weekend.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great pictures, Weather Gargoyle is adorable, and appears to be shivering. Love the kitty couch, I don't think mine would 'lower' herself to use it though lol.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

You got a bit more snow than we did. We just had the big flakes that melted as they hit the ground. But it sure did get windy and chilly this afternoon.

CiNdEe said...

O.K. now I am cold. I need to build a fire(-:
What is Dave smoking in that pipe anyhow? Poor guys they must be freezing!!!!(-:
It does look very peaceful though(-: And, it's begining to look a lot like Christmas...(-:
We are getting a cold storm this weekend. I wonder if we will get snow?(-:
Tell Mista G I said hi(-:

Sunita Mohan said...

How very dreamy and romantic! Joy, I find snow great to look at ... in photos. But up close? Let's just say that I'd prefer to join Emma by the fireplace ;)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Finally! Shoud I be happy or should I be sad? When I was at Kilbourne Grove on the weekend, my helleborus were in bud, the snowdrops were starting to poke out of the ground. They all think it is spring. No snow in Toronto yet.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Ms. S ! Doesn't that pink like girlie or what ? LOL
Yes .. we have seen your weather on the news and it is "BRRRR!!"
The boys dream a lot during the winter .. helps keep them sane;-)!

Hi Lisa .. that was what we got a lot of too .. "talk" but now it actually happened .. but I think it is all gone now .. we had so many switches in weather this day it was amazing ! Have a great weekend too girl : )

Rebecca girl .. Sophie appears to be the only one willing to use these new beds .. Emma isn't quite sure she likes the whole idea yet ? haha .. Weather Gargoyle has always made us laugh with his antics and attitude about the weather ergo his name ? LOL

Linda girl .. that day was so weird !! back and forth with snow, sun, rain, snow cloud .. you name it .. we did it ! But I think it is all gone now. For now ??

Cindee girl .. I think I heard Mista G say he wants to go back home .. but .. Dave said to him that this would make him a much better experience gargoyle .. so he is sticking with it .. how is Mr. Smiley over there ? .. Yes .. we love our fireplace, the girls stick to it like glue some days ? LOL

Sunita girl .. I just know you would love a walk in the snow, on a night that was clear and the moon and stars were bright and twinkling .. those nights are magic : ) plus when you get back home you can have hot chocolate to drink .. now doesn't that change your mind ?? ;-)

Deborah girl .. I have so much new growth (just like Spring) on plants in the garden it is scary .. now the shock of this weather but it keeps changing .. that is NOT good for the plants at all .. this is one STRANGE weather year almost at an end ? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Joy~~ Don't you know that winter photos are much more enjoyable from a great distance? LOL Sunny and cold in these parts. I love your "garden family" and their silly antics.

My daughter and I were both oohing and ahhing at Emma and Sophie. [We're cat people too.]

Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Hrm... I dont want that here! You may keep it over there "lol" I like he temperature we have right now. have a great weekend / gittan

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your cats are so cute. Makes me wish we had one again. A cat is on the top of my oldest daughter's Christmas list every year. Hopefully one day she can wake up to a kitten her stocking :)
I like seeing all your snow, makes me wish we would have a little since it's soooo cold here. Might as well have snow. Mista G does look a bit shocked by the snow.

Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, love Emma's mind!
The snow!! Ahh , it truly is cold there, lovely to look at but keep yourself warm and healthy mrs!! Hugs xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Grace .. you are so right about snow pictures from a distance ;-)
It has disappeared now and it is very iffy as to what will happen next on the weather front, every thing is a gamble with that subject. I just finished getting the little Xmas porch trees and the wreath out on the step .. trying to feel more into the season ? haha
Emma and Sophie appreciate their fan club very much !!

Hi gittan .. I am assuming you are having mild winter even there ? There is no use trying to put off what is going to happen is there ? LOL ..

Hi Catherine ( you know you will have to give in some time about the kitten , don't you ? LOL).. I don't mind a bit of snow for Xmas .. but it stays so darn long afterward it can be depressing .. ergo cabin fever antics ? haha
Mista G from California will become a Canuck soon enough ? ;-)

Hey there Carrie girl .. I'm in a BIG fluffy pink robe over my cat and dog pajamas .. totally warm : )
The girls can't drag themselves away from the fireplace once it is on .. so I get a breather from them wrapped around my legs tripping me up ? LOL

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

We had some frost today. I smell snow! Your pictures show how great it is to be a cat in Canada!

Weeping Sore said...

I love your eye for a picture. I also love your grouping of gnomes and elves. Small vignettes in corners of the garden are more fun than a pretty flower any old gardener can photograph.

Gail said...

Just cold here Joy with the sunshine looking deceptively warm until you go outside Brr. 22 degrees tonight...I brought in the Bay Laurel tree and covered up all the other plants. Dave and his pals look like they are getting into the swing of Canadian winters (again for most of them). Does it feel like Christmas yet? gail

Tiziana said...

Adorable new rose beds Emma and Sophie!
Fantastic photos, of course there's a big difference with those placed only a couple of days ago.
I identified with in your beautiful gargoyle ( I can copy one? The weather gargoyle is just wonderful!) all chilled in the terrace!
Here we have the daytime temperature is still nice, we are about 13/15 degrees, but the evening starts to get cold here too, °!!!! 2
A hug from a distance!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Tatyana : ) Isn't that so true ! You can smell snow on the wind .. and it is very true that some times it is TO cold to snow, you really have to be a Canuck to understand that one for sure ! haha
Yes .. it is GOOD to be one of my girls ? LOL

My goodness WS : ) Thank you so much ! I have to say that I do love my vignettes .. I always have been like that and having a garden provides so many opportunities for them, it is a perfect situation : ) I appreciate that you appreciate THAT too !

Gail girl I just got the "porch trees" .. new fad here now , done up and the wreath on the door .. but there is a lot more to do and it is a bit overwhelming .. slowly, it will be coming together ?
Yes .. the "boys" are getting into the swing of things is right : )

Hello there Tyziana ! .. Emma's bed is still not broken in yet .. Sophie seems to really love her's though : ) My first gargoyle was WG because I thought he was too funny with his hands .. it was a trio of 3 for hear no evil speak no evil and see no evil , but I missed the proverbial boat getting the other two, drats !
Wow .. those are great temps yet .. it is so hard to predict how cold we will get once the ball starts rolling here;-)

F Cameron said...

Your kitties have such luxurious beds!

I suppose winter has arrived. We had a hard freeze this morning and I see frozen rose blooms and buds out my windows.


Rose said...

I always feel so sorry for Dave and the boys during the winter, but Dave looks like he is actually smiling while those big white flakes are coming down!

The white stuff is headed our way this week. I think Sophie and particularly Emma have the right idea--I'd like to curl up in a cozy bed by the fireplace, too:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cameron , these kitties are spoiled rotten and have "beds" all over the house ;-) Actually what snow did fall has disappeared completely but it is cold here .. and snow , the real deal that is will be here soon again too .. no avoiding it ! haha
I bet Charm is very happy in her comfy beds too : )

Rose girl .. the "boys" make it through every winter some how .. they just complain a lot to be "boys" ? LOL
The fireplace is a wonderful place to be when you need a warm up session .. or .. if you are a cat you need NO excuse to be stuck like glue there ? ;-)

Kathleen said...

Awww, Sophie & Emma are lucky girls. Those look like awesome beds. I'm not going to show my kitty ~ he'd be jealous!
I "think" I'm glad you have snow??? Am I??? It's never a happy thing here but we've already had a ton of it. It's snowing again today ~ 6" so far and not expected to stop until tomorrow.
Can't wait to see all your buds. Maybe the cold will slow down 'Maypop?' It IS starting to sound scary ~ could I be happy that mine just sat there??
The photo of the snow on your lantern is very cool. I love shots like that. Also GREAT moon photos from the post before. Stay warm Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen, thank you girl ! .. most times all my girls want is a flat box to lay in .. cats are funny that way right ? LOL .. I couldn't help myself with these very PINK girlie beds though ;-)
Our snow did not stay .. it is 2 celcius right now and we might get a few flurries this week ..
No ... the Maypop is NOT finished .. in fact I have some pictures to download and post with the other oddities in my garden ... besides me ? LOL