Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ouch Time

I had intended to post vintage Christmas cards as I did for the Halloween time of my life ? .. but things have been too crazy lately.
Now I am having some dental surgery today and I might not be up to posting for a while .. I am a BIG baby .. I'm shaking in my socks even now and the appointment isn't until later this afternoon .. impressive "ouch factor" ?
So I hunted the net to find a vintage card with a Dutch twist because I will always remember that amazing four years we spent there with such flare for the holidays : )
Do you think my run of bad luck will end soon ? Should I create a lottery for the date it might actually stop ? any bets ? ;-)


Commonweeder said...

I hope your dentist has good drugs. Years ago I took my teenage daughter to have impacted wisdom teeth removed. She wasn't in the doctor's office long, and then I was told to sit with her while she woke up and recovered. She came too and with her mouth full of cotton she asked if I would stay with her while the doctor did the deed. But it was all done - which made both of us happy. Good Luck.

Carol said...

Oh Dear! Ouch I understand. Good Luck with your surgery and a speedy recovery! Carol

Gail said...

It can't go on forever. I don't like the dentist either. Hugs to you. gail

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Good luck in your surgery! I know it's not fun and hopefully your good luck will return soon!

our friend Ben said...

Ouch, Joy, dental surgery!!!! All of us (including Shiloh and Linus, od course) are rooting for you (oh, no, pardon the pun) and hoping for a procedure that's as pain-free as possible and a very rapid recovery! We'll be thinking of you!!!!

Helen said...

Joy, Good luck with the dentist. I wish you an easy time of it. May good fortune be waiting at your doorstep to greet you home.

Barbee' said...

Oh, NO! Not now, of all times of the year! Bother. Well, hope you won't be too looped to read blogs. I know dental surgery is a nasty business, but this time tomorrow it will all be over. I hope you get a treat afterward. I always let the kids have a milkshake after braces were tightened. The cold felt good to them. Tell The Girls I said to take good care of you.

RURAL said...

Best of luck, and take a deep breath. Sometimes the waiting, well, actually, all the time the waiting is worse.

A great card, love it. You must have fond memories of Holland.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I don't care much for dental appointments either. :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you survived your procedure. Dentists can bring the wrath of fear to people. Do take care. Think positive. You will be fine and it willll get better. (hugs)

donna said...

The photo never would download on my rickety old computer. Dang.

Don't we all turn into big babies when it comes to dental surgery? Good luck.

You've mentioned your time in Holland. Have you ever visited Dagmar's blog. She's in the Netherlands and is an amazing photographer.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there CW !
Your daughter and I had a similar experience .. but when I did get out of that chair .. I knew I was going home ? LOL
Thanks : )

Thanks Carol .. not too bad after all : )

Gail girl .. it did go fast thankfully : ) Thanks !

Dear Dave .. I checked my lottery tickets this morning (after surviving the dental episode) .. not quite back in the good luck swing with winning anything but I'm here in one piece ? LOL
Thanks !

'ben' and very lovable furry crew .. thank you ! it did go quickly and relatively pain free .. phew ! ;-)

helen .. thank you girl ! that was very sweet : ) you must have some Celtic blood in you !? wink wink

Barbee' .. aren't you sweet ! I'm not allowed to suck .. ( now that should be my motto for life ? LOL) but drinking gingerale .. cold mind you .. carefully .. and that was good .. yes ... here I am in almost normal condition ? LOL
Thanks girl .. my girls said MEOW, we certainly did ! LOL

Thanks Jen .. and they told me to breath deeply too ? .. that gas is great : ) .. the most amazing time where we lived was Spring .. I so wish I had had a digital camera then Jen .. the pictures I would have taken .. oh well, they are still in my mind's eye !

Nancy girl .. believe me I don't care for dental appointments either .. especially our own dentist .. absolutely no sense of humour .. may switch ? LOL

Lisa girl thank you : ) I was sent to another dentist to have this done .. and what a nice surprise, they had such a great sense of humour .. we laughed like school girls .. it was a positive experience , a miracle eh ? LOL

Donna .. oops ! sorry .. I forget it might be as problem on other computers .. thank you so much ! and I think I may have been on Dagmar's site but I have to go there and check again .. thanks for reminding me girl !

Carrie said...

Firstly I sent you a little something in the post a wee while back that will hopefully get to you soon. Good luck is contained within!!!
Secondly all dentists are sadists. I hate going there and in fact have to make my 6 monthly appointment, but keep putting it off.
Big hugs for a speedy recovery and your luck WILL change!! xx

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope it goes painlessly and you're able to get back to picture taking and posting soon!

Vetsy said...

I never liked going to the dentist either and also have an impacted wisdom tooth I need to remove.

Your Good luck is starting with the removal of a bad tooth! You will heal in a flash!

So relax think positive thoughts until your better and we'll here from you soon!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl you are too sweet ! A "pre-thank you very much !!" Yes a turn of good luck would be wonderful : ) I put off seeing my regular dentist because he simple has no sense of humour AT ALL and that can put a damper on things ? LOL
I think you might be right about 3/4 of the dental community being that way ? haha

Hi Catherine and thank you : ) I'm not quite up to snuff yet .. but I am working on it, and SO HOPING for a pretty sunrise to capture .. we haven't had any for so long I don't know what to think !

Hello there Vetsy ! Thank you very much .. nitrous oxide helped a lot with pulling this bad boy out .. I did giggle and laugh a lot as did the dentist and her assistant .. so it was funny .. I'm working on the positive thought issue ;-)

Kylee Baumle said...

Joy, I'm wondering how your dental visit went. Well, I hope! As a dental professional, you KNOW I understand about these things. *gentle hugs*

Love the vintage card. I have a collection of postcards somewhere around here and there are several vintage ones in it. They're so beautiful and quirky sometimes as well!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kylee .. thank you girl !!
I do LOVE nitrous oxide : ) .. that and the freezing went hand in hand and even though I was as red as a beet when it was all over .. my skin reflects my mood ? haha
It went very well and I am feeling good .. phew !!
I adore the vintage cards .. you are so right about them being quirky and so individual .. they are an art form to me but I have no real ones of my own so I have to save them from the web .. I have to find more to spread the spirit ? LOL

Kerri said...

Oh dear! Poor you! First it's brakes (how horribly scary!) and now it's the dentist! I do hope all went well and that you're recovering nicely, with the kitties doing all they can to comfort you. Lots of cuddles are in order, I should think :)
Thanks for the visit. Your comment put a big smile on my face first thing this morning :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Kerri !
Yes .. my kitties are very good at the cuddle thing especially if you are under the quit THEY like ? haha
You are very welcome girl .. I had a very nice visit over in your world : )

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the dental surgery, but I know you'll be fine. Just wanted to check on your Maypop passion vine. I'm starting to get scared. We've had several hard freezes, and it's only a little wilted around the edges. Is is going to take over my entire home soon?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

MsRobin girl ! .. I have never seen anything quite like this Maypop .. or the rosemary for that matter .. they are hanging on like crazy .. should I be CONCERNED ???? LOL