Tuesday, 19 January 2010

AeroGarden Users ???

I know .. I am grasping at straws now .. I finally opened my Christmas gift of a 3 plug AeroGarden .. sort of night club mood lighting when all the other lights are off isn't it ?
I expect to see cigarette smoke and hear clinking of glasses soon .. but the "girls" try to wait until I go to bed before they drag out all the gear and invite their friends over .. kitties can really party !
So in the middle of January MADNESS here is the plan ... occupy myself with alien growth machine and see if it really does work or is it brain washing under cover .. this thing "hums" and usually something like that might have me climbing the walls unless it is at the right pitch .. Thankfully right now it is, but I haven't put the seed plugs in yet so there could be a variance of said pitch .. we shall see .. they include thyme, basil and chives with some packets that look like they come from a Chinese food delivery (soy sauce or maybe plum ?) for growth boost ?
Obviously the safest place for this is on the kitchen hutch where the girls have never tried to venture ... wait for it ... I'm sure they will catch on .. chives might just look like cat grass to them ?
Meanwhile I looking longingly at my Provence lavender hanging from a hook by my "desk" .. must dust up there some day .. but still it emits a warmth of how gorgeous those plants looked during the season .. will it ever return ???? BIG sigh !
Sophie's turn to be in a post .. she sat there trying to squint while my face detector .. I mean the camera's face detector was homing in on her little kitty puss .. poor girl .. the things she puts up with to make me happy !

I looked at more seed kits for this machine and hit the lavender one .. but pray tell why they never say WHICH damn lavender variety is it ?? Customer service has an e-mail minus the word "damn" they might just think I am a garden-redneck idiot ? go figure ?? ;-)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The lavender hanging by your desk is supposed to keep you calm. No matter what type it is.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa .... it isn't working girl ;-)
Calm ???? ... what the heck is that ?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ Sophie looks awfully sweet there perched in her bed. I look forward to seeing how the light works out.

Cat said...

I wanna her a little piano in the back ground with that lamp!
Yes we had a tornado here today. locked down both my school and my husbands, tornado came closer to him than me, but we are both OK.
Good news, i may have saved the triangle palm, bad news at the cost of the big butterfly bush (it may have root mould).

Barry said...

Eddie dahling:
What the hell are you doing, puttinh such notions into the cat's minds..... I'm on my way over.... just damping down the bouffant so that I can fit my own head under there..... its light after all..... at this point I'd sacrifice my booze and joints for just one full day of sunshine..... artificial or not! Leave the door open!

Skeeter said...

How ironic, as you talk about Sophie puss, my Sheba puss kept getting between me and computer! I had to laugh at that on. hee hee....

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I've never used an Aero Garden before but it does sort of have a night club feel to it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Grace .. Sophie is always (well almost always) the good girl kitty (Emma is Ms. Evil with her stubborn know it all nature, you would swear she is a permanent teenager ? ;-)
I'm wondering too about how this will work !

Cat girl ! My god !! I'm so glad you guys are all safe .. that must have been so stressful .. the weather there is so intensely frightening ! I'm happy for you with your favorite palm .. I'm sorry about the buddleia .. but a new one is fun to choose .. fingers crossed you guys won't have that weather to deal with again !

Pats .. I suppose I have to pay for a piano player now ?! wink wink
Now I have that mental picture of tall blond hair burning and setting off my smoke detectors ? BIG sigh ! .. it will be 17 hours of light from what I have read .. loads of time to tan our skin into leather after a few days .. door is open Pats ! haha

Skeeter girl .. there are certain kitties that are just plain "puss" because they love us up so much ? the "Puss Club" ?? LOL

Catherine it really does have an atmosphere .. hoping it will be a good one ? LOL

Unknown said...

I know, Joy, I know. This seems to be the dark night of the winter soul, these past few days. If the sun would come out and stay out for more than a few hours at a time I think our spirits would be much lifted...
Someone else was writing the other day about an aerogarden...I've never tried one and don't know how well they work, but I bet you'll do fine with yours. And Sophie...well, that face of hers, it's pretty hard not to adore her, isn't it?
Hang in there, Joy's gonna get better. The days ARE getting longer....

Kathleen said...

Oh cool gift. You will have fun with that Joy! I have a friend who has an Aero Garden and she loves it. I think she keeps it stocked with lettuce for salads! I would use it to grow seeds in the spring then it would probably collect dust. I noticed your beautiful amaryllis keeping it company. I'm so glad you took it out of the box and are enjoying it. :-)
'Maypop' in this garden hasn't made an appearance yet. I still am not hopeful about it surviving after its dismal performance last summer.

Bay Area Tendrils said...

Hi 'winter me'
We've hail, winds, and heavy storms here in lovely California... just so you know ;~D
btw Blotanical wouldn't let me post my comment to you!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jodi girl (I'm still thinking of that bee and the pleasure she is having in that flower ! : ).. Boy oh boy .. I sure hope the days are getting longer because I hardly notice the difference .. but then again it could be just me with cabin fever ?
Fingers crossed we have a wonderful Spring to look forward to ?;-)

Kathleen .. have faith in the Maypop girl ! I never expected mine to do what it did and I half expect that it forced too much energy out with all of that foliage and one darn flower .. that it did itself in .. now wouldn't that be too funny ? mine poops out and yours peps up ? LOL
I just read more of the instructions and holy cow .. this could be more work than I expected but i will give it a try and see what happens ;-)

Alice I'm wondering if Blotanical is mad at me for something ? .. and WOW !! that is some weather you guys are having over there .. kind of scary !!! Yup .. winter me .. wink wink : )

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Super curious to hear what you think of this gadget! Sophie sure is a cutey. :)

Cat said...

They're saying tornado warnings for tomorrow, I'm so not looking forward to work.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Kate ! I am super curious too LOL .. I started the procedure last night but turned the light cycle on this morning at 6 AM .. it goes on a 17 hour light then 7 hour dark cycle and it sounds a bit like a fish tank ! haha
As soon as I see little green sprouts I take off the plastic domes .. fingers crossed and YES .. both Sophie and Emma KNOW they are CUTE ! haha

Cat .. my god girl .. I'm so sorry you have to go through such scary weather .. I have seen a bit on TV with the flooding etc .. it is shocking what is going on there !

Rose said...

I've never seen one of these Aerogardens before, Joy; it does look a little like an alien! Can't wait to see what pops up from it. Your amaryllis is looking good; right now anything colorful and green is welcome here. The sky has been a non-stop gray for three days, and it's too icy to go outside. I could use a little of your lavendar to help perk me up:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl if I could send my lavender to cheer you up I would !!
We finally have a wee bit o'sun after weeks of GRAY .. but my Aerogarden is not a good thing .. the noise is driving me nuts .. I have to post on my defeat of trying it out .. darn it all !!