Friday, 22 January 2010

Done Deal ... PHEW !!

Well ... this was the morning I was going to try and return the machine from hell that had tricked me into lusting after it Christmas .. would the store take it back now ?
I was also desperate to see something of a gorgeous sunrise even though the logic of it was telling me no because the sun is in the wrong position STILL ...
Yet I tried to avoid my neighbor's house and capture some essence of the colour which faded so darn quickly .. almost gone in a blink of an eye type of thing ?
One hot flash away from losing it ... poof !!
The line of the roof was amazing with the reflected light .. I only wish I could have gotten a better picture of it .. talk about the SHINING .. in a good way .. not that scary Stephen King thing !!
Cold is conveyed by way of my neighbors metal roof .. all you have to do is look at this and you KNOW it is cold out there this morning !!
But the sparklies in the cold cold snow are so pretty !
Squint your eyes up and SEE how gorgeous they are ?
So .. I have been wandering around my garden magazines and catalogs because they give me comfort ...
... good thing because if I eat the amount of ice cream I would need for some COMFORT .. well that treadmill would truly groan and I haven't even gotten on it yet ! Waaahhhh !!

So ... can you tell I am expanding my shade garden due to Pacific Sunset Maple's influence .. I don't mind .. it is all "good" to me : )

PS !! I forgot to say the store took the "machine from hell" back no problem, so that was a huge relief ... phew !!


Unknown said...

Good news about the machine from sound cheerier with some sunlight too! We've had two days in a row, which is amazing for this winter. Hope it continues. I don't care if it's COLD, just as long as the sun shines.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jodi that is so true about having the sunshine perk your mood up a bit .. and it was such a relief to be able to return that machine from hell and get our money back from it .. big PHEW !!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Yay!! I'm so glad they took it back! I had debated about buying one, but now I won't. Great sky pictures, and the sparklies really do pop when you squint. Always a pleasure to browse catalogues, the white trillium is beautiful, and I noticed the Clouds of Perfume Phlox that Northern Shade has. I got a subscription to CG for Christmas, I wonder where it is...

I'm totally babbling, but speaking of ice cream do you have an ice cream machine? If so, I have the most fabulous recipe for green tea ice cream. Well worth the noise of the motor ;).

F Cameron said...

No sunshine? Take vitamin D supplements. Seriously. You probably need it up in your climate.

I do like seeing the sparking crystals of ice and snow and winter skies... as long as you keep that gorgeous stuff up north where it belongs! :-)


CiNdEe said...

GLad you got rid of the machine from Hell. I hope you told them it was too(-:
I know how you love those sunrises! Its been raining here so nothing for me to show!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is wonderful that you could return that awful machine. I just can't get into those gimmicky things. Obviously you can't either.

I know what you mean about trying to capture a beautiful sunrise or sunset too.

Kathleen said...

I'm glad you were able to get your money back from the AeroGarden but what a bummer. I thought it looked fun. You've discouraged me from ever wanting one tho. I am desperate for some sunshine. We've had a whole week of clouds and it's driving me bonkers! However, it's rare for me to see a sunrise like you do!!

Cat said...

Glad the mechanical demon is banished, now time to get on with hibernating!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I was so grateful for the sunlight today, Joy. If there was something I could use much more of, that would be it. I love your outdoor winter pics. Winter is something I'd like to see through my window - or in a postcard! :)

I've been going through gardening magazines and catalogs too. It gives us hope, doesn't it?

Gail said...

good news! We could use a little sunshine to raise spirits around here...Glad you got some and loved the sparkly snow! Have a great weekend. gail

Carol said...

That metal roof photo is great and does look so cold... our fingers would stick to it! Great news about the 'machine from hell!' ;>)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Rebecca : ) You and me too girl ! .. I was wondering if this late date (it took me a while to get around to setting it up after Xmas) if they would take it back but phew !: )
You should have gotten your CG by now girl .. I still have to read through it yet .. and I would love to have trillium in another part of the garden so I am thinking about THAT : )
OMG girl .. I am in trouble with excess weight as it is .. all I need now is an ice cream machine ? LOL

Hi Freda .. yes ! I've known about vit D for some time .. I just have to stay off vitamins while I'm on this antibiotic for now then I go back on them for which I am grateful : ) .. no worries girl, I'll keep my sparklies up here ? wink wink

Cindee girl .. I did tell the gal at the returns it was NOISEY !!!
She didn't seem surprised so i am wondering if other people returned them too ? .. I can't wait for the sun to shift its position so I can capture better sunrises .. you are so right girl, I miss them terribly ;(

Lisa girl I had to give it a try and I hope that anyone that read my posts knows now too that those things are too noisy to believe and might send you over the edge ? LOL .. yes, I need some pretty skies badly !!

Kathleen girl .. you are so "crafty" and can make such beautiful things ... get stuck into another project to take your mind off the bad weather ? but I so know what you mean .. gray whether makes me feel so much more tired and blue .. fingers crossed we get some sunny weather to make us feel better !! .. YES ! money back from the "machine from HELL" !! haha

Cat girl .. I should be on that treadmill but you are right .. I need to hibernate more to get over this UTI and build up my stamina again .. hope the weather there has calmed down a bit ?

Martha girl that was a good day wasn't it ? we were out getting some groceries and even though it was cold it was nice and BRIGHT : )
YES !! thankfully these magazines and catalogs help take our minds off winter for a bit ? phew !!

Hi Gail .. hope the hand is healing well and quickly .. sorry about your gray weather but you will have Spring a lot earlier than we do so I know you are banking on that : )hope your weekend is restful ? ;-)

Hi Carol .. I thought it truly displayed how cold it was that morning .. you can just feel it from the picture .. and yes YEAH my machine from hell is GONE !!LOL

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

I'm glad they took the machine back! So are you saying that gardening is better than ice cream? Might be a good pro gardening campaign slogan!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The sparkles in the snow are so pretty! Glad you have other things besides ice cream to comfort you, although I've found lots of comfort in peanut butter and chocolate lately.
Can't wait to hear about the new shade garden, I love excuses to make the garden bigger.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Dave .. well, I try to be fair about it .. but sometimes ice cream might just have the edge when I am in NEED ? LOL
I have a feeling I would be BOO-d if I made a public platform with it ? haha

Hi Catherine .. I really want to see some changes in my back garden .. I was going to have the landscaping done after the deck project but everything just got to be too busy and now I'm glad to have it as one project to concentrate on so it will have my full attention .. besides plant hunting ?? haha
Snow sparklies are beautiful aren't they and yes .. comfort food to get through the winter helps .. I just wish I would feel the same way about the treadmill ? LOL

Cat said...

Weather here is calm for now, but there's more to come.

Carrie said...

So the little piece of hell is banished from your home forever more - phew!
Sunrises from our house are, umm, less interesting that watching paint dry really but only 4 days to go and I'll be out of here, eekk!!
Love the neighbours roof, seriously shivered when I looked at those pics, it's still very early here and the heating isn't on, bbbrrrrrrr. Hugs x

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat .. have you ever wondered "what the BLANK ??" is going on with the weather gods ? LOL Seriously I hope it behaves itself for you guys ! : )

Carrie girl .. paint drying eh ? hum .. I might have watched that myself some time ago .. yup ! I thought that shot from my kitchen window in fact .. would make you shiver ? LOL

Rose said...

Ditto on everything Jodi said!:)

The sparkles in the snow really are pretty, but the best part is that it means you have sunshine! I've forgotten what that looks like.

Glad you were able to return the alien machine--growing plants shouldn't be making noise:)

Unknown said...

Hurrah! It's always great when you find out that your money wasn't actually wasted on something, isn't it? I wish it were sunny like that here now, I am watching some fat juicy snow flakes tumbling past my windows right now. No diamond sparkles for me to look at here today. Sigh!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Rose and thanks : )
Today is switching to cloudy and perhaps rain for a few days .. so the sun was short lived .. but I understand how you feel !

Hi Cinj .. I haven't heard snowflakes described like that so that was a HOOT ! haha .. and we are slam dunked ? into cloud again .. so it was a quick peek of the sun and back to dark and dismal .. what can you do ? aarrggh !