Friday, 19 February 2010

Hey ! Don't I know YOU (a little ?) ? : )

Well the last few days have had a bit of snow back and forth .. odd thick gray skies with eerie sun trying desperately to shine through .. this little scene looks harmless enough .. light fluffy snow etc ... etc ... etc ... right ?
See what I mean about an odd little dot in the sky pretending to be our SUN ?
Even more eerie when little flakes of snow are whirling around in front of it ..
Bare tree tops reaching towards it as if they might warm their bony finger tips to encourage buds possibly ?
Again with the quaint little scene ... wintery .. harmless ... wwaaahhhhh ! like it is the beginning of winter instead of near the end ?
Dave and the boys are deep in resignation .. just trying to get each white day behind them to work on the soon coming green days ? .. and I am not talking St. Paddy's day either .. I mean true GREEN anything days ?
So what is a gardening gal to do ? .. buy gardening magazines and DROOL big time all over them saying "I want THAT !" .. or " I am going to do that too !!" or "how did they know I needed THAT ??" ... then there was that impulse buy at Home Sense .. we are still waiting for the famous Lowes to be built here in Kingston .. I'm disappointed it wasn't built during the real winter months because it would have been so nice to see their garden center with plants and garden art .. I can NOT wait !!
So .. anyone knowing me and my thing for frogs won't be surprised I had to go the way of the FROG with this little accent piece .. are they too cute to believe or what ??
Sophie had to give everything a once over to make sure no cat treats had fallen on anything .. by mistake .. double checking is her middle name ?
She thought she might just be able to sit in the bowl of this little goodie .. just trying it out ..
Then .. by some amazing chance I saw Nan Ondra's name in one of the magazines I was reading and thought how nice is that ? I actually have had the pleasure of reading her blog and commenting .. so I know some one famous : ) I had to take the picture !
This was the great little magazine she was in .. and it was chocked full of wonderful ideas and suggestions : )

So .. this is what I got up to in the past few days .. still working on getting better and most certainly working on garden ideas and ... another contractor is going to set up a time for a consultation .. that has a HUGE smile plastered on my face and I am one happy gardening gal !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These magazines should give you a free issue or two. I am going to go get a couple of them.Especially the one with Nan's article. You seem to have the same conditions that we do. Our sun looks just like this.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post Joy, not surprisingly, I too have a penchant for anything Frog. I also did some garden shopping recently, I'll post about it soon....:)

Barry said...


Indeed, I too have been feeling as downtrodden as the dismal dreary grey streaked snow that still covers the ground. I so know what you mean about the desire to go and spend money for the sheer sake and little else. Which reminds me. I must look into the renewal for Gardens Illustrated, the charge still hasn't come off the VISA and it was sent before Christmas.

LOWES garden centres... have you ever been? You may want to prepare yourself. It makes HD look paltry by comparison. Of course my damned idiosynncratic mentality derided me of actually making a purchase, but there was a rather decent selection of relatively healthy plant material when I visited.... back in the days of HD when LOWES first came to Canada.

Patience my friend!

Darlene said...

Hi Joy,

Just stopping in to say hi. I haven't been by in a while. Look at all of your snow...BRRRR. We have had a LOT more snow than normal. I live in an area that might get a couple of snows a winter and then not much just a few inches total. They said our area has had 17 inches in the last 44 days. A LOT for here.

Is that little frog accent a bird feeder? It really is adorable. Too cute that Sophie had to check it out. I bet you are drooling over everything in those gardening books.

Sorry you aren't feeling well and I hope you get feeling better soon.♥

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Sophie is hilarious! Are you sure she wasn't trying to *fit* into that adorable froggy dish. Too cute!

Glad to see you and the boys are hanging in there while winter throws her mysterious snowy skies about. Not much longer!

Vetsy said...

Ooo" that sky is odd and eerie it looks as if some strange UFO or Snow Monster might emerge from it.

I'm so feeling you about spring! I have not made any plans.. but I have been scanning through all my seed catalogs talking and grinning to myself as I daydream about my spring garden.

Love the cute little frogs your bowl..thing-of-ma-jig.

Sophie is so cute and fluffy looking..all of your cats appear to be sweet and quiet.

My Panini is going to be spayed this Sunday at the Michigan humane Society..Yahoo!

when I have the opportunity I'll check out Nan Ondra's blog.

It's always fun chatting with you Joy have a wonderful day.

CiNdEe said...

Great pictures today(-: Your snow is so pretty and fluffy! I wish we had a snow here so I could share what it looks like...LOL(-: It is not fuffy thats for sure!!!!!
I took a picture today and I know you will love it! Its kinda Halloweenie-ish(-:
It is on my blog so swing by! I might even have a cup of hot chocolate ready for you(-:

Patsi said...

Never saw that mag before.
Small gardens are right up my ally.
I'll have to look for it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Lisa girl ! Isn't the sun weird looking like that .. makes me want to NOT look outdoors but I keep checking for mini miracles still ? LOL
YES ! I thought that was so cool seeing Nan's name and information there : ) We should all get some free issues just to keep us on the right side of the mental health issue ? haha

Rebecca girl .. I have had the fascination ever since I was 2 or 3 .. I had a pet one called Alfred .. I so miss hearing Spring peepers , they don't have any place to live around here : (
The only thing better than garden shopping for me IS seeing what other gardens have been shopping for ! LOL

Pats .. bloody depressing isn't it ? Husband brought back an extraordinary blue gazing ball and stand which is still in the living room .. I haven't the just right space for it yet ? he also brought back bloody great stories of how awesome Lowes is .. I'm just so NEEDY right now for a fantastic eye candy trip ? LOL
Patience and I are NOT friends but I will try ? *SMIRK*

Darlene girl my goodness ! I have to get over to your place and see what you are up to ? and how all the little furry creatures are doing there too : ) .. yes Sophie believes every thing has to pass her inspection before I'm allowed to immerse myself in it ? My guard cat ? haha

garden Ms S girl : ) YES ! Sophie was trying to plunk her butt down and make herself out to be royalty ? but too tight a squeeze ? LOL
I keep the mantra "not much longer" running tip toe through my head as much as possible .. BIG sigh ! soon right ??

Hey there Vetsy girl !
I think the guys in the tight white jackets might just put both of us away seeing how we both do that .. talking to ourselves, daydreaming .. BIG smile on our faces dreaming about how to do what and with what ? LOL
I hope everything goes well and a quick recovery for Panini (VERY cute name by the way !)
Yes ! nan has some great books too .. I have to get to Chapters and have a peek at some books there ! .. Hang in Vetsy .. the weather has to swing in our favor too .. soon !!

Cindee girl you are such a tease (you know I will have to get right over there and see what you have been up to .. plus that promise of a hot chocolate .. hum !!!!)
I'll bring some FLUFFY snow for ya' too ? LOL

Patsi have a look at this magazine girl .. it has some great ideas !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joy, What a wonderful, fully illustrated read this makes. You have effectively created your own magazine in this posting which I have so enjoyed.

I am so glad to have caught back up with you after the demise, and, happily today, resurrection of Blotanical.

And, despair not. Everything, including winter, passes. I do hope that you are feeling much better now.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Edith ! Thank you so much girl : )
Yes .. I know logically that Spring will come HERE sooner/later .. hopefully SOONER ? LOL
I have to try Blotanical again now that you have said this .. what a week we have endured ? LOL

tina said...

You are getting a Lowes? How lucky for you all! I love this store. I was shocked my home state of Maine did not have one or a Home Depot until a few years ago as I thought they were like everywhere. It won't take long to build then shop away and buy all the frogs and plants you want. Sophie is too cute!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Your Sophie is a riot. Cats can be so darn curious about everything!

It sounds like there's a lot of excitement waiting for you this spring with the garden. You must be chomping at the bit!

I was hoping that Lowes would be ready for this spring. In fact, I was so looking forward to another place to snoop around for garden stuff this year, as well as things for the home. It's too bad that this won't happen.

I haven't been picking up garden magazines, but I have been digging up information on the internet. It's going to be a very busy spring season for me as I plan the start of a new garden. Can't wait!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Joy!
Feb. is always the coldest and snowiest for me -- right when so many blogging friends are finding their first green shoots. It can be hard... but I busy myself scheming and dreaming - just as you do - with all sorts of magazines designed to tempt me. :D

PS: I love your froggie accent piece.

Victoria said...

Lovely post! I love your cat..getting right in the middle of charmings and sweet! And so fun! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy girl! I got to you through Blot. so, at least for now, it seems to be up and running.

I love your enthusiasm. With the dreary out of doors and your recovery from a nasty illness, you have every right to be in a bad mood. But I'm thinking you might not be the sort of gal that descends into moodiness very often.

Yesterday I almost bought the close-up magazine but refrained, thinking about the two crammed-full back issue magazines at home that deserve my review.

Sophie is a dear. I'm a cat and frog gal myself. Great minds think alike. Stay cheery.

our friend Ben said...

That photo of the snow in front of the sun is so fabulous, Joy! And who could resist the shot of Miss Sophie trying to wedge herself into the frog bowl?! (I'm always afraid I look that way trying to squash myself into my tiny car.) Hooray for Nan for her feature story. Her advice is always superb (and experience-backed)! We're trying to stay warm down here by indulging in travel writing about hot places. Goin' to Morocco in my mind...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina girl don't tell me you don't have one of those Lowes ? They were rejected here on their first bid to build and we all were so MAD !! I think the city council got our backlash and they decided to "let" lowes in on Kingston but they haven't started the build yet .. so I am WAITING and hoping ? I do have a thing for frogs and of course the girls know they are loved to bits .. brazen hussies ?? LOL

Martha girl I just sent off a novel of an e-mail telling you about some strange goings on .. and laughing .. too many cute things happening ! YES !! we want Lowes and we want them NOWWWWW !
Hey .. never mind I am going to get you ready for where when and how we will storm the garden centers girl .. I have a master plan !! start sharpening those elbows ;-)

Kate girl ! I hear you with those terrible teasing bloggers that have shoots showing (seems like there is a really funny joke in there some where right ??) .. I would so love to hear the frogs sing in the spring .. it would be heaven for me .. I guess I have to get a CD of it and enjoy it the high tech way ?? LOL

Grace girl .. your ears must have been burning today because I have a post up my sleeve especially for you (yes ..... it is a PINK post and it is a breath of fresh air to enjoy) .. I just had to have some spring visions and scents to look forward to ... it is gray and dull out there but I refuse to be taken down by it .. comfort food helps ?LOL .. I will have to get going with the post now .. so I'm in the pink : )

tina said...

We have two here in my town but when I visit my mother all she had was small mom and pop building supply stores. Not convenient at all. You'll love it! Headed there this afternoon myself:) I hope you are feeling much better now.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Good grief Elly how did you get lost in the jumble here ? .. thank you ! I thought it was kind of eerie ? LOL .. Sophie and I seem to do a lot of wedging of ourselves .. if I don't garden soon , well it ain't a pretty sight with all the winter flubber packed on ? LOL .. going to Morocco eh .. even if it is just a mental journey it is FUN : )

Kiki girl you also got lost in the shuffle .. what is going on I wonder .. could it be me ?? YIKES !
thanks for hanging in there girl : )

Thanks Tina .. slow but on the mend .. we have a very small garden show here first week of March so I truly want to see it and take some pictures .. but when i say small .. I really mean itsy bitsy small ;-) I can't wait for Lowes !!

Anonymous said...

The things we gardeners do to get through the long, cold winter! Magazines are great, but walking through the flowerings houseplants at the stores is even better. We'll make it Joy, it's all downhill from here!

Jill-O said...

Cats are so entertaining, aren't they?
I've been trying to avoid the gardening magazines and concentrate on the arts and crafts ones, at least for another month. No use in getting my cabin fever going by wishing I could be outdoors digging in the dirt.
Didn't your mother ever tell you never to look directly at the sun?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl .. isn't it funny how "going down hill" is supposed to be "getting easier" if you say it to a sick person it means bad news ? LOL .. sorry, humour is silly first thing in the morning .. Hey I am so happy to see such changes in the earlier sunrise and later sunset .. and YES !! it is down hill from here girl !! LOL

Jill girl : ) how are you !!
YES .. hum ... seems to me some one did say don't look directly at the sun .. it may explain my idiosyncrasies possibly ?? haha
I need some garden therapy of any kind so I fell into the trap of magazines and a few garden ornaments ?? win wink

Nan Ondra said...

Hey, I know you too, Joy! I didn't see the magazine, and I didn't write the article, so I don't I know what it says, but I'm glad you thought it was worthwhile. Honestly, the advice pictured wasn't very profound, so I hope I had something else more interesting to say!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Nan girl it was just fun to see your name there and know that I visit your blog and really enjoy your great posts and pictures .. it was just a larger "type" portion that I thought I would snap with my camera but it highlighted your books and it put a buzz in my ear/eye ? LOL to hunt your books down soon before my head is truly in the garden and I am totally plant mad ?? You know what I mean ! haha
I can never have too many garden how to and "look at this plant!" books girl ! : )