Saturday, 20 February 2010

A "PINK" Post For Grace and Gail

It all started when I stopped to look at some almost sad plants in Home Depot .. I saw this little pink azalea and immediately I thought of Grace "Gardening with Grace"who is a PINK kinda' gal .. then I thought of Gail "Clay and Limestone" because she has an obsession for 'Perfectly Pink Phlox" .. what is a gardener going to do when two little pink poppets are sat on each shoulder saying BUY MORE PINK PLANTS !!!!
So I took pictures of the sky to float down from the pink parade and sort of relax until I could figure out this PINK POST that just wouldn't shut up ??? ;-)
So ... here is the tiny delicate pink edged azalea .. I have never had a "house" azalea and I'm rather nervous about "what do I do ?" "how do I stop from killing the poor thing?" any advice is greatly appreciated by the way !
The other pink plot are Hyacinths .. I caught a whiff of them in a store and just knew I would not escape without some in a nice purple plastic (ugh) pot that looked very much the Easter themed pink plant it should be : ) all bunny eared and ready to hop now ?
Isn't she gorgeous ??
Just look at that hot pink edging .. I haven't seen one like this before : )
Next I thought of Grace when she said my Hens'Chicks looked like teenage girls trying to escape their mother ? That just stuck in my mind like glue .. i have a son and I can't get rid of him YET ? .. must be a girl thing because I couldn't wait to get out of my house either ??
My find (yes .. another one from Home Sense .. poor husband was so sweet about my obsession too ?) .. this is wrought iron and heavy to carry around but by god I wasn't putting it down while another mad gardener might pick it up ... phew .. no wonder my arm is sore ???
Isn't the detail nice ? .. a little hummer to boot : )
Scary views of my garden .. hopeful "before" pictures will be unthinkable by the time the after pictures come through ?
I began to wonder "just how many frogs have I got hidden away in the garden anyways ??"
I'm beginning to think there is a theme going on ... frog wise .... how about that lobster trap all the way from Louisbourg Cape Breton Island ..
Another pensive look from Winthrop ... the days are getting longer and brighter and earlier .. ah ! .... time is shifting .. and work is to be done soon ... ROLL ON SPRING !!!


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

What a sweet azalea. I sure you will stop from killing it! :-)

Your new acquisition from Home Sense was worth its weight - very nice! This is such an exciting time for planning and anticipation. Enjoy!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful pictures Joy, the sky is such a lovely colour, and the hot pink edging is gorgeous. No, of course you couldn't just leave it there!! I usually have a sore arm from gardening (& carrying garden related items), but it's worth it. :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Joy, and getting out and going shopping for plant/garden stuff. Love that azalea--I saw one like it last year and didn't succumb to the urge to buy it. When I went back, it was gone. So I'm glad you got one.

lisa said...

Nothing like a plant shopping trip to chase the winter blues! LOVE that birdbath! I've been wanting one of those myself, so far the budget says "no" (stupid budget! :) I like all your cute froggies, do you use the lobster trap as an end table? Very cool decorations!

Barry said...

That is a beautiful Azalea, and the ruffled pink edge is divine! I love the, and I hope I am viewing it correctly, bird bath you snagged at Home Sense, a true steal. It will look perfect in your newly renovated back yard later this year.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh, such wonderful goodies! And I was at Home Sense just this week. I was tempted to pick up a couple of items for the garden but didn't, mostly because I was just too lazy to lug things around before heading for the cash. Can you believe this? What the heck is wrong with me???? I should go back this week and spend for the garden, damn it! Don't just think about it; do it!

Anyhow, I just fired off an email with very detailed information about Azalea care. I hope it helps you with your lovely new plant. You'll be happy to know that you can place it outdoors for the summer, which is nice.

This week I'm planning to snoop around the stores to see what they have available for gardening. Let the garden games begin!

Vetsy said...

The Hyacinths smell really nice..I passed an entire table of them while shopping at the Kroger super market..

I would love to get some If I could just find and empty spot for them in my house, because I love their sweet per-fumy scent.

Vetsy said...

Love the detail of the bird bath..You have good taste.

I like the critters you chose for your garden accents they are cute..cute..cute..I'm still in-love that little snail.

Kyna said...

My husband bought me an azalea houseplant last year in May. I was too chicken to grow it indoors, so I hardened it off and planted it outside LOL.

Your azalea has such a beautiful colour of bloom! And I can't wait to see the hyacinths :D

Meadowview Thymes said...

Hi Joy! I loved all your garden finds! Especially the hyacinths! I noticed the days are getting longer too! Come on Spring...we are ready for you! :)

VW said...

Pretty pink flowers, Joy. Today my mother brought pink-polka-dot dresses that she made for my daughters (one preschooler, one toddler), with netting under the skirt to make them very full. The girls danced around the living room and it felt like SPRING! I love pink. I love my girls in pink. Someday maybe they'll outgrow the color, or maybe they'll grow up to be like Grace and love it still.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Ms S ! .. Yes : ) I am so excited, I hope I don't wear myself out by the time I need to really get going ? .. but this little boost of such pleasure (after the bathroom incident) is so NEEDED for me .. it makes me smile constantly right now .. and I really hope not to kill my little azalea friend here ;-)

Thank you Rebecca girl : ) Yo are so right .. I couldn't just leave it there . it was the only one in that colour too ! .. and a BIG yes to the sore arm thing .. it happens to me all the time and I swear one arm is longer than the other .. or sort of Popeye -ish ? LOL .. it is worth it though : )

Jodi girl thank you : ) That picture over on your blog with the sunset .. it was awesome girl .. I am still picturing it in my mind : ) .. yes ! that usually happens to me too .. I see something and think I'll be back and it is gone .. it almost happen to the wrought iron bird bath thing .. phew !!

Lisa I have to admit everything is a mess on that patio but what a perfect idea .. and end table !! haha
I just could NOT resist the birdbath thingy .. it screamed take me home woman ... and so to keep the piece in the store .. I took it home !!

Pats ... sweetie i am so EXCITED to have proper landscaping/hardscaping done and .. one of the benefits is that I have two horticulturists dogging the Korean Maple for me now .. some body has to know what it is and how I can get it ?? Yes : ) heavy iron accents tend to stay where you put them ? phew ! and this pretty azalea .. I haven't seen one in that colour so I was enamoured ?? : )

Martha girl I have the information and THANK YOU !! .. I will be so happy to have it outside this summer too : ) now all I have to do is NOT kill it until that time ? LOL .. hey yo have to come with me to Costco .. they have essentials like a BIG bucket of bonemeal (I buy it there because it is the best value any where ) and great garden gloves !! So we have to make that trip OK ?

Hello Vetsy girl and yes .. the stores suck you in with that amazing scent of spring blooms and so I was truly sucked in and couldn't help myself ;-) .. that is what I loved about the birdbath too .. the detail was so pretty and vintage looking : )

Kyna .. I took a big step to get this little beauty .. i am worried about killing it .. usually the only one I can't kill is the snake plant .. but I am going to get it through until I can have it outdoors on the patio table and admire it there ?? ;-)

Linda YES !!! and thank you : ) and YES !!! Roll on Spring is too right girl : )

VW girl I imagine how cute your girls are in those very girlie dresses .. and I remember as a little one having a crinoline under my beautiful red velvet Christmas dress .. it made it so full and rustled so much it was wonderful : )
Your girls must have been so adorable and they were like little Spring fairies ? : )
i think we all have a little "grace" in us ? LOL

Sue Swift said...

Oh dear - I always kill my azaleas. I've stopped buying them. The water here is far too hard, and even though I boil it first, they always die on me. Good luck with yours :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG Sue !!! you are going to have me paranoid woman ! LOL
I am worried though .. when it comes to plants I really love to see some how that love is toxic ?? haha .. fingers crossed though eh ?