Sunday, 21 February 2010

Robin ? Robin ? ROBINS !!!!

I am luring you in with a nice sky shot first .. see the fresh jet trail in the sky like a shooting star ? OK .. then enlarge it so you can see (click on it !!) ... neat eh ?
The reason I had to lure you in was because I was so shocked at seeing two robins trying to "duke it out" over who would be our "Robinator" this year .. you might recall last year we had a fierce one that ate all of the service berries before we could try any ? greedy gobbler ;-)
So bad pictures due to utter SHOCK of seeing robins so early !!!
A few days ago we saw Canada Geese too ?
What gives ? surely not an early SPRING ?????
Birds of all kinds have been rustling early in the morning .. I don't mind .. it is a sign of life after a weird winter which I am sure will NOT give up its grasp that easily yet !
I so wanted to see a dramatic sunrise .. I miss them terribly ...
But the only drama was the robin sighting and the stark pillar shape of my neighbor's pear tree which I secretly am in love with .. BIG sigh ! it is beautiful : )
Again check out the UFO to the upper right hand corner people ;-)
Waffty clouds but no iridescent RED reflection I crave .....
The sun is behind there and there is a bit of a treat further down this post ...
Shiny ball of reflected light but more white and no colour ... humph !!!
Suddenly a giant houseplant appears out of no where and wow is that scary or what ??
My perfectly pink hyacinth is opening so quickly we can not believe our eyes .. and noses !!
This is the odd picture ... click on it ?
I have no idea how I captured the beautiful round glowing orb of our sun like this .. but it is a wow moment for me .. I like the strange and unusual ... yup ! not such a bad morning after all ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Some interesting photos. There have been robins here for a couple of weeks. They seem to come and go. Hurry up spring.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

How lucky you were to capture not 1 but 2 robins. I've been looking and listening but haven't spied any yet. According to my notes (kept on old calendars) the robins appear around this time of the year. I'll keep looking and listening and I'm sure to capture one soon ... perhaps by then I'll have learned how to use my new camera (a Canon SLR) yikes!!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Wouldn't it be great if the Robins meant your Spring was coming early?
Great sky shots, I saw the jet trail, very neat!

Rose said...

Oh, Joy, I do hope those robins mean spring is on its way! If not, at least you can enjoy those pretty pink hyacinths and pretend it's spring:)

Yvonne @ Country Gardener said...

We saw our very first robins here today! Thanks for your comment at my blog. I'm still posting, though I've been a bit slowed down over the winter, but at a new blog. Please visit me at

Cheers, Yvonne

CiNdEe said...

We have a million robins here the most I have everrrrrrr seen in my life all at one time! They are everyhwere! What does that mean?????
That sun is beautiful and there is your color too!!! Just awesome pictures today!!!
Is that a cactus? I think I have one growing in the shoe garden.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Wow - it was really worth clicking on that last photo of the sun - magnificent!!

Now to the double-wow - you have robins!!! And we have pussy willows in Alberta?? This is indeed going to be an early spring across the country. I saw three deer running across the field close to my house the other evening on my way home...normally I don't see much of them until March...hmmmm...robins, deer, pussy willows...let's hope the deep freezes are over. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Lisa girl ! This is the first time we have seen robins so early : ) and we are clinging to the hope that it means an early Spring for us , yipppeee !

Linda girl ! OMG I just read your e-mail and WOW !!! You are going to do wonders with that new camera and I am going to be right there seeing how it works because I'm aiming for that for my October birthday .. and guess what ? I will be using the same logic with husband too !! : )
Don't worry the robins will be your place too and soon !

Catherine girl I am so hoping this is a wonderful garden year with an early Spring that lasts longer than we usually have which was always too short ! Fingers crossed : )

Rose girl I am all for the pretending bit if we have to suffer through more winter .. I can't believe how fast they are unfolding and smelling ! : )

Yvonne that is what happened then .. I missed your new blog site .. but I was so happy to see your comments on the Fothergill shrub ! I want that one too !! : )

Cindee girl .. it is some kind of tropical succulent I have had for ages .. I haven't managed to kill it yet so it is a KEEPER !!
Wow !! so many robins so few worms ? LOL it has to be a good sign right ?? ;-)

Ms S : ) Thank you girl ! I was so surprised to see the picture turn out that way .. weird and wonderful : ) .. wow on the deer ! I hope they don't try the road while you are driving there !
I wish I had pussy willows .. I may go hunting for them maybe ? ;-)

GardenKazuo said...

i am enjoying Vancuver Olympic everyday Joychan. Curling is very interesting and intelligent sport, isn't it?

Carrie said...

Oh your robins aren't the same as ours. Lovely skies as usual and wow that spiky house plant was a surprise but it is nice.
I'm going to e-mail you later - hugs x

*~* Linda *~* said...

I loved hearing about your robin-battle!! I think you might be pleasantly surprised with an early spring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! My peach tree has buds on it now! and I think I might have to start chronicling it's progress for you (wink wink). I think a new camera for your birthday would be awesome!! WOuld be a fun toy to get you thru the next winter.
That last sky shot you posted looks like a painting. I know you were looking at that globe of a sun, but did you see that pink in the upper center part of the clouds?? It's like the light reflected off of the other clouds and THEN bounced to those or something. JUst looks so much like a painting and the artist dusted his brush with a touch of pink at the last moment. *sigh*

our friend Ben said...

Wow, you have robins before we do this year! Love the Haworthia photo...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Kazuochan !
My goodness it is wonderful to see you here : ) I am glad you have come for a little visit and that you are enjoying the Olympics so much. Yes ! curling is a very thoughtful sport .. maneuvers and strategies are essential so it certainly does take intelligence and finesse, to throw the stones where they must go : )

Carrie girl I have meant to e-mail as well .. but have been under the weather .. hopefully Spring is coming now and that garden will be my solace and cure me of the winter blues ? LOL
I have always loved European robins .. they are so delicate and sweet looking .. our robins are huge monsters compared to them .. and talk about noisy .. UGH !!! LOL
I don't know the name of that plant but I haven't been able to kill it yet so it is a good one : )

Hey there Linda !.. I want to see those gorgeous peach flowers girl !
... and everyone is talking about an early Spring . but they may hex it now and we will end up with a big snowstorm probably .. hopefully before Ian flies out so that won't be hanging around then ? LOL .. wouldn't it be just his luck to drive and fly in that crap ? fingers crossed NOT !!
YES !! believe me I was in awe of how that picture turned out .. I have no idea how it became "distorted" to something so beautiful .. I may have it printed out because I kept the full pixel size .. John gave me that flash drive for Xmas so I am supposed to load my favorites on there and take it to Costco to print out .. another thing on the list of "to do !!"

Elly girl !! thank you for identifying that plant for me .. lost the tag years ago literally and it is an awesome little plant isn't it ? Robins galore and more snow is supposed to fall .. what the heck do they eat to survive I have no idea !!

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Joy, such an amazing weekend, and you saw robins, could it be, and early spring? I was hopeful, but as I sit here writing this, the snow is coming down, although there is a chance of showers tomorrow.

Kimberly said...

When I lived in Chicago, I LIVED for the return of the Robins!! Now that I'm in Florida, it's a different story.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Deborah ! girl I have a gal from a landscaping company supposed to come tomorrow morning to assess my needs ? LOL .. I am hoping we can do a walk about but if we are in the middle of a snowstorm .. that puts a dent in my plans and we will have to reschedule ... oh well ? it will be done some time soon ?

Hi Kimberly ! .. We have never seen robins this early in the year so it was a major event ? sad but true ? haha

Cat said...

Heavens to Betsy!
You've been a posting queen!
I'm so slacking at the moment, well not really, I'm just living the stuff that posts are made of!
I got my garden story up on crop circle gardens and will be posting more this week, best wishes, stay warm and well!

Kathleen said...

Funny you don't have robins all winter Joy ~ I figured you would since we have them here (and we're in the same zone, right?) I hope it means an early spring for everyone. I'm really done with winter this year! I caught up on your last few blog posts too. Great new finds you have ~ love the hummingbird birdbath & frog one too. Also the pink hyacinths are fab. Count me among the girls who have a thing for that color. I was just looking at a picture of 'Maypop' in a catalog and wondering if I should re-order??!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Cat girl !
Posting Queen ? me ? LOL.. I guess I was trying to catch up from all my time out being sick ?;-)
I have to get over to your place and check out the "crop circles" ?
Sounds like lead in for a UFO story ?
We got a dump of snow last night .. EVERYTHING is WHITE AGAIN .. jeez !!

Kathleen girl .. now isn't that strange ? .. we don't have robins year round and yet you do and we are the same zone .. makes you wonder if they are in hiding here ? haha .. YES ! I have been happy to find a few little things to place in the garden once I do a final clean up and see the schedule for the landscaping (fingers crossed it will go much more smoothly than the deck last year ?LOL) .. ah yes ! the pink parade people : ) I had to put them out doors though , husband sneezed up a storm poor guy .. oh well I can see them through the deck door !
OMG ! now, hold on missy .. your might still be fine at the root .. give it a chance first before you get another one .. hold on !!

Anonymous said...

I just love your sky photos. Hopefully the birdies mean an early spring.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there bloomnrs : ) Well we are going through a winter storm front this week .. days and days of wet snow but not a huge accumulation .. just rather depressing ? so those poor robins .. what are they able to eat I have no idea !!