Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sprout Epiphany Anyone ?

I swear this is not a silly post today !
Really .. I mean it .. but I have to "slide" into what kind of a morning it started out to be, so the whole atmosphere of my "sprout epiphany" takes root and truly illustrates how small wonders can make big changes : )
Dave and the boys along with the human and cat tribe of this home were SO NOT impressed with the heavy wet snowfall .. after being teased by a little Spring kiss the last few days.
Disgruntled looks abound !!
Then ..... husband volunteered to pick up parcel for me (we always seem to miss the mail guy at the door .. I think it is a huge conspiracy actually) .. but what he brought home was one of my forgotten .. well, put on the back burner projects with so many other things on the go ..
The girls appreciated something new to amuse themselves with when the unpacking of said parcel started ... with GLEE !! BIG SMILE !!
The didn't get why woman in pajamas would be bothered doing the "Happy Dance" on such a dull , crappy ... yes .. crappy snow filled morning ;-(
Some how a magic sprouter put the sunshine back in our dreary little lives ... OK .. my dreary little life this morning .. I'm menopausal ... almost every morning can be like that now !!
My Veseys "LOVE" parcel with a whole new world of LIFE was finally here .. I thought it had been diverted to heaven knows where ... then again .. there are those universal black holes that seem to gobble up things isn't there ?
So .. this is the Biosta 3-Tier Sprouter ... and one of the best bits is that for once .. I actually have a product made in CANADA ... distributed by P.E.I. a Maritime province of ours for those who have no clue about us ? ..
I'll probably be blasted for this but it is my blog and I can say I have been sick of seeing everything made in China .. nothing against China but there you have it .. finally a home land product and I am happy for that : )
Simple yet amazing process of soilless sprouting ... so many different kinds of seeds to sprout but I am trying the rather conservative ones first .. Alfalfa, and Sandwich Booster Organic sprouts .. all the sprouts are organic certified.
As it says it is a three tier process like a kid's science project but ..brilliant and I am so curious to see if I can get these babies to sprout !!
See ? loads of sprouting beauties to keep me busy .. I only wish I had done this so much sooner : ) and .. it glows in the dark !! ... OK ... it doesn't .. but I bet it does when no one is looking !!!
Once the excitement died down .. well .. Emma thought it was time for an early dinner and no more happy dancing was going to entertain her or Sophie much longer .. FEED US !!!

This is my "Sprout Epiphany" story ... why didn't I order earlier .. half the fun is the entertainment value let alone some top notch nutrition .. you can't beat that !! : ) .... and ... it's Canadian EH !!


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Very exciting! Alfalfa is supposed to be very good for you. Have fun, eh!

Kyna said...

I'd never seen many products made in Canada when I loved there, but here in the States, Canadian made stuff is everywhere! Mr. A has to point it out to me everytime he sees 'Made in Canada'. I think I'm going to get a t-shirt for myself with that on it LOL.

I'm so glad to see that you're excited! And the cats too LOL

Anonymous said...

I will be excited to see your science project when those little sprouts grow. The kitties looked pretty happy at least for a little while.

RURAL said...

Hey, you are too funny sometimes. The happy dance, and those gorgeous kitties.....

I am sitting here reading your blog, and drinking really good hot chocolate. Life is grand.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The girls obviously want to be sure they will get their share of the sprouts.

Anonymous said...

Joy, I have sprout envy! :) I can't wait to see how you like these, and see the results! The fact that they're Maritime Made is even better. :)

CiNdEe said...

Yay for things made in our Countries(-:
That looks like fun(-: I use to eat alfalfa sprouts all the the time and I don't know why I quit!!!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great sprouter!! The girls look amused, and you're right, the boys really do look disgruntled. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Ms S ! .. I am excited about this .. I held back on sprinkling too much seed on each level because I have no idea how much they fill in yet .. so the first try is an experiment but WOW ! so many different seeds to try our and this is amazing to grow your own still in the dead of winter ? LOL

Kyna girl .. I am beginning to think that is the rule of thumb .. you have to be in another country to see our products .. I was just so sick of seeing so much "made in China" .. YES !! you have to get that t-shirt made girl ! My boys are wearing beautiful red and white hockey jerseys ..I didn't see the score of the hockey game last night but I don't think it was good ? ;-( Happy cats YES !

Hi there again bloomnrs : ) Yup .. this is a cool project !! and to get to taste it and it is good for you ? WOW ! .. boxes and kitties go together : ) haha

Jen girl .. whenever I get a chance to have a great cup of hot chocolate .. well I think life is grand too !! Hey did you get a copy of the new Canadian garden magazine ? I got mine today "Garden Making" ? not too bad : ) I have to actually read some of the articles now .. I just gave it a quick once over in between the sprout experiment.

Lisa girl .. that is what I am thinking too .. they are keeping a close eye on what I am up to and how much of a "cut" they get in the crop ? LOL

Nancy girl I do love Veseys : ) they are a great company and it feels a little like getting a "home made" parcel : ) I will be updating how it all comes together so you can keep a handle on that sprout envy girl ! LOL

Cindee girl ! You have to get back on the "sprout train" !! I am hoping for some extra energy ? and a better green escape and consumption for working up to "GARDEN MODE" !!! LOL

Rebecca girl .. if only you could hear the gruff snide comments from the boys about the weather .. sometimes I have to tell them to "keep it down out there !!"
Sprout party at my place with the girls as entertainment : ) They love the spot light !

Skeeter said...

What excitement, two new boxes! Meowww, I know that feeling for our girls. Sheba runs to the door when the doorbell rings as she is looking for a new box! I agree it must be a conspiracy with the mail. The last thing we had on order was sitting at the front door one morning as the Saint left for work. Strange thing, we were home all day the day before and never heard a truck or anyone at the front of the house. I do think the mail fairies brought it during the night kind of like the tooth fairy!

I don’t think your gardens look dead but rather sleeping. And I so trying to get over going out without make up on these days. I am taking baby steps with that one.

Robins and geese this early. Wow, lets hope spring is going to come early but not looking so today. 70 on Sunday and now 40’s again. What gives?

I think I have the same giant houseplant you have! Don’t know the name of it but thought it was interesting and I let the Saint pick it out. He must get some say with things around here but I would never let him cut my grapevine hee hee…

I can see you dragging that iron birdbath around now, lol….

Glad you are feeling better and take care of your hormonal issues girl, a little pill is magic to me these days...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Skeeter girl
Oh yes .. boxes mean tons of fun for the girls and it gives me a break from saying "STOP that !!"
Yes you are right .. sleeping is what the garden is doing .. snoring at times but when that good weather hits .. I hope I have that burst of energy to start the mad dash it will need ;-)
John has a Pothos ? vine to care for .. but yup .. he went mad hatter on the grape dine .. I just hope it will come back "gang-buster" style and fill in .. I so want to block out the neighbor behind the fence (annoying as hell on the phone .. who wants to hear her conversations ????) Yup ! when I find something that I even suspect another shopper might snag from me .. I hug it and drag it around the store .. that way I know it is MINE !! hehe
Skeeter girl .. I am on so many meds it is crazy but I swear I will GARDEN as ever ;-) !!!

our friend Ben said...

Yes! Yes!!! Sprouts!!! Way to go Joy!!! I too have radish seeds and a general sprout mix and sprouter---not nearly as gorgeous or fluorescent as yours, alas---and have I been using it? Noooo... Shame on me! "Microgreens," as sprouts are now called by the pretentious, are ever so full of good-for-you nutrients. We should all be eating them, and hopefully you'll have given me just the kick in the rump that was needed to get out my seeds and sprouter and get going! Love the cat participation. At our house, only Shiloh cares about folks dropping off boxes (though her favorites are the big trucks that pick up garbage and recycling and deliver water and fuel oil). Enjoy!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Elly girl I have been buying the micro greens and they are amazing ! But I have "pondered" this method and finally made up my mind about it and wow .. third morning (right now 25th) and they are SPROUTING !! I will take pictures later and show you : )
Shiloh : ) funny girl I bet all of that action is just too fun to watch .. how dare they step out of line and touch your queendom ? LOL

Lorraine said...

I enjoyed your blog, and especially the photos of your cats getting into the new boxes. Cats are so entertaining. I've been sprouting for many years and have used the Boista sprouter in the past. You may like to check out my January 2010 newsletter on the Plant Paradise website which gives some benefits and helpful hints on successful sprouting. The food grade hydrogen peroxide I mention in the article is particularly helpful when using the Biosta sprouter. It is great to find a blogger/gardener who is also from Ontario.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lorraine and thank you so much ! .. I'm always glad to meet another gardener in Ontario too .. it is a BIG province with more than a few different grow zones : )
I am going to have a look at your blog and the info with the sprouter .. I am a newbie and can use all the hints possible !
: )