Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dark to Light to Dark

March 9th was an extraordinary morning .
I had been moaning and groaning about what gorgeous areas some of the other bloggers live in and the vistas they see .. like
Carol from Flower Hill Farm , Kate from High Altitude Gardening, Jodie from Bloomwriter (Nova Scotia always has an edge for me : ) to name just a few.
In any case .. since it had been a while with not seeing gorgeous skies I had been feeling sorry for myself .. that happens in between the absolute drive myself into the ground it is finally garden time !!!
This morning reminded me how lucky I truly am to see such amazing skies .. so I took picture after picture because it changes so quickly it overwhelms me.
My neighbor's pear tree .. so straight and tall as if some one drew it that way for me to use it as an anchor for these pictures : )
The colours were more vibrant than the camera picked up and my heart was beating so hard and fast .. these are the times I don't give a HOOT about what the neighbors think of me .. IF anyone is up as early as I am seeing me dance on my deck ?

That impossible GLOW of the sun so slowly making its way west as I am tracking how far east it is finally rising at .. it is key to some of my photos because I can catch an amazing fireball just about May ... hopefully .. in that pine tree to the left .. which I love as equally as the pear : )
There are layers upon layers of colour cloaking the sky .. some thin like see through veils .. some dark and smudgy ? .. I see it all and it totally blows me away.
The clouds were closing fast again .. I was pleading with them not to advance , but do they listen to me ?
The stark tree branches are great contrasts to the soft clouds .
See the smudgy clouds taking over the show .. I can't fault them for lack of drama .. they are beautiful !

So there was my show that morning .. I watch every morning for any detail I can pick up with a sunrise .. I can't believe there are people that don't see how amazing this whole process is .. this is my second love to my first with gardening ... oops ... husband and son are in there too .. and of course the "girls" .. I am very lucky indeed : )

Alas .... the dark side wins this time .. but it won't be long before those long sunny mornings and days take over and we are deep in our garden thoughts : )


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

lovely series of photos Joy ... great captures
Enjoy the weekend .. the sun will be returning soon

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are very nice sky shots. The sky was being very dramatic.

WiseAcre said...

I get an "End of Days" feeling looking at those photos. Hope the sun reaches the pine tree.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Linda .. it was an amazing morning .. but I am waiting for that fireball in the pine tree soon ? ;-)

Lisa I can't imagine NOT looking at skies like this .. it is such a beautiful sight to see : )

Dear Mr. WiseA*** I have been neglecting you ! I'm sorry about that .. just a lot of things going on .. I'm coming over right now!!
Look out ? haha

Jean Campbell said...

Soon you'll be making photos of blossoms silhouetted against that dramatic sky. Spring is moving that way, not to worry.

Anonymous said...

That 5th photo down is fabulous, looks like one of those "heaven" style pictures. Love it girl! There haven't been any good sunsets lately, and I'm really missing that.

Gail said...

Me, too, Joy...I don't see how anyone can fail to see the sun rise or set, clouds move across the sky or plants beginning to open in spring. They don't don't look. They miss the miraculous in life. Beautiful photos~

CanadianGardenJoy said...

NellJean .. slowly but surely right ? We are due for some great sunshine once this rain passes .. I am so anxious for the garden to wake up ! : )

Robin girl doesn't it make a huge impact on us when we don't see those skies we love ? We have had rain for a few days and I so miss the sunrise even if it can't be spectacular ? LOL .. I know what you mean about the sky looking like those old fashioned religious illustrations .. it reminded me of that too ! #10 is my favorite : )

Gail girl .. is it that we are gardeners that make us pay extra attention ? or is it innate in our personalities and we just happen to be gardeners that appreciate life signs ? so many questions too few answers ? LOL

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Gorgeous photos, Joy. I'm up very early almost every morning, so I get to see the sky the way you do. There are some mornings when it is so dramatic and full of life. In addition, the birds sing their little hearts away at the same time, which makes it that much more beautiful.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl I notice more bird song too now and it is wonderful : ) It is funny we are both up at the same time watching the sky .. it is so beautiful some mornings I can't believe it myself !

Kimberly said...

Joy, what a fantasic show! Your description is eloquent as well, describing all the colors, shapes and patterns that meet your eye and your spirit. Thank you for pointing out and identifying your neighbor's pear funny that it is so straight! Keep your eye to the skies...they'll have more to show you, and warm sunny skies soon!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Kimberly : )
Thank you so much ! Sometimes I just get so gushy about how gorgeous the sky is I lose all sensibility ? LOL ..
Seriously though .. the quiet of the morning and watching the light show as the sun rises .. it truly is thrilling to me even if my vista is over my neighbor's roof most of the time.
Yes ! this pear tree was supposed to be a columnar type but was not pruned correctly for a couple of years .. the man we hired to do ours, we recommended to our neighbors so it was finally trimmed to what it should be .. but what a marker to have with the sun rise : )
Can't wait for the real Spring weather !