Sunday, 14 March 2010

This time last year ......

This very day last year I just had to post about "Jack Frost" and how much I am looking forward to seeing 'him" again .. the actual picture was taken a few years ago in May .. so the count down is on.
I stumbled upon a mystery though .. if anyone can help ?
I ran across a new brunnera called "Silver Lining" and I can NOT find a picture of it anywhere .. in fact I was going to order it from one of my Canadian suppliers but she also has no picture of has seen it full grown.
IF .. anyone out there has could you tell me what it is like compared to Jack Frost please ?


Carol said...

I could not tell you but the one you have pictured here is lovely! Good luck... I would guess T. will know! ;>)

Unknown said...

If you had posted this yesterday, I might have been able to help. My son and I went to a huge nursery (lots of greenhouses, no mail order) and I could have looked for it. Not a place that I just pop in -- 45 minute drive each way, but I will be going back again in late April. Remind me again!

Plant Delights has Jack Frost.

Rosemary Waigh said...

According to the patent for 'Silver Lining', the main difference between it and 'Jack Frost' is in flower colour: 'Silver Lining' is described as having "medium blue" flowers, as opposed to Jack Frost's "light blue" ones. (You can see photos of 'Silver Lining' at the link above if you register (free), but the photos are only in black and white and not very interesting.

BTW, the cover story on the current (March 2010) of the Canadian magazine Fleurs Plantes Jardins is about brunneras. Such beautiful plants!

Unknown said...

Sorry Joy, I have no idea what it looks like. When I saw the title of your post though it made me smile because we are almost done with winter, unlike last year at this time. I'm so excited! Good luck on your picture quest.

Kathleen said...

Wow Joy ~ do you mean Jack Frost was actually blooming this time last year?? Was that early or normal? I see a little green on mine here but not ready to bloom by a long shot yet. I wish I could tell you something about the new one ~ sorry. Hopefully someone can help ~ there are so many informed/smart people in blogland, aren't there?

Kathleen said...

Just re-read your post again. I see it says photo taken in May!! Silly me. Would be great to have him blooming now, wouldn't it?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Carol .. I have always loved Jack and now to have another very similar but with darker flowers would be wonderful .. I am addicted ! LOL

Rats ! Freda I wish I had of .. but I will make sure to remind you again .. I am so curious I will probably go ahead and order it with Jack .. I am revamping my shade garden big time !

Hello Rosemary and thank you so much for the information ! It is such a kick to find another cultivar of brunnera to love : ) I think I will have to order it for sure .. thanks again for the link and the information girl !

Cinj girl it is a quicker start to Spring ... I hope .. this isn't a trick ? LOL
I know my neighbors thought I was nuts cleaning out my perennial beds but hey .. I am optimistic : )

Kathleen girl : ) You made me laugh and I am so tired from house cleaning .. so that is a miracle ! LOL .. YES !! wouldn't it be lovely to have him blooming right now .. we are all so anxious to get started with our gardens : )