Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Five Bouncing Baby Raccoons !!

Well .. what can I say about this morning other than a gal has to trust her inner instincts , especially when the guys are telling you "Naahhhhh , couldn't be etc ......"
Raccoon man and support trooper were SO sure the babies were taken to a new home but for some reason the mom was hunkered down in a VERY difficult place to reach her.
We now have so many openings to the attic it could be a free-for-all , open house and lets talk rent discount due to previous tenant dispute ?
All said and done (although the jokes keep cropping up in my head because this whole adventure has blown so many brain cells .. well ... you know what I mean ?)
Wooden box .. is "baby box" complete with padding and get this .. a heating pad to keep the little impossible you say !! BABIES warm ... plugged in to our house so they are even sucking out the utilities now ??? Who could deny them warmth though because mom is too terrified to move with all that has gone on.
This is where they hid ... in the worst place for reaching them .. mom away further into the attic because of scary hands reaching in .. go figure ?
BUT .. such care and concern for these little ones by this company is a relief and proof there is good out there in the world of critter ridders .. compassion for what yes is a nuisance but we wish them no harm .. just please leave and find another place to party ? .. and maybe use some birth control next time ??
Coming down ladder with little bundles of "where is our MOM !!!!!" chirping away ..
Thus these tiny guys that maybe be two weeks old if that ..
See raccoon man's gloved thumb to the right ? then you can see how small these babies are ..
Now for the baby box .. heated and plumped up with stuffing .. positioned where we all hope mom will eventually come out and move babies else where ? ..
I have this terrible vision of her taking them back in to the attic .. I haven't discussed this sinking feeling though with the guys yet .. because I just know they are going to say "Nahhhhh can't happen"
In any case ... sorry for the quality of the pictures .. the sun is right over head and you know what that is like ?
Neatly tucked in box .. testing warmth factor ... hoping to god that mom will get the right idea ..
More guy talk ........ mumble mumble "I hope we never hear from these people again .. this has been such a complicated work intense case to solve !!!!" ... John and I thinking the same thing in our cartoon bubble ?
"Maybe one picture for the books .. after all I did feel fatherly to them ?"
Laying down on the job checking all the factors are in place .. for pity sake let this WORK !!!
Ahhhh yes ............................... the state of my garden ... well, at least most of the plants are dormant still .. and they (raccoon guys) do tidy up ... I'm so tired from all of this I am not even going tho think about it ....

The only thing we want is no more wildlife other than ourselves and that is a stretch ... living in our house ... the girls are so fed up with not getting 24/7 hugs and kisses with the stress our adventures of "How to entertain a mommy raccoon and kits yet get them to look for new lodgings routine" .. do you know what it feels like to be so tired you start laughing and you can't stop .. that thing Tom Hanks did over the bathtub crashing through the floor and he couldn't stop laughing hysterically" the movie the Money Pit ?? .. well .. watch it some time because that is US !!


eric @ my First Garage said...

Have you tried to BBQ some filet mignon? I hear nursing mothers crave good meat.

Darlene said...

Oh Joy I can't believe you are going through the raccoon bit AGAIN!! Also, FIVE babies?????? I would definitely be like you, don't want them harmed but DON'T WANT THEM HERE!! I can't believe they keep getting into your attic. Our neighbors went through that drama at one point. Managing to capture the three babies and Mama and re-locating them to property far away with a nice pond. They closed up the place they got in and haven't had a problem since. I think your home is just a

Ian said...

LOL wow as if , I can't believe it mom. Well hopefully its over now , I should have known the only reason it wanted to get in was to give birth. Maybe it thought it had healthcare inside the house ;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

VERY funny Eric .. as son as you donate some .. we will consider firing up the BBQ ? ;-)

Darlene .. girl , we are so tired with all that has gone on both of us are throwing a wobble ? THIS TIME everyone is making sure there is no way for this to happen again .. so I am trusting that the guys KNOW what they are talking about and what to do !
It just has to happen to us eh ??: )

Ian .. you missed all the excitement .. well .. all of the activity .. dad and I are whipped .. it was amazing to see the babies though and you should have heard them ! I felt sorry for the mom hearing their chirping and not being able to comfort them .. the raccoon guys will be checking in tomorrow again .. and get this .. they have never seen a case where a raccoon was able to get back through a one way trap door ? ... it could only happen to us ? Hey .. stop eating fast food and candy there !!! haha
Say hi to Linda & Co. for us !

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness - cuteness verses annoyance!!! Argghh, why so the babies have to look so vulnerable and sweet- I WANT to be angry for you. Fingers are well and truly crossed!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Those babies are so cute, I've never seen them before. I hope Mom raccoon can find a nice new place for them away from your home. Now you will probably jump every time you hear a noise on your roof thinking the raccoons are back.

Unknown said...

very cute - as babies!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Five little babies? Wow! Momma raccoon sure has her hands full. I've no doubt she's really stressed; probably as much as you are, Joy. Those little munchkins are so darn cute. And I know you want a happy ending all around. While you certainly don't want to hurt the animals, you don't want them living in your house either. I hope everything goes well for all of you. You get your home back. Momma moves to a nice (critter-type) neighbourhood with the little ones.

Kathleen said...

omg Joy, you have been thru it and thru it and thru it. Now FIVE babies!!!!! They are unbelievably tiny ~ no wonder Mom didn't want to leave. I hope, for all your sakes, this issue is resolved. What a nightmare. It's so nice the guys are being compassionate about the babies tho. I wonder where she can move them? A neighbors???

F Cameron said...

What a saga! :-) They are adorable, though.

At a previous house, I had a cat door on my screened porch. For my cat to use. Raccoons used the door to come in and try to use their little hands to open the huge jar lid on the dry cat food jug. One raccoon got very frustrated because the lid was to big to use hands for turning. That raccoon brought a stick and beat up the container. Still, no food! I'm sure if raccoons could cuss, that one had a lot of four-letter words for our container! LOL


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Joy, I just can't believe this is happening again ... those coons must love your house. I certainly hope this is the last of this adventure. I'm so glad you captued some photos of the babies and I so hope the mom comes out and rescues them.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Joy, You appear to be a raccoon magnet.

Sylvia (England) said...

Joy, I have been following your posts hoping that it will be sorted soon. I am not sure I have ever seen a raccoon, probably in a zoo but I don't remember them. I will never read or see them again without thinking of you and your problems. I hope you have good news soon and a very relaxing Easter - you need it!

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl I am hoping this morning when they check the baby box that all of the cutie pie babies are gone and mom found a new home that will do them .. it is much warmer now too so that helps !
Hey did you have snow recently girl ? I saw it on the news !!

OH Catherine ! girl that is so TRUE ! Any noise .. any way the girls look like they are hearing something .. well once you go through this sort of thing twice ? .. BUT .. the guys are making sure there are NO more openings and we have a roofer looking at it all too .. fingers crossed !

Joseph .. yes that is the way mother nature has made them so we feel sorry for them ? LOL

Martha .. John and I are just plain exhausted from all of this ..we have had such a long bad streak of things going wrong I can't even remember when it start .. something always happens .. maybe now the streak is over ?? PLEASE ?? LOL

Kathleen this is a good company that follows through until the problem is resolved .. when I saw the baby box and the heating pad .. well, I felt extra good about the company .. I don't want anything bad to happen to mom and kits but they need to find a new home for sure !

Freda girl ! that is when you should have had a video camera going with blipping over BAD raccoon language ? haha .. we should have had it going when the mom SURPRISED raccoon man ? LOL
They are intelligent crafty creatures for sure !

Linda we all have our fingers crossed on that one girl .. that mom will do the right thing and find another home and stop using all of our utilities up with the 24/7 party they have been throwing ? haha Yup .. at least I have some pictures ? LOL

Debbie girl ... must be my new perfume ? ;-) lord can't you take them down there and show them your garden ??

Sylvia girl .. thank you for reading the posts .. I wouldn't believe all of this unless it was happening to ME ? LOL .. There are a lot of wildlife creatures around this end of the city but construction is really impacting their choices for homes .. they take the safest looking place available .. looks like our house is SAFE ? LOL
Have a great weekend there and I hope you have some nice sunny warm weather .. we are finally having it ourselves ! : )

Skeeter said...

Awwww, those little babies are so precious! Kudos to the Critter Ritters for trying to keep them a happy family. For your sake as well as the Racoons, I hope this works.

Kerri said...

Goodness Joy, what a saga! You've been through quite a wild ride with mama raccoon and her babies.
It is nice to hear of compassionate critter ridders.
Those little tots are as cute as can be.
I hope the tale ends well and that your Easter is blessed with happiness and quieter days.
We're expecting a high of 73º today (22ºC). Yay! After this dreary weather week it's going to feel glorious. Hope you have it too!

Gail said... SIX counting mom! Dear Joy, I am so very sorry they love your big heart and home so very much!
After we had them evicted from our chimney...we had to spray for fleas...Coal wasn't with us then...but it took a major exterminating company to get rid of the fleas! gail

our friend Ben said...

This is just unbelievable, Joy! I've seen photos of youthful raccoons but never photos of such tiny infant raccoons---I had no idea! I guess I'm so lucky only squirrels and starlings tried to get inside our studio. We have raccoons coming through here every spring, but generally they just raid the water gardens and move on. Yikes!!! Best of luck with it all. And tell the girls that the raccoon babies may be getting the lion's share of attention at the moment, but when the dust settles it will go back to being all about them!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Skeeter girl .. this has to work other wise I'm checking in to the nearest loony bin lodgings ! LOL

Kerri we have amazing weather today and for most of the weekend which is wonderful : )
Yes .. we really hope she was able to find a safe haven for her little family .. we just couldn't be the raccoon hotel ? haha
Hope you have a great weekend too : )

Gail girl .. where she was is called a "void" in the construction of some false eves .. it had no contact with the actual attic space (I just kept calling the area the attic .. rather than explain the term 'void" ) so even if she did have fleas .. which with our winters pretty well kill off pests per season .. there was no contact with the interior of the house .. now lets just hope we can have a normal life again .. well .. as near normal as we can ? LOL

OFB ! how is Linus behaving after his romp ? hehehehe .. yes , these were iddy biddy babies and she was such a good mom .. but they really had to move to other accommodations .. yes the girls have been a bit spooked with all of the commotion going on here .. the roofing guy is here to repair the damage .. so once that is wrapped up and the last one way door is gone .. a BIG sigh of relief ? and the girls will be the center of the universe again ? haha

Kara said...

Where will mom and babies go after the removal?
They sure are cute, though!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wow, what a lot of babies. They are awfully cute, I hope their momma finds a safe place for them (but not in your attic). :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Kara .. we aren't in the middle of the city .. we have wooded areas and are close to wildlife areas along the river and locks .. I really don't know where she would have gone but we do hope for the best out come. A place for her and her babies but not in our house : )

Hello Rebecca girl .. I have never seen raccoon babies before so this was all NEW to us .. we did have raccoon adventures 2 years ago but the kits were much older and husband watched "mom" move them out .. although there was the incident of the last kit who was trapped with the one way door .. we had to open up the area and let mom get him that night .. I just don't know why they like us so much ? haha

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good Grief. It is kind of exciting to have baby racoons in the house. I am amazed that Mom could get in there. Makes me nervous. We have racoons in the neighborhood.