Thursday, 25 March 2010

Frosted Violet .. Scarlet ..Gauze Gray

I call this sky icing .. beautiful, delicious, and you can never have enough of it ?
It comes in many different layers .. and the sound is amazing .. meaning NO sounds other than the birds waking up and a few other not so annoying noises really.
Frosted violet is what I'm thinking for this bottom picture .. I'm sure there are so many plants that have been named that .... maybe even a heuchera ? ;-)
Pink to orange variations begin to brighten the horizon
My oddball trees (prospectively speaking ) Rebecca from Rebecca in the Garden liken it to the Mona Lisa composition .. not being a great work of art .. me red faced .. but the perspective of one tree as apposed to the other .. hey girl .. I got that ! ;-)
So here they are in a study of PINK from the sunrise
Morning meeting conducted by assorted birds up a tree ? .. mood lighting in background inducing higher productivity for the day ?
This picture can't illustrate how amazing the pink "smoke" clouds reflecting the sun looked like.
It was outstanding : )

The sun isn't quite in the perfect position yet .. but that pine tree is patient , as I am ... almost !
Still fairly interesting though .. I love the back drop pf "fire in the sky" no matter the utility lines etc ..
... cue sun ! It tried to be a sunny day ... cue eerie music ... for what is to come .....
Now how is that for a change of pace .. a couple of hours and this stunning streaked gray sky strangle the sun ?
I actually had goosebumps snapping away to take these pictures ...
I wanted to make sure I included the house and our overhang so you could get the viewpoint I had ..

Now how was that for a change of pace ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

A fine set of photos. I rained here all day. YAWN...must take a nap.

Carol said...

Cool sky painting Joy! I love the colors in the fourth one I think... I do not want to go back to be sure... and the gray ones are really cool! The sky and sliver of clouds are gossamer like... I guess you did not end up having a sunny day.?

Cat said...

Love the fire in the sky!

For my part I may be getting my gallbladder out tomorrow or Monday.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Wow - I have goosebumps now. What a stunning sunrise and then smoky grey veiled sky. Love it!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl you sound tires .. a nap is a MUST DO ;-) .. rain is coming in a couple of days for us too : )

Carol after so a pretty sunrise I thought we would have blue skies but you are right .. a cloudy day and cold to boot .. yuck !

OH my Cat !! I hope all goes well with the operation .. hubby had it done a few years ago and it was an out patient thing .. the laparoscopic procedure is less impacting .. and where better than your own home and bed to recuperate ? Fingers crossed you sail through it girl !

Ms S .. it was one very weird quirky sky yesterday for sure .. the gray swirl sun really caught me off guard !

tina said...

Definitely a change of pace. I'm thinking Total Recall kind of sky-quite eerie.

Rose said...

Joy, you have the most amazing sky photos! Yesterday was so cold and rainy here there was nothing to see in the sky, and I wasn't about to venture outside.

I hope your raccoons have moved on.

joey said...

How lovely, Joy, and lucky you were to capture this breathtaking sky!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina girl it was the weirdest I think I have ever seen the mid morning sky .. after that "sun-dog" thing any ways .. I was waiting for the aliens to start flying in at an time ? LOL

Rose girl I see you got home safe and sound .. and yes .. those naughty room mates are gone .. so far .. and it is freezing here after such a tease with the Spring weather,.. DRATS !!

Joey I have to say I have been very lucky with what views I do have .. there is nothing like watching that morning sun come up from a pink orange streaked sky : )

Unknown said...

I do love these photos so much! The colors and softness are so divine.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Freda girl .. it was an amazing morning .. the sunrise was so pretty but that gray streaked sky was so weird .. mother nature had to be rather menopausal this time I think ? haha