Friday, 26 March 2010

Plants To Look Forward To !!

First let me say these are NOT my pictures .. they are ones I have found on the net !
I'm just so looking forward to seeing Burning Hearts dicentra I have to have a picture to remind me how gorgeous it will be !
I am waiting for Ivory Hearts to eventually smile at me too .. and yes .. I have added more white ones with Aurora and King of Hearts from my Costco adventure ....
How can you not love these beautiful fern leaf bleeding hearts ?
This one Autumn Leaves heuchera is on order and I am so excited !! It seems to be a very hot heuchera this year but anything with Autumn in the name and nearing this colour has sold me straight away : )
Sweet Tea heucherella had me right from the get go .. so it is in the order as well !
This one surprised me .. Birthday Cake .. I can't find a very good picture on the net .. but it sold me in the description of being so dark with the awesome display of white flowers .. pair that up with gold hosta .. gold Creeping Jenny anything gold and it is going to look wonderful : )
Brass Lantern heucherella ... how could I not get this .. it is that fabulous colour I love .. and the leaf structure is so pretty ...
Gorgeous colour right ?? .. layer within layer : )

Now if only the weather would cooperate and warm up again ? The dreaded "dry cold and windy" has happened and I do worry about the plants that have peeked up from the soil .. especially my poor hellebore .. heaven knows what is going to come of this false start and frozen tootsies !


Cat said...

Oh yeah!

BTW why won't blogger let me sign in using my new typepad account?


Unknown said...

What a great selection of plants! Splendid ideas for your combos, too.

I've been very, very bad this week. Ordering plants. Shopping for plants...

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Ooooh, looks like some amusing things to spice up the old flower beds. I better get my ass in gear and find something amusing for mine.

CiNdEe said...

Looks lovely(-: I love the flowers too!!!(-:

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Those are all such pretty plants. My goodness, is there no end to how many wonderful things there are for the garden? Seems to me that we need a few acres of land to satisfy all our gardening desires.

And you're so right about worrying with this weather. The tulips and daffodils I planted have begun to sprout and are suddenly faced with freezing weather. I'll be so disappointed if anything happens to them. We'll just have to wait and see.

By the way, Joy, I love the new look of your blog!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Gorgeous choices! I have the dicentra 'Candy Hearts' and it bloomed right up until frost last year - the cutest little pink plant ever! That 'Birthday Cake' looks scrumptious. Enjoy your new beauties! :-)

RURAL magazine said...

My bleeding heart is up, and you have ME drooling over those pictures.

Can't wait to see what your babies look like.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat girl ! What kind of "hex" are you under ?? I have to go the round about way to get to your blog too .. how did the gallbladder mission go ?

Freda .. oh my ! you are under the same spell I am ;-) .. I have another order in to a different company for 3 different brunnera .. I am bound and determined to pump up my shade area this year : )

Deborah !!! I would have bet good money on you have a couple of orders in girl ! get moving that A** ! hahaha

Cindee .. you didn't tell me how the rock and moss mission went .. and where are the pictures girl ???

Martha girl .. Thank you !
I am at that stage where I don't have to fill in the garden so much any more .. I can really pick out some accent plants that I love .. be a little more choosy ? LOL
If I had too much area (well .... how could we have too much area ? haha) I would have a pond and bog garden too .. now that would be awesome !!

Hey there Ms. S ! I also have that one and what a performer it is ! These new cultivars are all season ones for blooming and they are so beautiful : ) I am very curious about Birthday Cake .. I haven't had one this dark yet so let the fun begin ? when the temps come back ? LOL

Jen you are well ahead of us .. we fell backwards to cold windy dry conditions and it is scary .. I thought maybe coldish and snow which wouldn't hurt too much .. but this stuff is HORRIBLE !!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see how you use all of your new treasures in your garden!

Have a great day! Hope it's a warm one!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful colors and form. Something to look forward to.

Kyna said...

I love bleeding hearts! When I lived in Edmonton, I had one growing right outside my front door. I've lived in 9 houses in 28 years, and that was the one I lived at for the longest, 13 years...has a soft spot in my heart :)

ferne said...

Great pictures and I love all your plant choices, especially the tiarellas!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Freda girl I can't wait to see how I will plan out what I want to do either ? haha .. I love the shade garden taking over on the left side so that is going to be rejuvenated with new plants .. hope it looks as good as it does in my mind ? LOL

Lisa I really need something to look forward too especially when the weather rubber band snapped us back into frigid cold yet again .. roll on Spring !!

Kyna I understand how you feel .. i don't even want to count all of the places and houses we have lived in .. this is our longest going on 11 years and this is my first true garden so I am loving every bit of it : ) Hope you have some plants there that are in the comfort zone ? LOL

Hello ferne ! Thank you for stopping by : ) I am crazy about the heuchera/ella and tiarella plants .. they are so pretty yet so hardy too : )

Anonymous said...

Which 3 brunnera are you saying that you have ordered? You know how much I adore these too, so am interested.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose ! I am sending an e-mail now !