Friday, 5 March 2010

Kingston Garden Show Orchid Delight : )

Well .. I would be the first person (gardener : ) to put there hand up in the air if questioned
" Do YOU have a brown thumb when it comes to orchids ??"
I have had a short but intense love affair with some beauties I found at Costco a couple of years ago .. got the orchid fertilizer .. the spritzer bottle .. the whole "nine yards" ?
What came of it all .. Zippity Do Da a big fat NOTHING .. they died on me and I just can't bear to try again .. so I will have to admire them from a far .. for their safety and mine ?
Next best thing is seeing some amazing arrangements by the orchid society for our annual garden show in Kingston .. I had the pleasure of talking to one of the members and she was a HOOT ! .. She tried very hard to recruit me .. making me laugh with club humour saying we would all be orchid nerds there so it would be a very comfortable atmosphere : )
Well .. how could I tell her that they would soon have to kick me out because of said brown thumb .. so I spared us all from that tempest in a tea pot sort of thingy ?
No orchids should have to be exposed to ME !
Aren't these gorgeous ? I have to say I still am in awe over these amazing flowers/plants.

These some how looked like alien faces with teeth sticking out .. anyone else sort of see what I mean or is it ALL just ME ?
The biggest guy for the last shot .. now how unusual can you get ?

Do those bumps look like bugs or what ? apparently it is part of "his/her" attractiveness ? Like a teenager with zits ??? ;-) Thus part one of the garden show ... sort of Addams Family eh?


Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Aren't orchids amazing, so many different ones!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a delight to be able to see an orchid show. The closest I get to an orchid show is to go to Lowes to see what new ones they bring in. I think Orchids are facinating. I can keep them alive but they never rebloom for me. Very discouraging.

F Cameron said...

I've not given orchids a try. I just finished researching, interviewing and writing an assigned story for a magazine on the topic of bromeliads. I'm ready to give bromeliads (terrestrial, not the air plants version) a try and apparently orchids like the same conditions.


Carol said...

I know what you mean about having a brown thumb with orchids Joy. I have been abusive to some of mine and confess to accidentally killing more than a few... alas I most likely over watered them. Truly they are really easy to grow... so my orchid grower friends say. I do have luck with some and manage to keep them alive for years and even get a few flowers. Lovely to see the blooms from the Kingston Show. ;>)

Anonymous said...

Those orchids are exquisite, Joy -- even the buck-toothed ones! LOL. I had two orchids this time last year. One bloomed and was beautiful while it lasted...the other was full of buds that never opened. I think the light and temperature is all wrong for them here in the apt. I might try again if I could get a couple at a good (cheap!) price. :) The orchid show must be breathtaking.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, you made me laugh! Buck teeth and zits on orchids!! Did you raise teenage boys? :-)

Now I will always think of teeth when I see those orchids...!

Really though, the presentation of these gorgeous blooms was fanstasitc. I bet it was a real treat!

CiNdEe said...

Oh I wish I could grow those! I don't have the right conditions here I guess! Those are so pretty!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Deborah girl , that they are ! The orchid family is quite mind boggling ;-)

Lisa .. you just had to bring up Lowes girl didn't you ! We are still waiting for them to break ground and start building there store here in Kingston .. Husband has told me how fantastic a store they are when he bought my gazing ball a few years ago in South Carolina from that store .. I can't wait : )
That is me .. keep them alive for a bit then bang .. the dearly departed ? LOL

Freda .. Martha from "Water Roots" is a pro at those plants .. she has some lovely ones .. and yes I think the conditions are very similar .. I say YES ! do try some and let us know ?

Carol girl I think that was my downfall too .. over watering .. even though I thought I was being so careful !
The garden show was such a pick me up ? after what seemed to be a VERY LONG winter ;-( BUT this weekend is going to be gorgeous so some garden chores will be accomplished I hope : )

Ms. S ... YES ! Number one son had a heck of a long teenage years with many adventures .. bring up a teenager in the Netherlands .. well .. you just had to be there ?
I was VERY impressed with the show this year .. more pictures to come.
I like having impressed the "teeth" thing now with orchids ? LOL

Nancy one woman said to me even if they don't last years and years that period of bloom is better than cut flowers since it lasts so long .. SO .. if we can find the right price I would also give it a try again because they are so beautiful : ) Fingers crossed for us "orchid brown thumbs" ? LOL

Cindee girl .. every time I see African Violets I think of YOU ! You have such gorgeous ones and so many other plants .. so orchids are just an option .. no worries about them not being part of your menagerie ? ;-)

Kyna said...

Haha! Awesome post :D I'm way too afraid to try orchids. One of my friends says, 'Oh, they're easy!'. I say phooey lol.

Beautiful photos!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Kyna .. I am afraid of them too .. just look at those last two pictures .. they ARE ALIENS !! LOL

Cat said...

Well there's a cheer me up!
I just found all your comments (blushes), blogger hasn't been talking to me.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat girl ! what on earth is going on there in your world ?? LOL