Friday, 19 March 2010

"Lichen" and "NOT Liking !!"

Who in our neck of the woods has not totally loved our recent weather ?
Who of us is TOTALLY afraid we are going to pay for too early a taste of Spring ?
All hands pointing up ?
But .. the sky has been generous and loving ... and I am loving it back by tracking everything I see going on.
How about this soft morning light and cloud picture ? March 18th Thursday morning : )
Now for the Lichen part of this story ... I was working on clean up yet again in my garden .. seems like an endless "linty rug" if you now what I mean with obsessive vacuuming ?
However ... this "lint" is lichen on my drift wood and I am totally "liking" it : )
Looks like little green mushrooms almost ? the green is a subtle colour and gorgeous to my eyes !
Now for the dark birds lurking on the tree tops ... crack of thunder and scene goes black ?
Well .. my crack of thunder is my neighbor's flag pole for which they don't really fly a flag any more .. would you have the nerve to ask them to take it down because it ruins your point of view for morning pictures ? ... come on .. tell me if you would ask !!
OK .. so it isn't only the neighbor's flag pole at this point and time .. the utility pole and wires really suck don't they ?
Look at the delicate shading of the sky by the way ?
Soft violet clouds floating in the sky in hues of blue and purple .... and one darn straight jacket pear tree ;-)
Now for a jump back in time .. April 8th last year and the position of the rising sun had changed .. looking totally awesome ... try to keep up with me here : )
April 27th 2009
April 27th 2009 again ... amazing isn't it ?
Now back to March 19 2010 ... the ugly side of the sun's position for rising yet ..
This globe of FIRE blocked by total *BLANK*
Can you see the twigs illuminated by this beauty ?
Look closer ... closer .... you are now getting very sleepy ....
Boing !! wake up to the power lines screaming at you again !! LOL

Sorry .. I just had to do a post like this to get the craziness out of my system .. I am so waiting for the change in position of the sun, let alone to actually GARDEN ... hand me a plant for pity sake and move back !!!


Kimberly said...

HAHAHAHHA!! You crack me up! The monotony of it all! Just chop those daggone poles down in the middle of the night my friend! Oops...did I say that out loud?! :) Otherwise, your view is beautiful!!

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Won't be long now Joy, Ist day of spring tomorrow,and the weather is getting colder, what's with that!

wiseacre said...

I'm starting to believe spring is here but I keep looking over my shoulder.

Garden fairies had a party and left their pixie cups behind. Me, I found where they left their matchsticks today.

Sunrises - I'll leave them to you. I have to be pulled out of bed if it's still dark.

miss m said...

Joy, you crack me up ! lol.

I have to say I'm liking the lichen too ! But shame on the flag and utility poles for blocking your wonderful view ! Similar situation here. The neighbours plopped a utility pole in their yard to fasten their 50-ft clothesline to. It's been "ruining" my view for the last 18 years ! (and I won't even mention their shabby shed !). Now the darn thing is leaning towards the house (theirs not mine). I look forward to the day it topples over !

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hilarious!! I too suffer from "pole-itis"! :-)

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Joy, I do like your funny bone! I love lichens, it is said, no this is fact, where lichens grow the air is healthy.
The sunrise is spectacular.
If your neighbours do not use the pole any more I would ask to take it away! The power lines they are a nuisance too, but I do not think that the neighbours will be happy to take those away! Now to be serious, the pictures are really gorgeous. I agree with you it is an everyday wonder to look at the sky.

Carol said...

Joy is a good name for you! LOL! If you are friends with you neighbors why not ask... you might offer to buy it and cut it for posts in your garden. Your sun almost put me to sleep... I should be asleep! It is fun to see the changing positions of the sun... or how it seems to be changing! Gorgeous shots! I hope you have a fun weekend planting! ;>) Carol

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We have so many poles and lines around our house that I rarely try to take pictures. So frustrating. I doubt I would directly ask the neighbor if they would take down the pole. Heck they would probably start flying their flag again to just show you that it needs to be there. Ha... It would all depend on the neighbor really. I might ask if I thought they wouldn't be offended. My neighbor asked me to get rid of my stick pile because it was unsightly in her eyes. I didn't do it and told her why. She didn't hold it against me. I didn't mind her asking. She only voiced what my DB has been saying for a long time. They got their way this spring. I am not sure I like it but hey. I needed more room to plant bushes.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Kimberly girl : )
You are right .. you DID say that out LOUD girl ! hehehehe
The sun will still shift a bit more so I will have a window of time to catch it without the "accessories" of power lines etc .. YUCK ! .. and you are right >> I am lucky with what I do have to see the rising sun .. makes me all warm and FUZZY ? LOL

Deborah girl "that" is what being Canadian is all about girl .. the switch-a-roo from om nature just making sure we know SHE is in power ? haha

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. I was thinking of you with the lichen pictures .. thinking I should have that little tripod you use and get down and dirty to take better pictures !!
OK .. I want to see some sunsets from you then or I will be out there tapping on your window to GET UP and watch a sunrise EH ? LOL

OH NO !! miss m !!! That is really horrible : ( I feel for you girl .. I have no power over "power" lines so I just have to deal with it .. but having a neighbor with that much crap blocking your view .. that is CRAPPY ! .. hey you can sue them if that ratty shed "touches" your yard girl .. just push it a little ? wink wink

Ms. S ... hehehehe ! pole-itis : )
Now that we have a name for our affliction ... I feel so much more focused on disliking it ? LOL

Titania girl hello there : )
I would love to think of my garden as a pure air and GREEN zone and the lichen is HAPPY being here : )
I am seriously thinking about asking for the flag pole to come down since they don't use it .. and all summer they are away at a lake ..yes .. too bad they don't bury the utility lines here like they do in Holland .. we would all see prettier skies then ?

Hey there carol girl .. can't plant yet ..BUT .. we have noticed some garden centers receiving there shrubbery ? LOL I think of Monty Python as soon as I say that .. sigh ! a mind is a terrible thing to lose constantly ?
Yes .. I'm thinking of asking .. they know I am a garden freak and I snap a lot of pictures .. so they wouldn't be shocked .. we are getting yanked back for some cold weather again but hey .. Spring IS going to HAPPEN !

Lisa girl that is what I think might just happen .. they would suddenly put the flag up to prove their intentions , not in a mean way .. just that they CAN ? haha
Stick pile ? you have me curious about that ! what are you doing over there with all those sticks ? LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better about the whole thing now, Joy! Getting it out of one's system, whatever that IT is, is good for us. Linty Rug! LOL Good one. Soon the sun will be where you want it Joy, but to be honest, the pole, etc. is just part of life, warts and all, it can never be perfect. Ommmm. :-)
Lovin' lichen, Frances

Unknown said...

I like the lichen, too. My son decided that I was lacking lichen, so he brought me some (collected from his dad's farm) last week to use in my garden! :-)

You've made me appreciate the lack of poles here. We're on a private road with 20 other plots of land, and all utilities are underground.

Lovely sunrises you share!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Ha ha ha...oh, are funny. Hey, just send the boys that sit on your deck to cut those poles down (in the middle of the night, of course). Who would ever suspect them?

It's funny, but I was just telling George yesterday that I'm concerned that we're going to end up paying for this beautiful March weather somewhere down the line, like in the summer! He’s still insisting that one final snowstorm will come along at some point; it will melt quickly but it will come. We actually have a bet going on this. I say there’s no more snow this year.

Anyway, I have loved March’s weather, and although I’m concerned that we’ll pay for this later on, I say we just enjoy as much good weather as we can get in the meantime!

Rose said...

Lol, Joy, yes, I think it's time for you to get a trowel in your hands:) I have so many pretty photos that are marred by electrical wires; I wish I had a photo editing program that would let me erase anything I wanted to. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to erase weeds, too?:)

Jean Campbell said...

Love lichens, too, especially the ones with the little fruiting bodies, which mean more lichens will grow someplace.

One thing about the sun, it doesn't stay put. It will move on past the poles soon. Is it too far to walk to a better vantage point?

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

I'm likin' your lichen! I know what you mean about things that obstruct otherwise lovely views, they drive me BONKERS too!

Anonymous said...

Boing! Power lines are the scourge of the Earth, I say! My view from the new apartment looks out over a very pastoral scene of cows and trees and "old town" Windsor -- it is impossible to get a decent photo from our deck without several power lines dissecting the scene. Bury them, I say! Off with their heads! :) Your photos are gorgeous though.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Frances girl : )
Yes ! I think I felt much better when I got all of that off my chest .. but this morning .. well the sun was orange red and fabulous and yet again with the poles and wires .. yes .. I know what you mean about "warts" they yank us back to reality ? haha

Hi there Freda girl and that is perfect ! You have to have some lichen : ) You have a thoughtful son ! .. the funny thing is , we are in a division of houses along two cul du sac with all underground wiring so we have no utility poles here .. but the sun is caught up further into the older part of the area .. thus the warts ? haha .. I loved Holland for all the underground utilities .. it left the villages so pretty : )

Hi there Martha .. aren't we QUIET over here again ? LOL .. I have been down for the count with a couple of days working on the garden .. but it was so great to touch the earth : )
I agree with George .. we are going to have snow one last time I'm sure ... and the possibility of a cool wet summer is another route we might take .. so, I agree with you both ! haha
I asked the boys if they would do that favor for me but Dave is too concerned over his cracked mushroom .. he can't get up .. and the rest of the boys NEED his say so ? hahaha

Rose girl .. husband has a basic program on his computer that does that !! I should send my pictures down there first to edit them (even though I have two programs in here .. must look for that feature !!) .. YES !! I need to plant something soon AARRGGHH !!!

NellJean ! I love these lichens and have more on each big piece of driftwood my husband brought home for me when he was fishing .. they seem to like my garden and want to multiply ? haha .. I think it might be chancy walking down a few streets in my pajamas ? LOL .. but YES ! the sun is moving and it will be in the right place soon .. away from those poles and wires !

Rebecca girl I think we should have a magic wand to banish those things even just for the moment of taking the picture ! it can make us crazy for sure .. well, more crazy since I am already there?;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Nancy girl I don't know how you got squeezed back there but I SEE YOU now ! LOL
Thank you girl : ) and yes the irony is that our street/cul du sac has all of the power lines/poles buried so we don't have them near us .. but that direction of the sun rise is older thus the CRAPPY stuff I have to shoot through for a little longer until the later Spring and summer months when it bypasses that garbage;-) we all need some beautiful scenery eh ?

CiNdEe said...

yeah for Spring. Its here and I am happy but I still want more rain(-: I worked hard today and am beat! I have so much to do so I guess the weather is a good thing.
your pictures look lovely! Even though the flag pole and power lines are in the way(-:

Anonymous said...

I think you need some garden therapy girl, you are starting to go a little stir crazy! We are having great weather too, and I'm loving being out in the garden. You were right about my purple mystery plant, it was my hyssop! It was so pitiful last year I forgot about it. Hope it does better. I went on an emergency pansy run yesterday. Woohoo!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Cindee girl ! The sun will shift a bit more and I so look forward to those mornings that are to come : )
You are going to drive yourself into the ground in one of your little gardens and no one will be able to find you girl ! LOL
Take it easy .. there is much more season to come ! LOL

Robin girl ! Yesterday was cold and cloudy .. we are going back to the ugly weather again but I know it won't be that long a wait and I SO NEED some garden therapy is true !
Glad I could help out with the hyssop .. they don't like too much fertilizer or you being "nice" to them ? LOL if you know what I mean .. and I NEED PANSIES !! lots and lots of them NOW !!! haha

Gail said...

Joy, Is there a sophisticated photo editing program out there that we could use to edit those dang things out of our photos! No matter where the sun rises or sets in my garden there are always telephone poles! In fact the city of Nashville would be a beautiful place if all utility lines were underground and they would ban billboards!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Gail girl .. I know that the sun will clear that area in a few more weeks and rise in a better position away from that garbage .. it is just that the colour of it lately has been awesome and I'm totally obsessed by it ? LOL
I loved Europe for not having all of this crap above ground : )
Hey .. hope the hand is healing well and you aren't in pain with it ? I am waiting for good weather to spread those seeds : )

Connie said...

Spring WILL come...yes it will!
BTW, I LIKE Lichens!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Connie : ) glad you are a lichen fan too ! Guess what ?
IT IS SNOWING HERE !! aarrgghh !!