Sunday, 21 March 2010

We Are Not AMUSED ........

Yes ... on the first day of Spring it turned very cold and SNOWED .. we know this is always the possibility but after so many beautiful days it still felt like a slap in the face from "mother nature" !
The 'boys" are NOT amused ... as you can plainly see here ?
How ever there have been the most unusual sunrises which lends credence to that cheerful little ditty "red sky in morning sailor take warning" aka .. the snow is going to fly in your face DUDE !
I take these from my bedroom window after running like a madwoman for my camera , each foot trying to NOT step on a furry soul wanting to know "what the heck is happening with her ?"
It was almost eerie how the bands of cloud swallowed up the sun ..
next shots are "How to look good naked" if you have ever watched the British show it is awesome ! .. but some how slapping on a pantie girdle and good supportive bra ON my garden just won't work I bet ?
The "timber" is going .. no matter what company I use that STUFF is "outa' here !!
Hellebore orientalis .. poking its poor head up with shivering flower buds .. hold on guys ! it has to get better right ??
I went mad for this little geum last year .. "Flames of Passion" with beautiful red red flowers .. but I made the mistake of planting them with tall coneflowers and assorted buddies that held a pillow over this poor plants face .. note to self "self .. must move these gorgeous little darlings !"
The state of the patio and attached bed ... can you say "YUCK !!!" all together now, while clicking those ruby red slippers in unison ;-)
Sort of lost the point of this picture .. I think I was aiming for the buds but some how focused on more scary scenarios .. must remember to move Herbstonne Rudbeckia as well !
My Buddah and bamboo and assorted fern spot .. with Japanese forest grasses .. ah ! are you feeling the least bit serene or contemplative ? .. nah ... just want to KICK Spring up a few notches right ?
There is the hope .. Spring bulbs reaching for the sky .. or trying to get the heck out of this crazy woman's garden to any where SANE ?
These were yesterdays pictures out of my bedroom window .. remind me .. CLEAN window !!
Isn't it kind of eerie to have two mornings with such a weird looking sunrise ?
Maybe ... Halloween isn't all that far ahead of me .. was I just in the Tardis ? are we HERE yet ?
Was that just Dr. Who I saw running in the other direction ?
See how I am ignoring the subject of utility poles and wires ?

OK .. enough of the silliness .. just a crazy gardener going through menopausal WEATHER and the NEED to plant something SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

gorgeous surnrise photos ... I've been missing them lately ... I'm itching to get my hands into the soil too ... soon, right?

Darlene said...

Hi Joy,

We just got home from Spring break vacation in Angel Fire, New Mexico and we had snow on the first day of Spring too!!! The neighbors are accusing us of bringing it back with us. They said it had been in the 70's all week till we came

I can't wait to see your beautiful gardens this year. They are always wonderful!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Misery love company, Joy. Woke up to three inches of snow. GRrrrrr.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

OHG - the Tardis? Thanks for the Sunday laugh - and sorry about the snow! :-)

RURAL magazine said...

Still beautiful to me, love that vibrancy in your sunsets.


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Such lovely photos, Joy. I was so dissapointed with the weekend weather; we stayed home pretty much both days. Let's hope the sun returns again - for good! I can't wait to start the gardening. So close, yet so far... The few bulbs I planted last year as sprouting, which is gives me hope that we're on our way there. By the way, I'm working on an email for you, one word at a time!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda girl .. I have almost missed these weird sunrises myself because the morning sky was blanketed in cloud I thought ? .. Oh YES ! I am itching to relocate plants and of course go plant HUNTING !!

Hello there Darlene girl !
Now that is too funny isn't it ? we are all sharing the same weather woes but at least you got away with the Spring break : )
I have to get over there and see what you are up too : )

Debbie girl ! Wow !! now is this unusual or what ? you must be really frustrated .. we always know there is a possibility here so it isn't a big surprise .. just a disappointment .. but for you ! Jeez !!

Ms. S .. Yes .. TV has been advertising the NEW Dr. Who so of course that is on my brain and the Tardis had to be mentioned ? LOL

Jen girl .. these are the sunrises !! LOL .. and the battle of the power lines/poles rages on .. grrrr !!! haha

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl I don't know what is going on with Blogger .. comments show up in-between where I have answered already and then BOING there is another one out of the blue .. Hey, look at it this way .. maybe this was the end of the bad weather ? haha .. yup my bulbs are trying to reach out to me too : ) Don't worry about the e-mail girl .. I am having a hard time getting them done too and then there is the house cleaning .. and the PAINTING jobs I really should DO ? aarrgghhh !

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you describe the garden as not attractive when it looks great to me, neat and tidy and ready to go for spring. The sunrises are beautiful and LOL at snow in the face to Dude. We have snow in the forecast as well, after 70 degree days last week, and more to come after this bit of nonsense passes on. It is hard to wait to plant and the greenhouse is full to bursting at the seams with things wanting to get some fresh air. A couple more weeks, I hope, and it will be time. :-)

tina said...

Your garden looks awesome naked. The two Alberta spruces? almost remind me of two-um-never mind but it has something to do with a bra since you brought it up:) Looks like you are ready for spring!

Gail said...

Joy, There are missing comments here and there at blogger...we'll never know what's going on!

Right in the middle of some rather decent weather winter returned here, too. Today it's 36 degrees!

Love your sky shots...they are always a treat...


Unknown said...

I like seeing the structure of gardens without all the green. Good bones!

Sorry about the cold weather.

Kyna said...

HAHA! I love your blog :D Slapping a pantie girdle on your garden may not help, but it sure would make an interesting garden decoration and make you the talk of the town :D :P

Christine said...

Spring will finally come AND stay a while, I just know it. I have to say, I do enjoy your little rants. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Frances girl .. I think I was thinking in my mind's eye about how crappy the wooden ties look .. and how much better it will look without them plus more "curves" to please the eye rather than these straight lines I have ?
Yup ! there are so many of us SO ready to get in the garden and do our thing .. I know our winter hasn't been a very hard one .. but the need to garden is overwhelming : )

Tina girl .. I think you caught what I was thinking ? LOL
Those are Pyramidal Yew .. I love them to pieces because they put up with a lot and still look yummy ? LOL .. I am almost ready for Spring .. have to buy the BIG bucket of bone meal from Costco extra garden gloves .. I have my neem oil .. lets get started with the party !! haha

Hey there Gail girl .. it is strange where comments float off to eh ? Those were amazing sun appearances .. I have never seen anything like them .. rather foreboding and look at the weather we got from them .. it is actually raining right now .. better than snow so I won't complain !

Freda girl .. these bones are very rigid and straight .. I am looking forward to curving them out more .. pleasing the eye and not so one way ? LOL I think you know what I mean ..

Kyna ... I am considering being very eccentric at some point and doing something shocking .. I'll have to plan this out for Canada Day ? and say it is all because I am Canadian EH ! LOL

Christine girl thank you ! I know Spring HAS to come and stay a while eventually .. and my rants , well they are the same .. I am due for another one now .. look out ! LOL